NOTE: This story is a continuation of Wyatt's Revenge so you must read that story before continuing with this one other wise you will be completely lost. LOL, enjoy.


She could feel his hot breath on her neck as the evil tyrant slept clinging closely to her as if he were the woman's second skin leaving her no room what so ever for her to budge or get comfortable. His left arm was rested on her hip as his hand pressed protectively and possessively over her rounded stomach that sheltered the very powerful child inside that both she and her husband created.

Wyatt Matthew Halliwell Jr. was to be her child's name after his father. This was not something that she was happy about but she wouldn't dared speak up about for fear of what would happen once her child was no longer able to protect her.

The woman wanted to name her first born child after her beloved father who had died so long ago at her husband's hands none the less, and felt it was the perfect way to honor him. She then confronted her husband with the idea happily and expected him to agree with her. But instead of receiving the go ahead and a warm smile she was met with a scowl and harsh words.

"There is no way in hell that I'm going to give my child the name of some unless mortal" he had said as Autumn could feel her heart sink in defeat. She didn't understand why he was being so cold, but then again when was he ever not cold.

"My boy was created from me and will inherit my legacy and the great powers of his ancestors and his grandfather the Elder and I will not bestow upon him some weak, unknown name. No, he will bare my name as his own and that is the only acceptable option. Our child will be a force to be reckoned with and will be feared and respected by all, just as I am"

The man's words still echoed in her mind as she repeated his last sentence over and over again "Our child will be a force to be reckoned with and will be feared and respected by all, just as I am" The words coming more faster and more furious as she thought about the evil that would form in her child's soul at the influence of his father. How he would grow to be just like the older man and all of the torturing of innocent people that would take place at his hands and what if she and her husband had another child as well. Would it be another twisted love affair like her husband shared with his brother, her best friend?

The thought made her sick to her stomach as she could feel an intense wave of nausea come over her as horrid images of her two boys filled her head. The pained look in the younger ones eyes, the sick smile on his brothers face as he did those appalling things to him just as his father had done to his uncle. This can't happen, she thought trying to convince herself that her imagination was running wild and that would never happen to her children.

"It won't" a voice whispered sleepily into her ear as she repositioned herself to look her husband in the eye.

"Don't you want to know why it won't happen?" the man questioned as he moved his hands down the woman's body, pulling her satin nightgown upwards.

Autumn could see the evil working within the man's mind as his blue eyes seemed to glow in the dark and a wicked smile formed on his face as he leaned over her slightly pressing his body against hers. He then kissed her on the cheek and answered the question she truly didn't want the answer to.

"Because my son will be smarted then his father was and more prepared to hand his sibling's "reluctance" that is if he or she refuses. Who knows, they may even like it, long for it. Beg for it" the man snickered slightly as a repulsed look come over his wife's features as she hurried from their bed and ran to the bather room, locking herself in and crying uncontrollably.

She couldn't let this happen. There was no way that her children would ever see each other in that light. But as upset and angry as she was Autumn was no fool. She knew that there was no chance in hell that she would ever escape Wyatt, let alone keep his child or children from him. All she could do is pray that her best friend could save the man from himself and stop the evil from forming in his soul as a small child for if he failed, her children would surely be doomed to lifetime of misery.