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A/N: A collection of drabbles I've written for various pairings. Harry/Draco, Ron/Draco.

should have

Thinking back on it, Harry knew he should have known. Should've seen the way Draco's eyes followed that shock of red hair across the room—the way his smile never quite directed itself at him—and the way he never really meant what he said the way he said it.

When Draco said, "I'll see you after Potions, Potter," it didn't necessarily mean he'd see him indefinitely. There was an unspoken warning, an afterthought, at the end of each of his utterances: 'I'll see you after Potions, Potter, but only if I don't get distracted by something else first.'

And Harry should've known that when Draco had told him he loved him, he really meant 'I love you, Potter, at least until I find someone better.'

The day that Draco never showed up after Potions, Harry knew he'd found his someone better—and it was his best friend Ron.