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He couldn't believe it. He simply could not it. He had once again been denied the title of Shaman King. FOR THE THIRD DAMN TIME! Didn't someone once say that the third time was a charm? Well, whoever had said that he hoped was dead and if he wasn't, he'd soon be wishing he was.

He sighed and finally decided to sit up from where he had been laying down.

At least I'm alive, this time, he thought. That's always a plus.

Sighing yet again as he stood up from the sitting position and dusted himself off. He wasn't all that surprised that he had survived his little brothers' final attack. Seeing as he hadn't taken the brunt of the attack; he had had the Great Spirit explode just before the attack would have hit him. He had lost the Great Spirit, and with it the Spirit of Fire, in the explosion, but only for the moment.

He knew that the Spirit of Fire would come back to him again, once he and his spirit would be back to full health, but as it was, he had only the smallest bit of mana left. This meant that most of the damage he had received was from his own attack which left his body was in relatively good condition. Unfortunately, he couldn't say the same for most of his clothes.

He bent down and picked up the semi-charred pieces of what used to be his poncho and, seeing the state that it was in, took a look the rest of his clothes. Both of his gloves appeared to be relatively good condition, only have a few burnt patches here and there. However, his boots were beyond salvaging, so he kicked them off. His red chaps where also beyond saving, but they did, however, save his blue jeans from the same fate.

His only regret was that the three star-patterned belts that had run behind his legs were burnt. He quickly removed them and threw them in the same pile as his boots. He removed his gloves and brought his hands up to his head to feel his earrings. He could tell that the paint had boiled a bit during the explosion and were badly warped, so he removed them and threw them in the pile as well. His hair was only a little singed at the end; which he decided he would cut it later, once he found out where the heck he was. His Oracle Bell was also in good shape, so he left it on his arm.

Now that he was certain that his body was in good condition, he took a look at his surroundings. It appeared that he was still in the desert, seeing as there was sand almost all around him. He could see the sun, which meant he was no longer inside Patch Village, either in one direction, he couldn't tell if it was going up or down, so he decided to wait and see if it went up or down, it would help re-orient his sense of direction.

He also noticed that he wasn't all that far from some cliffs and in the distance he could see a tiny pinprick of light at its base. A large fire, and where there was fire there were people, hopefully Shamans. Seeing no other alternative, he started walking barefoot towards the small pinprick of light. He estimated that he would be there in roughly two hours or so.

After an hour of walking, he noticed that his shadow was slowly growing longer in front of him, which meant that the sun was setting and that he was heading eastwards.

Damn, he thought, I must have been out for at least half a day, at the very least.

He stored this bit of information for later use and concentrated on the fire in the distance, which was slowly growing larger. Now that he was closer, Hao could see that there was only one person beside the fire. He was still too far for his Reishi technique to be of any use, but he estimated that it wouldn't be long now; he was more than halfway there.

Finally, after a lot more walking, Hao deemed that he was close enough to the person for observation. He was still slightly too far for his Reishi, but he vision was sharp enough to see what the person beside the fire was doing, although he couldn't tell if the person was a man or a woman yet.

He was slightly content in the fact that he was alone at the moment; he always could concentrate better when he didn't have all the voices of his followers floating around his head. A thousand years had passed since he gained the ability to see into the hearts of people and he still hadn't mastered one of his most valuable techniques.

It was quite a useful tool in battle, he could tell what his opponent was going to do and to judge the loyalty of his followers, but outside of battle it was more of a nuisance than anything. He hated having all those voices in his head; it made it very hard to think. The only exception was Opacho, whose childlike naiveté was more soothing than irritating.

Judging from the length of the persons shadow compared to his, he estimated that whoever it was, was most likely a good deal taller than him, possibly six feet, maybe a bit less. He couldn't see a spirit, but that didn't mean he (Hao had decided to henceforth call the person a he, until proven otherwise) wasn't a Shaman. Many Shamans kept their spirits inside their memorial tablet, or the spirit could have chosen to be invisible.

He decided to get a little closer.

