Title: Truths
Author: Pixie Child
Email: gliteryinsanepixiechildyahoo.ca
Pairing: Dawn/Kennedy
Summary: Sort of a companion piece with Hush. Dawn knows
Rating: PG

She started this thing for revenge, yeah. But, hell, it had gone way beyond that. Like, did she honestly delude herself into believing that it wouldn't have a chance at expanding past... whatever it was she had intended them to be? Dawn had just been a girl. One of god-knows how many in Sunnydale's very own crack/whore house as it had been labeled in this godforsaken nowhere town.

But now she's more then that. So much more. She actually means something to Kennedy. More the Willow even, if she's going to be honest with herself. She seems like she almost glows. Hell, maybe she does. Maybe Kennedy's so crazy for her that she's gone "outside realty" or whatever the hell the vampire had said.

Not that it matters anymore. Because Dawn somehow knows her orriginal intent. Kennedy can see it in her eyes, and it feels like Dawn's just kicked her when she pushes the potential away when she tries to hug her. She can see the almost-dried tears on Dawn's face and feel them about to spill down her own.

And the irony is it's over because it started.