Fujimaru's Plight- A Poem
Fujimaru's Plight- A Poem


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*L* Apologies for this one... I'm still in a poetry mood! *g* And the round-robin ficcie on the ML put Fujimaru on my mind...


Fujimaru had problems with getting a date;

For obvious reasons which I shall not state.

"I keep getting rejected," he said, feeling blue,

"Saicho, please tell me, why'd Misora decide to date you?"

His friend, paper boy, was a small bit surprised,

But he said to the other, "I just looked in her eyes.

"We had origami in common, and small papers we'd bend,

"And the time, it would pass, and we soon became friends."

"I see," thought Fujimaru, "They think talent I lack!

"I need to find something that will take them aback!"

So to the next girl, offered the best massage around.

And our dear Fujimaru was punched into the ground.

So next time, he thought, "Raiha-- now, _he_ gets the girls!"

And he asked of the ninja, "So, how in the world?"

And Raiha considered; he said, "I make women feel good,

"It's all about humor." And Fujimaru understood.

"I must say something witty!" he thought with a grin,

So the next woman he met, he nuzzled her chin,

And said, "I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I can make your BedRock."

And promptly that woman cleaned out his clock.

He took a few aspirin and bandaged his head,

And went to visit Koganei instead.

His classmates who liked him all loved to play games;

"Play?" thought Fujimaru, "I can have fun and get dames?"

So the next woman he saw, he sidled up with a leer,

And said, "Hey, baby, let's go and get away from here,

"Wanna come to my place and play house for the night?"

And she decked Fujimaru and stalked off, "Yeah, right!"

Clueless as ever, knocked unconscious for keeps;

His targets didn't want a weirdo, a creep.

As long as he's ecchi, to worry, no need-

We know that Fujimaru never will breed.