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A/N: A drabble related to the new fic I started, Seasons and Distinctions. This, I think, was the second or third version of said fic. About half-way through I decided it didn't fit the plot I had planned (plot? what plot?) and so turned it into a Draco-Malfoy-character-study. Review?


Draco had a thing about favorites. It, was, after all, an exercise in superiority—whether he liked this flavor than that one, or liked to wear black more than yellow, it all came down to one thing: it was about being better. Not that he made a big deal of it, or anything; he just liked to make distinctions. He had a favorite almost anything: favorite shoes, hairstyle, food, color, Quidditch position, tea…and, more recently, favorite person (and at that thought Draco smirked, thinking of the bumbling green-eyed black-haired walking-fashion-disaster that was his boyfriend). One thing, though, that he could not decide on, was season.

As in, what was his favorite season?

He was genuinely curious; after all, a great many people, when asked that question, usually had ready-made answers. Oh, I love the winter because it's so white and pretty; I love it when it's summer, because it's so hot you just have to go to the beach; and, the most appalling of all—I just love spring, because the flowers smell so nice and everything's blooming and…

Well. He was fairly certain that if he did like spring, it wouldn't be because of that.