Fateful Meeting

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Chapter 1

Athrun house-

"Did you call me father?" said a blue haired boy

"Yes it is, this morning I got an invitation for the party. This invitation is from one of my best friend. And I want you to attend it because I have an important appointment this Sunday" said his father, Patrick Zala.

"Okay father, I'll go on your behalf".

-cagalli house-

"What father? Are you kidding me? My answer is no, I wont do this." said a blonde hair girl

"No you must go there and wearing a gown". Uzumi said to his daughter

"No way, I hate dress, I don't want to wear that kind of dress".

"For the God sake, it is a dance party, how come you only wanted to wear the jeans like you are usually wear everyday? Do you want to be humiliated there?" Uzumi sighed and continue his speaking.

"If I can I will go there by myself, but you know right? I am so busy and have so many papers to work with"

"But Father………"

"No but ! This is final word from me, you must attend the party and importantly wearing a dress".

Before she can speak any further, her father stood up from the chair and left her room.

Today is the day for the party. The party is held in the big mansion, and so many people attend it. Here the girls wearing a beautiful gown and the boys tuxedo. A black car just arrived, and inside it is athrun, he worn a white tuxedo, looking to his watch. I'm 30 minutes late. .He parked the car and walking toward to the entrance.

Inside the mansion, he searched the guy that is match with the photo that his father given to him. After about 10 minutes, he found the guy and approach and talks to him.

"I'm sorry, my father can't come today".

"That's fine, tell him don't worry about it. And also please enjoy yourself here, or you can dance with one of the beautiful ladies here". He said jokingly.

Athrun laughed and then he grinned "Well ill try ".

"Well then please excuse me, I want to ask my wife for a dance". He smirked to Athrun and left him.

Athrun sighed. I guess I need to enjoy myself here. Athrun walked around and stopped when he saw a certain blonde girl.

She is indeed a beautiful lady. Athrun thought. He kept starring at her, and suddenly his face is frown. He saw a guy approach her and by the looks of her face, he can sense that lady is in trouble.

Argh I hate this gown, its so uncomfortable and what the hell with this stupid heels, makes my leg tired. Cagalli thought. (AN: btw the gown is from one in seed op)

Suddenly a guy approached her. "Miss care for a dance?"

But Cagalli refused his offer "I'm sorry but I'm not in the mood for this".

"Please miss just one song".

"I said no, I don't want to dance and one more thing I can't dance".

"Well that's not a problem, I will teach you". He said and grabbing Cagalli arm.

"No, please let me go". She tried to remove his grip, but unfortunately his grip is a bit too strong for her.

"Calm down miss, I won't hurt you, just dance with me for one song". The guy said and leading Cagalli to a dance stage with force.

But on the way, he stopped when he feels the hand in his shoulder and turns his head to see who it is.

"Excuse me sir, but can you let her go, because it is rude to force and treat a lady like that" said the blue haired boy.

"And who the hell are you, it is none of your business" said the guy angrily.

"You are right it is not my business, but I can't ignore it when I saw people in trouble. And I'll ask you once more, let her go" He said with an angry tone and deadly glare.

The guy scared with Athrun's glare, he released Cagalli arm and leaving them behind without saying anything.

"Are you okay miss?" said Athrun with the concern looks.

"Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for saving me from that jerk".

"Jerk? chuckle maybe you are right about it" He said that and examining Cagalli from her toes to her face, and then he keeps starring her. She is really pretty and stunning. Athrun thought.

Cagalli annoyed with his act "What? Is there something wrong on my face? Why do you keep starring at me"

Athrun realize his act and try to apologize "I'm sorry, I don't mean for that. It's just that …….." He stopped.

"Just what?"

"You….you are so beautiful" He said with a little blush in his face.

"Is it? Don't kidding me around, I know I'm not pretty" She said with a sarcastic tone and thought I'm so annoyed, is he trying to mock me?

Athrun surprised by her reaction "No I'm not joking, you are indeed……"

His word was cut off by a sudden act. A certain girl accidentally hit Cagalli's back, and she lost her balance. Athrun immediately caught her with his arm. Her face now bury on Athrun arm. She looks up and sees his eyes. Emerald meets golden.

He has beautiful eyes. Cagalli thought.

Her eyes, it is stunning. Athrun thought.

Athrun then realized that she was still in his arms. Athrun push her gently and said "Are you okay? Not hurt? "

"I'm fine, thank you, I guess today you helped me twice." She grinned to him.

"Don't mind it." He stopped and thought about his previous word

" Well I think I need to finish my sentence before you misunderstand me" He smiled to her.

"Finished?" Cagalli thinks for a while and realize "Oh that's right, you said I'm indeed what?"

"What I wanted to say is you are indeed……"He took a deep breath and wondering and continues his word "beautiful, stunning, and charming"

Cagalli shocked and flushed by his word "Errr…. I …. Well….I guess I'll take that as a compliment" She said nervously.

They both blushed and kept quiet until Cagalli speak up "Well thank you very much for helping me, but I got to go"

"I see, and it is my pleasure to help you"

Cagalli smiles and walking away from him, but she stopped after realizing something "Hey! What's your name? " she shouted.

"Athrun, Athrun Zala" he replied.

"Cagalli, I'm Cagalli Yula Attha, nice to meet you Athrun" Cagalli shouted back and continued walking.

So her name is Cagalli, she is an interesting girl. Athrun thought.

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