Inside Wyatt's bedroom the next morning...

BIANCA, still clad only in one of Wyatt's t-shirts, yawns as opens the door of the closet to get her own clothes. As she reaches up to push clothing aside, she notices as STACK OF ALBUMS sitting on the top shelf of the closet. Curious she pulls one down.

She opens the old worn album to the first page and sees a beautiful picture of a young couple on their wedding day. She crosses the room and takes a seat on the bed as she continues flipping through the pages. She smiles as she flips through page after page of old photos, mostly of young dark haired woman and her two small boys.

As she continues to flip through the book, the bathroom door opens and WYATT emerges. Seeing Bianca with is album, he immediately rushes to her, angrily.

WYATT: What the hell are you doing? Give me that!

He snatches the book from lap.

BIANCA: I'm sorry. I found it in the closet. I didn't think…

WYATT: No you didn't think! You have no right going through my stuff.

The two remain silent as Wyatt opens the album and sadly stares at the pictures on the page.

Finally Bianca speaks.

BIANCA: She was beautiful.

Wyatt looks up at her as Bianca continues…

BIANCA: (continuing) Your mother…she was beautiful.

Wyatt closes the book and walks over to the window. With his back to Bianca, he responds with a quiet…

WYATT: I know.

BIANCA: You miss her a lot. Don't you.

WYATT: I really don't want to talk about it.

BIANCA: (sympathetically) I can understand that Wyatt.

She gets up from the bed and walks over to him.

BIANCA: (continuing) Look Wyatt. If we're going to be together I just…I have to know.

Wyatt turns to her.

BIANCA (continuing) Is it true what everyone says…about how she died?

WYATT: (calmly) Are you asking me if I killed my mother?

BIANCA: (nervously) Well…that's what everyone says.

WYATT: (angrily) Well everyone's wrong!

BIANCA: So you had nothing to do with it?

She looks both surprised and excited by his declaration.

Wyatt draws in a breath, trying to calm himself.

WYATT: Look, it's in the past. OK? I really don't want to talk about it.

He starts to walk away, but Bianca reaches out and grabs his arm.

BIANCA: But if it's not true Wyatt, why do you continue to let everyone believe that you killed the Charmed Ones?

Wyatt jerks his arm away and gets right in Bianca's face.

WYATT: I said I don't want to talk about it. So just drop it already!

Having said that, Wyatt storms out of the bedroom, slamming the door behind him.

Meanwhile, at the Morris'

CHRIS slowly trudges down the stairs and heads toward the kitchen. In THE HALLWAY outside the kitchen, he stops when he hears SHEILA and VICTOR'S voices. He stops and listens to their conversation.

SHEILA and VICTOR's voices are heard offscreen

VICTOR: Did you mean what you said last night? Do you really think Chris is strong enough to stand up to his brother?

SHEILA: Absolutely.

Chris hugs the wall as he struggles to hear their conversation.

SHEILA: (continuing) You don't think so?

VICTOR: I…I don't know what to think.

SHEILA: Well, think about where he came from Victor. Think about what happened twenty years ago.

VICTOR: You mean what they failed to do twenty years ago.

SHEILA: Did they fail?

Chris looks confused as he continues to listen intently.

VICTOR: What are you talking about? You know they failed. The girls are dead and Wyatt's the ruler of the underworld.

SHEILA: Yes, but what about Chris?

VICTOR: What about him?

SHEILA: Victor, don't you see? Chris is the key!

VICTOR: What? What do you mean, "He's the key"?

SHEILA: I mean that Chris' destiny completely changed because of what happened twenty years ago.

She grows more and more excited as she continues.

SHEILA: Think about who he is now! He's not the son of a Charmed One and a Whitelighter. He's the son of a Charmed One and an Elder!

In the hallway, Chris gasps. His eyes grow wide.

CHRIS: (whispering) An Elder? Leo wasn't an Elder.

In the kitchen, Sheila continues.

SHEILA: He was conceived from two of the most powerful beings in the magical universe. Even Wyatt can't claim that. So, do I think he's strong enough to stand up to Wyatt. Absolutely.

VICTOR: Maybe you're right. But Chris doesn't even know his father was an Elder. He think's his father was a whitelighter. A fallen whitelighter no less.

SHEILA: Well, maybe it's time he learned the truth.

Back in the hallway, Chris has a look of sheer horror and anguish on his face.

CHRIS: They lied to me. Leo's not my father.

In tears once again, Chris looks desperately toward the kitchen door, as if debating on whether or not to go in and get all his questions answered. In the end however, he decides against it and orbs away.

to be continued in another story...