He silently approached the fire until he was close enough to get a good view; Hao was hidden behind a large rock, so he knew that he wouldn't be seen. A week ago it wouldn't have mattered, but right now he had no Spirit and barely any mana, so if it turned out to be just a human, he would have no way to get rid of him and if it was a Shaman, he would have no way to defend himself if ever it turned out the person was aggressive. He might be the strongest Shaman alive, but he was at a huge at that particular moment.

Hao frowned, he was close to the man, roughly twelve feet or so away, sp he should have been able to hear his thoughts by now, but all he was hearing was silence. Had his Reishi been damaged somehow?

"You might as well come out, Mappa Douji. I know you're there." Said a distinctly masculine voice. "Or do you prefer Hao Asakura now?

To say that Hao was shocked was a serious understatement, but, true to form, he hid it well. Putting on one of his famous false smiles, he stepped out from behind the rock. What was the use is hiding if the person you were hiding from knew you were there, and how did this man know his long abandoned name?

"Well, it seems like you have the honour of knowing my former name. May I have yours?" Asked Hao, no point in instigating an attack when you have no way to defend yourself. He may have hated humans but he wasn't stupid enough to go around with barely any mana, early on in his first life, he had learned several different fighting styles, just in case he ever ran out of mana at a very inopportune time. They also helped keep his body in good physical shape.

"Oh, that doesn't really matter; my name is of no importance to one such as you." Said the man as Hao walked to the other side of the fire and sat down across from the man. He tried to look inside his hood, but he was unable to get a good look.

"I suppose you are right. Did you participate in the Tournament?" Asked Hao, anxious to discover this mans identity and slightly suspicious. He had a photographic memory as a result of his extreme training and prided himself on it. He had known how even the weakest competitors in the tournament, but he could remember someone that resemble the man in front of him.

"Yes and no." The cloaked man answered vaguely with a wave of his gloved hand.

This answer only served to irritate Hao, but he took a deep breath to calm himself down. He couldn't afford to get mad now, seeing as he didn't have Spirit of Fire as a backup plan.

"Would you care to expand on your answer?" Asked Hao smoothly. His Reishi ability still wasn't picking up anything from this strange man, could he have finally lost the ability that had plagued him for centuries?

"My answer is what it is." He said, shrugging. "So, now that I've answered your question. Will you answer mine?"

Hao considered for a second before answering.

"Depends on what your question is." He finally responded.

"Why, exactly, do you wish to become the Shaman King?"

Hao was, once again shocked, but he once again kept it hidden behind a smile. If this man knew his true name, how could he not know the reason? It seemed about as absurd as knowing what the sun was, but not knowing that it provided light and heat for the planet!

He couldn't help it, he laughed. He laughed so hard that he ended up falling onto his back in a rather undignified position. Finally, one he was finished laughing, he sat up, rubbing his sore stomach and wiping away the tears that he had involuntarily shed.

"That is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard!" Said Hao once he had gotten his breath and composure back. "I'll answer it anyways, though, since I'm feeling generous."

Even though he couldn't see the mans' whole face, he was able to see his lips, which had curved into a small smile. For some reason, something deep down inside of him was angered by this man.

"I want to rid the world of the cancer known as Humans. All they do is poison the world. They're killing Nature! They don't understand it like shamans do and what humans don't understand, they destroy!" He said, with a touch of anger in his voice.

"I see." The man nodded. "Is that experience talking?"

"That's my business." Hao said sternly, that was one question he would never answer, not even if Opacho had asked him, his past was his own.

The man just nodded again, which only served to infuriate Hao further. He glared at the man as he moved his right hand, which, until that point, had been lying across his lap. He placed his hand it into his cloak and several seconds later removed his it and tossed something towards to Hao.

He caught it in midair and brought it up to his face to look at it curiously. It was a thin, rectangular piece of metal on a chain. On one side, written in English characters, was the word Hiro, but the other side was blank. He arched an elegant eyebrow, looking at the silly trinket the man had thrown him. What was he suppose to do with an obviously human trinket?

Suddenly it felt as if he had been hit with what he would later swore could have passed for a bus, a city bus full of hard cement. Then his vision started to darken.

The last thing he could remember was hearing the cloaked man say something in the ancient tongue passed on through the Patch tribe and a weird sensation in his chest. He screamed. Louder than he had ever screamed before, even louder than when he found out his mother had been killed by that human.

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