Mind Tricks

Don't shed a tear for me,

I don't deserve to make you cry.

You shouldn't shed a tear for me,

'Cause I've told so many lies.

They kill me from the inside out,

These lies of which I'm bound.

My heart was lost so many times,

But now I see, it's found.

You've stayed with me through good and bad,

Always calming my fears.

And lying here I notice now,

Not once I've shown you my tears.

I'll cry for you, for me, for us,

For all the people that died.

Now go before the beast breaks loose,

Now go and run and hide.

I'll scream, I'll shout, I'll rant and rave

But you don't seem to see,

The tainted, filthy, dirty blood,

That courses right through me.

The purple scars are coming back,

The crimson red bleeds through,

I thought that I'd die once more,

To be born anew.

Crying when the hatred shows,

Sobbing when flesh rips,

A scream of complete agony,

Tears loose from your lips.

Blood and tears are mixed once more,

Calling out to me,

Realizing once you call

It's not you I see.