Triassic Park: Into the Past

Chapter one

"Come on, Hobbes, we're gonna be rich!" Said Calvin one bright summer's day.

Hobbes didn't look up from the comic book he was reading underneath the shade of a cottonwood tree.

"Mmm." He replied.

"I have everything worked out." Calvin said.

"Mmm." Hobbes replied.

"You've seen Jurassic Park right? Of corse you have we did that play." Said Calvin.

"Mmm." Said Hobbes.

"Well I just thought of something." Said Calvin. "Imagine how rich we'd be if we brought back dinosaurs from the Age of Dinos and opened a park?"

"Mmmm." Said Hobbes, still not listening.

"We could call it Triassic Park, Just like in the play, only we'd really be opening a zoo of dinosaurs! Think of the money!"

"Mmm." Hobbes replied.

"And we got the technology to do it!" Calvin said, holding his time machine up.

"Mmm." Hobbes said, turning the page of the Captain Nalpalm comic.

"We'll be the most famous people in the universe, and would you stop looking at that stupid comic book and listen to me!" Calvin yelled in frustration.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" Hobbes asked looking up from the comic.

"I've modified the Time Machine, Hobbes." Said Calvin.

"That's great, Calvin, go play with it now." Said Hobbes.

"This is it." Calvin said, holding a tape recorder up.

"Calvin, that's a hand-held CD player." Said Hobbes.

"To the naked eye yes, but look closer."

Hobbes looked closer.

Calvin had taped words over the buttons on the CD player.

Over PLAY he had put "ON". Over RECORD he had put "OFF" Over the volume control he had put "YEARS". Over the STOP button he had put "MAIN MENU". And, finally, over the TRACK SKIPPER button for up he had put "RETURN TO PRESENT"

Hobbes stared at the CD player.

"I call it the Mini Time Machine or MTM for short" Calvin said

"How complicated." Hobbes said.

"Yes, well it took me all morning to invent." Said Calvin. "And this is how it works: All you have to do is set the clock to the year you want and presto! You're there!"

"I Don't like where this is going." Hobbes sighed.

"I DO!" Calvin laughed.

Calvin then repeated everything about the Triassic Park.

"Calvin, the play was bad enough, but doing it for real! I refuse to participate."

"Just think how much tuna and salmon you could buy with all that money." Calvin replied. "You'd be the tuna emperor of the world."

Hobbes' eyes shot at Calvin like bullets.

"Really?" He asked.

"Of corse." Said Calvin. "We'd be making a billion of dollars a minute. With that consent money piling up, we could treat ten million dollars like lunch money! TUNA GALORE!"

Hobbes considered that.

"Ok, I'll come." He said. "But just because of the tuna."

"Great!" Calvin yelled.

He fumbled with the MTM until he came to the late Jurassic tap.

"Money here we come!" Calvin said. "Step closer to me, Hobbes."

Hobbes stepped closer to Calvin.

Electricity flew from the MTM as it made loud beeping sounds.

Then in a flash of fire of lighting, Calvin and Hobbes disappeared.

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