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Chapter 5 – Starfire

Dear Friend,

It is a sad, yet momentous occasion. We have defeated our mortal for, Slade, but we have lost Terra. She did such a brave and wonderful thing and I forgive all of her past wrongdoings. She betrayed Slade and fought against his control on her body, but that is what caused her to… I am not sure if she is dead or if she is sleeping, encased in stone, but when she began to fight back, her power triggered a trembling in the earth and it began to spit out hot, glowing liquid fire. It seemed as if Fooglurags were dancing and the Hunardanfas were becoming angry with them. There was so much chaos, yet Terra saved us. She could have let us be crushed by the heavy stones, but she let us escape. Beast Boy has locked himself in her room and will not come out, despite anything we say. It troubles me. Raven says that it is not healthy to be so sad and angry all the time. She called that depression. She must stay away from his and Terra's rooms because she cannot stand to feel his depression. It gives her fierce headaches. Raven tells me that his sadness overwhelms her. She also said that all of our emotions are overwhelming for her to bear right now. She stays on the roof and meditates for most of the day. I will mourn for my lost friend and the friends who are in pain now. Good night, earth memory book and may your dreams be less haunted than mine.

Love Always,


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