Jedi Wizard: Episode II Attack of the Clones

I'm back my loyal readers. to continue the Saga. This is where the major changes will begin. one of which will be in the next chaper. and for those who are wondering. this will not be a Harry and Padme romance. i'm trying toKEEP Anakin from the dark side not turn him. Harry will be meeting up with somebody in the next few chapters. And we'll be seeing the rest of Harry's Animagus forms in this story. enjoy

Prologue: Senators Strife

Harry Potter, recently initiated Jedi Knight of the Republic sat in the passenger seat of Obi-Wan Kenobi's speeder on their way to the Senate landing pad where Senator Padme Amidala's ship was going to land in an hour.

They had been checking over possible locations on the landing padfor bombs for a week and they had to do it alone since Anakin and Qui-Gon hadn't returned from Ansion yet.

But they managed. As far as they could tell nobody had been near the landing pad in days. Which meant that if there was going to be an attempt on the Senator's life it would be in person, also meaning that they would be able to apprehend the assassin if they got close enough.

Behind him Harry heard a stream of whistling beeps and looked over his shoulder at theamber, silverand grey plated Astromech that sat in the back seat.

The droid M0-0N4, or Moony as he was called and Harry had been working together for five years. The droid was an amalgamation of scrap parts he and Anakin had been able to salvage during a trip to Correllia when they were younger, Harry had won the parts in a Sabaac game. It had taken them a year of off and on work to get her up and running. And the end result was one of the most demented Astromechs in the entire Temple and a crack pilot when it became necessary to hand the controls of his Starfighter over to him.

"Weren't Qui-Gon and Anakin due back yesterday?" Obi-Wan asked

"Day before" Harry said "But I got word from Ani this morning, he and Qui-Gon were making a detour, they expect to be back the day after tomorrow"

"Did they say where?" Obi-Wan asked

"No" Harry said "Just that it was on the way back here"

"We can get more details later" Obi-Wan said as they approached the Senatorial Landing Pad.

Once they were on the ground Harry, Obi-Wan and Moony headed for the landing area and set Moony to work scanning for explosives and booby-traps.

"Use your repulsors Moony" Harry called "I'm not gonna spend another week and a half putting you back together like on Kessel"

The Astromech beeped an affirmative and two panels on his side arms opened and the small rockets came out and lifted him off the ground.

Harry smiled as he watched the droid float across the landing pad its sensor moving back and fourth before him, before sitting down on the duracrete ground and crossing his legs, then he reached into the inside pocket of his robes and withdrew a deck of cards "Play a hand for driving rights Obi?" Harry asked with a grin.

"No thanks" Obi-Wan said "But if you have your holochess with you I'll play a game…but not for driving rights"

"OK fine" Harry sighed as he put the cards away and reached for the portable holochess unit and set it on the floor between him and the senior Jedi.

After five crushing defeats by Harry's holographic monsters over Obi-Wan's, the bearded Jedi called it quits "We should be getting ready for the Senator's arrival anyway"

"They entered the system five minutes ago" Harry said as he stood up

"How do you know?" Obi-Wan asked

"Moony's been monitoring the local stellar communications channels" Harry said "Their ship the Eastern Dawn requested clearance to land just after they dropped out of Hyperspace on the edge of the system"

"Oh you are good my friend" Obi-Wan said with a smile.

Harry smiled as he fell into step beside the Jedi "I wasn't the best espionage student to come out of the temple in two hundred for nothing"

Looking up Harry nodded as he saw the sleek form of the Nubian J Type Yacht, followed by two Nubian Starfighters.

"Go tell the shuttle pilot to get ready to leave for the Senate, Moony" Harry said to the droid, who whistled lowly before rolling away.

Just as the ship and the fighters were about to land Harry heard something.

"You hear that?" he asked

Obi-Wan frowned as he looked up, there was a white speeder coming towards them but not from any of the flight lanes.

"I was always told that this area was a no fly zone for unauthorised personnel" Harry said

"It is" Obi-Wan agreed as he reached for his Lightsaber.

Harry nodded as he did the same, his hand slipping the lightsaber in the holster strapped to his right leg out and into his hand.

Just as the speeder passed over three spheres dropped from its underside and rolled to a stop twenty yards from the landing pad.

"What the hell?" Obi-Wan asked.

Harry raised an eyebrow as well as the four silver spheres opened up to reveal what looked to Harry like three Destroyer Droids except they were slightly smaller and the armour was silver.

Harry groaned as the spheres opened to reveal the familiar spider-like destroyer droid

"SHIT" Harry swore as he snapped the lightsaber up to block the first blaster bolt from the droid.

Luckily the shields of the droids had yet to come online so when the bolt was reflected back at the Destroyer it struck dead centre.

Stretching out his senses quickly Harry noted that the speeder was coming around just out of range of the repeater rifles of the two fighter pilots.

Harry swore as he focused the force into one of the droids while Obi-Wan handled the other and ripped it apart.

Then he heard the sound of fuel igniting and looked up, to see the white speeder flying away and a sleek rocket bearing down on the Nubian ship.

Without a thought Harry used the force to grasp the third and final Destroyer and hurled it into the path of the rocket.

