Chapter 11

"Son please, don't do this" the man pleaded as his youngest child made his way towards him with an evil grin that matched his older siblings. The dark glimmer in his eyes mixed with his new ominous aura frightened the man more then he could have ever imagined. For the first time in the Elder's life he felt helpless as he watched the younger male advance on him with his hand stretched out as he began to make a fist. Suddenly the man could feel his heat begin to feel tight as sharp pains shot through his body rendering him motionless.

"What are you doing? Chris please stop this" the boy's mother cried out as her elder son held her back.

"Sorry Mom but he deserves this and much more for being such an amazing son of a bitch" yelled the dark haired boy as he relinquished his hold on his father's heart before throwing him clear across the room.

"LEO!" the woman called out as she watched her husband's head smash through the oak wood armoire.

"Oh come now mother dear, aren't you enjoying the show? If not I'm sure Chris would be more then happy to kick it up a notch for you" taunted her eldest son as he tightened his grip on her arms. With his cruel, heartless laughter blasting loudly into her ears Piper could only close her and pray that it would all be over shortly and that her husband would still be alive at the end of the hell that his younger son was inflicting upon him at this very moment.

"Maybe, maybe not" a deep mincing voice whispered into her ear as tears slid down her cheeks. She couldn't believe what was going on around her and even worse she felt as if she only had herself to blame for the corruption of her younger child. Although she wasn't the one who cast the spell on him or handed the potion that brought about this new, evil persona she was still just as guilty as his brother was. She had turned her back on him when he needed her the most and this was her punishment for her betrayal and some point she would have to deal with that but for now she had to find a way to get her baby boy back. She just didn't know or if that was even possible.

Suddenly the sound of her husband's screams filled the air as she opened her eyes just in time to see her younger son hold a fire ball within a slither of his father's skin and laugh amusedly as the thin layer of cells crackled and bubbled from the amount of heat that was rested up against it.

"Oh my God!" the woman yelled out as she watched the man's face contort in pain and agony. "Please Chris stop this! This isn't you. You're not evil honey. You're nothing like your brother. Please stop it before you kill him"

"You're right" the boy said as he turned his head slightly to face his mother. He then cocked his head to one side and smiled as he watched his mother's eyes widen and the blood drain from her face as a high voltage energy ball appeared in his hand. He then replied in a deep, mincing voice that she would never forget "I'm worse" before releasing the bright blue circle and freezing it just as it partially entered the man's abdomen.

"NOOO" the woman screamed as she watched the body of her husband thrashed wildly while blue shock waves covered him. She was now crying hysterically as her two boys snickered in delight. "Please stop this" she pleaded knowing full well that neither one of two men held a conscious or cared about their father's current state but she had to try. No matter how it turned out.

"What's the matter Mom? Have I disappointed you again? Aw don't tell me that you're still ashamed of me?" the dark haired boy said mocking the woman with his fake tears.

"I know we hurt you baby but please this isn't the way. Just let your father go and we can talk about this and tell you how sorry we are. Please Chris"

"Hurt me? No, see I would have to give a shit about you and your husband in order for you to be able to hurt me. Unfortunately for you I don't"

"Chris please"

"Shut up Piper" added her elder son as he threw her down to the ground. The woman landed on the wooden floor with a heavy thud at the same time her husband did. "You fucked up big time with Chris and now he sees you for what you truly are. A no good, selfish, self righteous bitch! But don't' worry mother dear, Chris won't be lonely after your latest abandonment of him. No, this time he has me" The man finished with a smirk as he ran his hands through his brother's hair before moving towards the wall and mumbling something the woman didn't understand.

Knowing this was her last chance to get through to her son the woman stood up slowly and walked over to the younger man while his brother was distracted and said a little spell of her own.

"What once was now again shall it be, please return my son, the real Christopher Halliwell back to me"

As soon as the words were spoken the boy began to glow a grayish blue color before turning around to face his mother.

"Chris" the woman spoke softly as her son stared back her almost blankly.

"What's going on here?" demanded a voice from the other side of the room as Wyatt turned around to face his mother and his brother.

After a moment the younger boy found his voice "Mom" the boy said as a look of confusion came over him. "What am I doing here?" he questioned the woman as he watched a smile formed on her face.

"Oh thank God sweetie. Now orb your father up there to get healed and we'll talk about what happened later. Right now you need to get out of here" said Piper as she took the boy by the hand and led him over to his father. "Quick Chris, get out of here. Go, now" she commanded.

But her momentary happiness faded as the wicked grin returned to the face of her younger son as he raised his hand high and sent spiraling down to the floor once again.

"You're so got damn stupid! Did you really think that weak ass spell of yours would work against my brother's more superior magic?"

Piper didn't know what hurt worse. The stinging blow that her son had just delivered to her or the words he had just spoken. Either way she could never remember feeling in this much pain in her life.

"Sorry mother dear but we really must be going. Wyatt and I have a kingdom to rule and some business to take care of but I have to admit, it's been fun you know bitch slapping you and frying your husband. Let's do it again sometime okay. Let's say in about twenty two years or so. See ya around" the boy said as he moved to his brother's side.

"What the hell is going on up here?" a new voice called out as Paige entered the attic. "Oh my God Chris, you came back"

"Oh hey Auntie Paige, it's always a pleasure to see you" the blond haired male spoke gaining the woman's attention.

"What are you doing here?" the youngest charmed one questioned as eyed her eldest nephew while taking a fighting stance.

"Now, now Auntie Paige be nice. Wyatt actually helped me"

"Some how I seriously doubt that Chris" replied Paige as she looked over to her sister and brother in law. "Oh my God, what happened?"

"Chris and Leo had a slight misunderstanding and things got a little, blistering" answered Wyatt as he and Chris snickered.

"Chris, please. Tell me you didn't do this. That this monster is lying"

"Sorry Aunt Paige but it's true. I've been a very, very bad boy"

"But don't worry I'll be sure to give him a spanking for his mischievous deeds"

"You disgusting son of a…"

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you. After all your dear sister is sitting right here"

"Sofa!" yelled Paige as the object became transformed into blue lights before being hurled in her nephew's direction.

"Right back at cha" the man replied as the object was sent back in her direction, knocking her down hard.

"Oh poor Auntie Paige, be sure to tell her just how sorry I was when she wake up. By the way Mom, Game Over. I win" the boy said in his mother's direction as he and Chris gave her one last wicked glare before disappearing through the portal as their mother did nothing but watch in despair.


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