Author's Note

I've begun to post my fictional rewrite of Anniya on, for all who are interested. It's been tentatively remained 'For a Crown', and you can find it under my same penname, faeriegurl. All who are interested please check it out and leave me some nice criticism so I can figure how to improve it. Though basic plot line is still the same and all of the main characters remain, some things have changed. Among the changes include different names for some of the characters ( Ava instead of Anniya, the Duke Frederick di Fallon instead of the Count,), many different twists, a differentbetter ending, and a more developed writing style. It's also written in first person.

If you review it, kindly don't leave spoilers on what happened in the ending of the Ella Enchanted version. Parts of the ending will stay the same, but some will also be subject to change.

Hope to see you leaving a nice critiquing review!