Chapter Twenty

Calvin and Hobbes stared at the dust cloud.

They stared at the useless MTM on the ground.

They stared at each other.

They screamed.


And with that, they bolted off in the opposite directions.

Calvin grabbed the MTM, and brought it with him.

You think that Calvin and Hobbes couldn't outrun the dust cloud?

Ha! What a joke.

Calvin and Hobbes were running faster than they had ever ran before.

Probably because they both slipped on those accelerator shoes.

They leaped boulders, rounded trees, screamed, ran across lakes, and so on.

They thought they might just outrun the cloud, until suddenly, they came to a wall of solid rock.

Plus, they didn't see it.


They slammed right into it, and collapsed to the ground.

"The pain." Calvin grumbled.

45 percent

The wind started blowing, hard.

The dark clouds completely engulfed the sun bynow.

And Calvin and Hobbes were laying on their backs next to a rock.

Hobbes was the first to leap up.

"CALVIN COME ON!" He screamed over the wind

47 percent

Calvin leaped to his feet, and...

Was blown smash into the rock.

Powerful wind.

Even though they were in terrible danger, Hobbes couldn't help but laugh.

Calvin stood up, and glared at Hobbes.

"Shut up furball!" he screamed over the wind.

Suddenly, bits and pieces of the asteroid started falling to the ground.


Red hot rocks started pelting the Earth.

48 percent

Calvin and Hobbes screamed and yelled, and dove into a cave in the rock.

The wind was still blowing, causing trees to come up out of their roots,and the red rocks continued to drop to the ground.

Then the next step came.

The cloud of death entered the forest where Calvin and Hobbes were hiding.

50 percent

"GOOD ENOUGH!" Calvin shrieked.

He pushed the button on the MTM.

There was a tense second in which nothing happened.

As if in slow motion, the dust cloud came into view, and tumbled towards the cave.

And for the second, the only sound was Calvin's heart was beating like a bass drum.






Electricity surged from the MTM, and engulfed Calvin and Hobbes.

The horrible winds and the dust cloud faded out.

Calvin and Hobbes began spinning.

Colors flashed across Calvin and Hobbes' eyes.

Then... they felt grass.

Calvin opened his eyes.

Hobbes opened his eyes.

They were laying on their stomachs.

They were in the middle of the park on the other side of town.

It was a bright summer day.

People were walking past them, not taking notice of their sudden reappearance.

Then, a message came up on the MTM.

Ya know, sometimes I think you take me for granted.

Then it closed down.

Calvin and Hobbes exchanged glances.

"Are we dead or at home?" Hobbes asked.

"Technically neither." Calvin said. "'cause we're in the park, not home."

Hobbes let the air hiss out of his lungs.

"Finally. 2005 weather."

A wide grin spread across Calvin's face.

Heleaped to his feet.

"And do you know what this means, Hobbes?" He said, excitedly.

"We're dinosaur free?"

"No." Calvin said. "The dinos, my friend, have just begun!"

Calvin opened up the MTM and started filing through all the videos and photos they had.


Calvin and Hobbes rushed home.

Hobbes immediately collapsed on the bed, but Calvin went right back to work.

He developed the photos, and transferred all the videos onto a VHS.

Then, he walked downstairs, and over to his Dad who was sitting in his chair, reading a book.

"Well, Dad." He said. "It's been nice knowing you."

Dad looked up, and stared at his son.

"Beg your pardon?" He asked.

Calvin handed Dad the VHS and the photos.

"Hobbes and I will be moving out, shortly. After we get fifty million dollars, we're moving to Australia."

Dad filed through the photos.

"Dinosaurs?" He asked.

"Yup." Calvin clicked. "Me and Hobbes went to the age of the dinosaurs and studied them. We were almost killed, but we got our stuff. We will be opening a museum, abruptly, and make a fortune on our discoveries."

Dad went through the photos.

He had a slight expression of amusement on his face.

"Yes, very good, Calvin." He chuckled, handing them back to him. "You have a good time with all that money."

Calvin stared at him, and took the stuff.

"What are you so happy about?" He asked, suspiciously.

"Well, I never really thought of dinosaurs as so small and plastic looking."

Calvin was outraged.


Hobbes heard a door slam, he opened one eye, and peeked out at Calvin who was grumbling up a storm, and throwing his merchandise in the trash.

The other eyes popped open, and he sat up.

"Nap over, I see." He thought.

"What's wrong, Calvin?"

"Dad doesn't think we went to the Mesozoic Era." Calvin complained. "He thinks we took my dinosaur models, put them in the yard, and photographed them!"

Hobbes was shocked.

"WHAT!" He screamed.

"Yeah, I know."

"You mean to tell me that we went back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous, nearly got ourselves killed, and we're not even getting money out of it!"

Calvin's eyes popped open.

"Uh, yes." He muttered.

Hobbes' eyes bulged.


"Well, we got the videos didn't we?" Calvin asked, timidly. "We discovered what dinosaurs were really like... right?"

Hobbes leaped into the middle of Calvin and the wreck was on.

They crashed into the wall, banged into the desk, Calvin got a splinter in his arm, and it took him an hour to get it out, and Mom had to come upstairs, and tell them to shut up.

By that time, it was dark, and Calvin and Hobbes had to go to bed.

Hobbes was still a little sour.

Calvin grumbled to himself, applied the bandages, and yanked the covers over his head.

It was the first time they had been in a bed for days.

After the hard days they spent in the Age of Dinosaurs, they instantly fell asleep.

Despite the fact that they didn't get any money out of the ordeal, they had fun.

Sort of.

The MTM sat innocently on Calvin's desk.

It's sleek metal outline gleaming in the moonlight.

There was a beep, and a message shot out of the MTM as Calvin and Hobbes fell asleep.

The message contained only two words.