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"Will you marry me?" asked Gohan

Chapter 13-

"No. I...I'm in love with someone else," she said, eyes lowered

Gohan gasped. He suddenly found he could not access the mental bond between him and Videl. He was devastated. He and Videl had been bonded! He loved her More than Anything! How could she...

"I'm in love with Sharpener. We've been seeing each other...Gohan, I'm sorry." she said

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Videl stepped into her house, holding the hand of her soon to be husband. Erasa greeted them, buttoning up her sweater.

"Erasa, where are you going?" asked Videl

"I'm going to go visit Sharpie at the hospital, remember?" replied Erasa

Gohan put his hand on the back of his neck, "Oh ya..heh..heh.."

"Erasa, I have to tell you something." Said Videl

Erasa paused on her way out the door, "Hm? What Videl?"

"Gohan and I are getting married,"

"Oh that's nice-WHAT? Omg! You and Gohan and getting married!"cried Erasa

"Yes! I'll tell you all about it later, but for now go visit Sharpener." Said Videl

Erasa nodded. "Ok!" she said

Gohan smiled at Videl, "We'll go to my house, then we'll come back and if your dad is home we'll tell him k?"

Videl nodded. That was fine with her. She didn't really take in what was going on around her. She was walking on air. Gohan had proposed. She was marrying him! Well of course, he was her bonded mate!"

Chichi sighed. When would Gohan propose? She and Bulma had already started planngin their wedding! It was going to be in Capsule Corp, and-Hm? Was that the doorbell?

Chichi walked over and opened the door to see Gohan and Videl standing in front of her. Holding hands. "Hi mom! Guess what! Videl and I are getting married!" said Gohan Chichi was so excited she could hardly get her words straight:

"Oh! MarryGrandchilcallbulmaweddtelgokgotenexcitedsistgrandchilgirl?boy?" she said in a rush, before rushing over to the phone to call Bulma.

"Bulma? GOHAN PROPOSED!" yelled Chichi

Gohan and Videl could hear the yelling from where they were standing in the doorway.


"Gohan proposed to Videl! Gohan and Videl are getting married!"

"Eww! Gohan isn't cool! Kissykissy is gross!" said Trunks in disgust

"WOW! Videl's gonna be my sister!" said Goten

"Feh. So the brat has finally taken Satan brat as his mate."

Now, Videl was still in shock. She was getting married to Gohan! SHE WAS GETTING MARRIED! After enduring a few more hours of Chichi's excitement, Videl decided it was time to go home and tell her father, since he would Be coming home tonight.

When they arrived in front of the Satan Mansion, they were swamped with reporters. Somehow, everyone had found out that THE Videl Satan was getting married, and everyone wanted to know about it. In Full detail.

After the reporters, it was safe to say that Gohan and Videl were exhausted! They just went over to Videl's house,

And fell right asleep. Hercule was at home, but they were too tired to tell him…


Videl and Gohan rolled over, Videl fell off the bed. Her father, an angry red colour, strode into the room, waving

The newspaper in the air.

"What do you want Daddy?" asked Videl sleepily

"TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!" yelled Mr.Satan

Videl looked at the article in question. Gohan leaned over and read it as well. At first glance, they knew why Hercule

Was so mad. There was a special two page front page article, with the School photos of Videl and Gohan. A picture of Saiyaman

And Saiyawoman, a picture of Gohan and Videl together at the Martial arts tournament,with the headline,


Videl blushed at looked at her father,

"I can…explain?" she said rather pathetically

"SO IT'S TRUE!" he yelled

"Well, you see, we were going to tell you, but we were tired yesterday, so you know…"

Mr.Satan was mad! VERY MAD! HOW DARE HIS DAUGHTER EVEN CONSIDER getting married before she'd reached

The age of…of…well, he hadn't really considered that yet, but definitely not now!

"You can't marry him!" he said

"And why not?" asked Videl

"Because you're young! And he'll cheat on you! And leave you!"

"Excuse me?" said Gohan, "May I say something? Saiyans mate for life. No questions about it."

"Ermm well," said Mr.Satan. He realized that he had no say in the matter. He couldn't even threaten the boy with

beating him up, because he was the true defeater of Cell!

"No.And that's final!" he said

But Gohan had had enough. He stood up to his full height, which was a good inch taller than Hercule, and transformed

Super Saiyan.

"Who are YOU to not let us get married? Saiyans mate for life, and we want to be get married, so we will." He said calmly

Mr.Satan backed away, shuddering. There was nothing he could do.

"Oh…oh…all right." He said rather sulkily

Videl and Gohan smiled and hugged.

"Let's go see Chichi, so we can all plan out the wedding," Videl whispered


Do you Gohan, take Videl as your wife?

I do

Do you Videl, take Gohan as your husband?

I do

Then, you may know kiss the bride.

As Gohan and Videl's lips met in a passionate kiss, it finally became a reality. They were getting married!

As they walked off down the aisle, hand in hand, they knew that whatever would happen, it would be alright.

They were married now.

They would face it-



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