Our Humorous Deed- A Poem
Our Humorous Deed- A Poem


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Hey, all! I can't think of any others... so I guess this is the first self-insertion FoR poem? ;oP Inspired by chanting poetry in the drizzle on top of a fort in Mississippi with a number of friends who were in various stages of intoxication... *LOL*


Recca was snoozing, asleep as could be,

In a Japanese park, under a Japanese tree,

Picnicking with Domon and Fuuko and me,

Not to mention Koganei and our friend Yanagi.

"See how he sleeps," said Fuuko with a grin,

"He's snoring so soundly; we all hear the din,

"Should we pass up this chance? It would be quite a sin,

"If we didn't make some kind of trouble for him."

Yanagi was hesitant, but we laughed and agreed,

That something should happen to disturb our friend's peace.

We tried to think of a humorous deed;

Then we finally hatched a plot with which we were pleased.

We tied up his shoelaces, all nice and tight,

We tied up his hands, so he couldn't fight;

Next he was blindfolded, so he wouldn't have sight;

It's a very good thing that he doesn't sleep light!

Then with a shout, we all yelled, "It's Kurei!

"He's come for Yanagi, he's coming this way!

"He'll kidnap her again and ruin her day,

"Recca! You must awaken and rescue Hime!"

Recca awoke from his sleep with a roar,

And blindfolded and stumbling, he cursed and he swore,

We split our sides laughing as he stumbled some more,

Until he summoned his Saiha and through his bonds tore.

He saw there was no danger; his Hime was safe;

Kurei was nowhere to be seen in the place;

He took our fine joke with precious little grace,

And summoning Nadare, after all of us chased.