THE ALLIANCE OF DEATH © 1990 Margaret Price

This is a 4th Doctor story that takes place within the TV story "Robot" except Chapters 19 & 20, which take place after the TV story "Underworld," and introduces new companion Jason Krstovan.


Regeneration is an integral part of a Time Lord's life cycle. As one body becomes old and worn out, another takes its place. All perfectly natural.

This was what the Doctor had been trying to convince himself of for the last few days, thinking it would be only a matter of time before his new persona finally established itself. After all, this was his third regeneration. He should have the hang of it by now…

Unfortunately, this was precisely the problem. The Doctor was having quite a bit of trouble getting the hang of his most recent regeneration, which had been brought about to save his life. He was currently at an unstable stage and kept getting the strangest yearnings to do equally strange things; something he hoped was only temporary and not a permanent facet of his new, slowly forming personality.

The Doctor had been experiencing the overwhelming desire to simply disappear in the TARDIS; to just vanish from the Earth without so much as a good-bye to anyone. Finally the urge became too strong, and he decided to compromise. He would leave on his own, but return before anyone actually missed him.

"What a splendid idea, Doctor," he enthused to himself. "Once around the galaxy, my good man." He hummed tunelessly as he set the coordinates and departed from Earth, not having the vaguest idea as to where he was going.