Note to Readers and Requests

Hey guys, sorry, but this isn't a new chapter, this is just to tell you that you should expect my newest chapter by mid-May. Chapter 9 is killing me, I've re-done it three times and I looked back on my earlier chapters and I've discovered that I have made numerous mistakes, at least 10 in the first page alone, so I am currently going through all 36 pages with a fine tooth and comb. In one day I've done almost 5 pages. I'm being VERY thorough.

I hope you guys can forgive me, but remember, I'm only doing it to make my fic as best as it can be. I'll be changing them periodically, but I won't send a new chapter warning when I do.

For the readers of my first version, no need to worry about me changing it completely again, I'm only going over grammatical errors and inconsistencies that I see. I'll be working on chapter 9 at the same time though; I believe I've finally pinned down how I want to proceed. Yay!

Wish me luck everyone!

Silver Fox Trot

PS; if anyone is interested, I'll gladly write little omakes upon request, but they'll be short! They can invovle anyone doing anything, as long as there are no OCs please. The situation can even be AU, think of it as my apology to you for taking so long! I'll add them to this story and when I'm done, I'll post them in a seperate one! I will, naturally, give credit to the person who asked me to write it, so please, please leave a name!