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Move On


People change. Circumstances change. Life is full of change.

Shayera Hol sat in her room of the Watchtower; She was still getting used to life in the new Justice League. Shayera sighed, standing up and then walking to her window. As she gazed out of her window of the universe and the moon just rising from behind the earth. There were so many stars out. Without really thinking about it, she picked out the brightest one, which made Shayera smile.

The Flash had once told her that as a young boy, he would wish on the brightest star. He said most earth kids do this; It just gave them a little hope that they would get what they wanted.

Shayera walked back to her bed and laid down across it. Her wings bent to met her, wrapping around her like a blanket.

Shayera couldn't help it.

Burying her face into her feathers, crying softly, she let out tears that ran down her face like hard rain.

After an hour past, Shayera sat up. Her eyes burned red but at least they had stopped running. Shayera rubbed her face with her two hands, not wanting to think what she had to see when she had to leave her room.

Shayera sighed as she pulled her knees to her chest. Yes, like John and his new girlfriend…whatever her name was.

Shayera looked across her room to a note and a set of keys, lying on a table.

"Might as well…" Shayera told herself, getting up and reaching for the note and keys. She then opened the note and read it.

Do what you want with this. I probably wont be around much.

Shayera gave a small smile. This was probably the hundredth time she read this. It would be good to get away from the-confusion of it all, she thought.

Shayera then grabbed her large handbag, threw some clothes, and left her room.

On her way to the teleporting room, Shayera rounded the corner just as Green Lantern walked by. Green Lantern, upon seeing her bag, shouted out her name.


Shayera stopped but didn't bother to turn around. "Yes?" She asked, coldly. She didn't mean for it to sound like that but…

"Where are you going?" The Green Lantern's voice was full of confusion.

Shayera shrugged. "I just need to get away for a couple of days." She started to walk and stood next to the

"But you just got here."

Shayera finally looked over her shoulder. "I'm not going very far, John."

Green Lantern looked around, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Shayera just nodded. "Goodbye, John."

Before John could say or do anything, Shayera had stepped on to the teleporter and was gone.

Shayera could never get over the magnificence or splendor of the land. As she flew across the fields of green, the sun was starting to set in the distance indicating the coming of night. Shayera slowly flew downward, her feet meeting the ground.

Taking a big breath, Shayera put the key into the door to open it. She was two steps into the house when she heard a voice.

"Shayera?" Out of the shadows stepped out a sort-of surprised man of the night.

Shayera felt her heart rise a little.


People change. Circumstances change. Life is full of change.

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