The Jedi Knights watched anxiously as the battle droid and the rocket grew closer and Harry used the force to create a protective shield around the landing pad.

A moment later the two objects met.

The resulting explosion was blinding.

But when the blast cleared the dome shield was intact and everyone beneath it was unharmed.

Harry sighed as he lowered the shield and approached the ship, his lightsaber still in hand "Are you alright Senator?"

"I'm fine Master Jedi" the female pilot said as she removed her helmet.

Harry raised an eyebrow and nodded as he said "We should leave quickly Senator, the assassin may decide to come back for another round…and I'm not a Jedi Master just yet. In fact I only became a Knight last week"

The Senator nodded as she shouldered the repeater rifle she held.

Once onboard the shuttle to the Senate, Senator Amidala and the double Cordé went to the rear area of the shuttle to switch clothes.

From behind the screen Senator Amidala said "I owe you and Jedi Kenobi a great dept today Knight…"

"Potter" Harry replied "My name is Harry Potter. And don't mention it Senator. Anakin would have had my head if I let anything happen to you"

"Anakin Skywalker?" the Senator asked

"Unless we know two different Anakin's" Harry said as the Senator and her handmaiden emerged from the screen.

"How is he?" Senator Amidala asked

"Not bad" Harry shrugged as the Senator sat down "He's off world right now but he's due back in a few days" Harry chuckled as he said "I've known the kid ten years and every time somebody brings up Naboo he goes on and on about you"

Harry smiled as he watched the Senator blush slightly.

When the shuttle landed at the Senate Harry and Obi-Wan followed the Senator and her party off the shuttle.

"What the blazes are you doing?" Obi-Wan hissed beside him

"What?" Harry frowned

"Encouraging her to get close Anakin" Obi-Wan whispered "You know the code"

"The code is wrong Obi-Wan" Harry growled "The Jedi have all but cast aside their humanity in the last thousand years, the Jedi have almost no concept of emotion of family, they don't know love"

"Love leads to pain" Obi-Wan said "It leads to loss, to the dark side"

"It also gives us something to fight for" Harry said "Something we want to protect, and as for the dark side it's a risk we all take and if Anakin chooses to take it, it is his decision not ours. Let him live his life his way"

"And if he chooses her?" Obi-Wan asked "He will have wasted ten years of his life"

"I don't see learning diplomacy, piloting, engineering, mechanics and six of the most commonly used intergalactic languages as throwing away ten years Obi-Wan and it is still his decision, now let it drop we have work to do"

Obi-Wan said nothing as he took a seat just outside the senatorial pod "What's your theory on the attack?" the Knight asked

"I'd say Separatists" Harry replied "The Droidekai Unit isn't sold on the open market, only the Trade Federation make those"

"And they are rumoured to be a members of the Separatist Movement" Obi-Wan agreed.

"Master Yoda told me about Dooku" Harry said "I think he may be involved with the Sith Lord we've been looking for these last years"

"You mean the Lord Sidious that Gunray mentioned during questioning after Naboo" Obi-Wan said "What makes you think that?"

"My scar has been itching and burning randomly for months" Harry said "That only happens when people allied with the Dark Side are around" Harry winced slightly as he pressed his hand to his forehead "It's been happening a lot here when I've come with Master Yoda"

"We should contact the council" Obi-Wan said "To inform them of the attack"

"Agreed" Harry said as he reached for his com unit

"Master" he said as he pushed the button.

"Expected you we have" Master Yoda said "A report we require"

"There was an attack on the Senator's ship" Harry said "A white speeder dropped three silver Destroyer Droids onto the walkway leading to the landing area and then fired a rocket when the droids couldn't get through"

"Injuries there are?" Yoda asked

"None" Harry answered "Senator Amidala was disguised as one of the escort pilots and her handmaiden Cordé took her place. I was able to use one of the destroyers to intercept the rocket before it made contact with the ship, the Senator is making her address now"

"And it isn't going well" Obi-Wan said as the shouts from the Senate chamber increased.

Harry sighed as he muttered "God I hate politics"

"What are your orders Master?" Obi-Wan asked

"Continue to guard the Senator" Mace's voice said "We plan to meet with the Chancellor tomorrow to discuss the Separatists, you are to escort the Senator to that meeting. And protect her in the mean time"

"Yes Master" the two Knights replied.

"May the Force be with you" Yoda's voice said before the connection was severed.

Harry nodded as he put away his com unit and looked at Obi-Wan who asked "Now what?"

"We go to work" Harry said "Qui-Gon and Anakin should be back soon so for now we just wait"

Obi-Wan nodded as he stood up and looked into the Senate Chamber just in time to see Senator Amidala's pod return to the entrance.

Harry stood up just as the Senator stepped off with an expectant look on her face.

"It looks like you're stuck with us for a few more days Senator" Harry said "There will be a meeting with the Chancellor tomorrow that you should attend"

"Very well" the Senator sighed as she led them out of the waiting room.

Harry smiled as he followed her, it seemed to him that things were going to be very interesting.

Done. Next time we have an AU Interlude with Anakin and Qui-Gon.