Pairing: Dawn/Faith, Dawn/Faith/Angel
Summary: Billions dead; three alive
Rating: PG-13

She's not too sure exactly what happened. They all came at once, as if out of no where, killing them off before anyone had a chance to scream. Buffy was first, her upper body torn from her waist, as Dawn was headed towards her with a bunch of letters of acceptance from universities from around the world. And all she could do was stare in horror as they seemed to be everywhere, covering on the Summer's residence, killing one girl after another, Amanda's shriek as the bringer's knife cut into her stomach, and Kennedy's raw voice crying bloody murder as she went after the uber-vamp that had crushed Willow's head in it's massive claws.

She remembers screaming, so loudly the closest Bringer actually backed up a second, before her lunged at her, cutting open that damn scar that will never let her forget that she'll never be quite human.

Then blackness.

Tears wracked her body, and heavy sobs escape, crying like she never has before. Not like when she had watched Kakestos kill her watcher, and not even like when she begged Angel to kill her. Because now there's nothing left. Nothing 'cept a huge pit where Watcher Central once was a long time ago.

At least then she could've told herself that it didn't matter, that she didn't need anyone, that the whole world was out to screw her. And she still could, she guesses, but it wouldn't do any good, because she had actually believed it then. But then she had opened herself to people. And most of them are dead.

And as she traces the names of all of those who died in front of her with a dirty kitchen knife, she begging to tremble so badly that even the arms of her stability surrounding her and the lips of her love's on hers don't make it stop.

He hadn't ever thought that he'd see them again, that they had died with the rest of Sunnydale, but her was apparently wrong.

Of coarse even if he had, he wouldn't have believed that they'd turn up at Hydropnican Dawn draped over Faith's arms, both bleeding extensively, the Slayer whispering 'it's okay, baby, we'll be okay' over and over in the younger girl's ear a year after the fact, and only two months after the "Uber-Vamps" as Faith called them rained the earth, killing anything in sight.

Dawn loved both of them. The two people whom she used to hate more then anything in the world, she now can't imagine life without. Faith; who once told her everything in life worth having was there for people like her to take, without consequences, and Angel; who had broken her sister's heart more times then she could remember, and also had been very creepy and confusing with that whole 'I'm evil half the time' thing he'd had going.

But now here they are, all together, living (if it can be called that) in an old hotel, all sharing one room (she chose, which she thinks was probably Cordelia's once upon a time, if one can judge by the old makeup strewn across the dresser that she and Faith use if they're having a good day), all comforting one another when they wake up, to discover that it's not a dream.

Because nobody could dream up this hell if they wanted to.