Hey everyone! This is my first Ella Enchanted fic. Like lots of people, I am a gigantic fan of Gail Carson Levine( if I met her, I would get a Olive attack and probably start screaming), and this is like my favorite book .Please, don't yell at me if it really sucks. The Elves: Ms. Gail C. Levine didn't mention too much on what Elves looked like other then their height and their skin. So bear with me here, as I add a few more features to my characters that have Elfin Blood in them. This is the prolog of my story. My main character is only 4 in this one, but she'll be 15 in the first chapter. There will be some slight references to Ella and the other characters in the coming chapters. The Prologue takes place when Ella and Char were younger , around 4 or 5. The chapters after the Prologue will take place right around when Char and the knights of Frell started doing Ogre hunts( right after Ella ran away from Finishing school.) Enjoy! And remember, please r/r!


Prologue: The attack

The brook bubbled it's greeting as a woman of 31 sat down. Her eyes were a wide brown, giving her the look of a deer, and her hair was a pure blonde. She wasn't that tall for a human, only 5'2 at her full height. She dipped her feet in the brook, and called out " Anniya! Anniya, darling, we have to get a move on it! We only have a day left until we get to the forest!"

Behind the woman was a small camp with 10 other elves, One of them being the woman's husband and carefully concealing a tiny, petite half Elfin half human girl around the age of four.

" Here I am mother!" the little girl shouted gleefully in Elfin tongue, leaping out from behind her father. The girl had sharp, forest green eyes like most Elves do, and delicate, long pure blonde hair, with mossy blonde ringlets that may or not form into true curls. Her ears were slightly pointed at the top, and she had a beautiful, clear sparkling laughter of happiness that caused most of the men packing up to stop and watch her. The girl's father smiled, but said in a firm, strong voice " Anniya, you need to stay out of our way now."

The tiny girl frowned. " But I want to play some more here." He smiled at her.

" Perhaps while your mother is gathering water, you can play hide and go seek with her." The girl's frown burst into a happy smile, and she ran back to her mother. The woman laughed, and agreed to the little girl's request. " Alright, Anniya. Go hide, and I shall count." " Ok!" Then a frown suddenly appeared on her face. " But what if you get lost while you are trying to find me?"

The woman laughed. " I won't get lost."

" But you might." the girl protested.

" I'll tell you what. You can wear my necklace, and if I get lost, I know I'll be able to find you, alright?" The little girl gaped at the necklace and nodded her head.

" Now don't lose it." the mother warned the girl.

The girl nodded her head, and look at the necklace. It was a tiny, forest green Emerald , the same shade as the little girl's eyes.

" Count now!" The little girl told her mother. As the mother counted, the little girl ran to a gigantic tree about 50 yards from the camp. Her eyes glittered in excitement. The tree was hollow, and just big enough for her to slide in. She crouched inside and watched intently on the camp, wondering how long it would take for her mother to find her. Suddenly, Anniya smelled something burning. Silly Father, she thought. He forgot to put the camp fire out again. Then she heard something.

" ForNEs uiv SsLesAn ZsoOne vac Slsslosh LiMMon." a voice slurred, oozing sweetness like honey and at the same time, sounding like oil dripping. Anniya was tiny. She was only four, innocent and naive to the world. But even she knew that there was only on creature whose words sounded like honey, Whose words sounded as slick as oil, who attacked peoples of all kinds, eating them alive. Ogres.

A burst of terror shot through her, and she didn't bother to notice the fact that most people would be won over by now. She pushed herself as far as she could onto the oak wall, hugging her knees. "NiiKaSSh. KtacKuSs iv vaZee!" Through the opening in the oak tree, Anniya saw at least 30 ogres rush out into the camp. Some had torches. The Elves dropped what they were doing and raced toward the ponies, neighing with terror.

" SlEEles HaSSh PikElss." called out one of the Ogres.

The elves stopped for a moment, turning to look at the Ogres. The ponies broke into a run, not waiting for the Elves. Suddenly, without the slightest warning, one of the Ogres leaped onto the tallest Elf. With a savage leap, it dug it's teeth into the elves neck, paralyzing the Elf. Soon all the other Ogres did the same, slowly beginning to kill them all. Cries of terror and pain shot through the air, haunting the peaceful woods. It seemed like hours before they were all killed. A gigantic pile of bones, cleaned of skin, lay scattered over the forest floor. Heaps of what used to be clothes were now torn rags. The peculiar thing was that the Ogres spent a long time searching for something. A day in fact. The leader screamed something in Ogrese, obviously enraged. After spending two days looking for something, the Ogres, whatever they had been searching for, gave up. They burned the remains of the camp, and set off, jolly chuckling about how they had bested the Elves this time, and how King Jerrold, the NkaSSeez iev KrassZ he was ( filthy pig) would not get them this time. And as they left, no one noticed the tiny sob heard from deep within an oak tree. A sob that came from a pair of glowing forest green eyes and blonde mossy hair. A sob that came from exactly what the Ogres had been looking for.

11 years later..............................


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