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Chapter 1: Lost and Found

Danielle Cooper stood at the docks of her hometown of Portsmouth, England. A large ship stood before her in the lapping waves. That ship was to take her best friend, Will Turner, away to the Caribbean. His mother had recently died and he was determined to find his father, whom he had heard was a merchant trader of the Caribbean. He had never met his father, only heard stories of him.

Danielle looked up at the large ship and quietly cried at the thought of not seeing Will again. He seemed to be her only friend, for you see, Danielle was not your average girl. When Danielle was born to her mother, she had a physical disability that would remain her entire life. This disability was called cerebral palsy or CP and had affect on her legs. It could affect any part of the body, but it only affected her legs. She could not run, only walk or a slight jog, and nor could she swim. She had a rocky balance and found it somewhat difficult to simply walk at times. If you watched her as she walked, you could notice there was something different with her, and for that, many people did not want to associate themselves with her, finding her different and strange. Will had been one of the soul-few who did befriend her at his young age and remained her friend over the years and now, he would be leaving.

Will walked forward down the dock, a small bag in his hand. He stopped before Danielle and looked up at the ship before setting down his bag and looking to her once more. He was really a cute boy. He had ruffled longish brown hair and two of the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes you would ever see. He was an average size for a boy his age and seemed to have one of the best personalities. He always stuck up for his friends and the ones he loved, not caring about the consequences that would follow. He moved forward and gave her a hug that lasted a few short minutes before moving away.

"I'll miss you, Will," Danielle said sadly, tears streaking down her face. Will smiled with one of his compassionate, true smiles he rarely did and slowly placed a hand on Danielle's shoulder in a friendly manner.

"I know," he said. "I will too. That's why I made you this," he added, pulling out a small knife that seemed to have been crafted by small, unskilled hands. "I went to my uncle's blacksmith shop for a few days a few weeks ago to make you this. I was going to give it to you for your birthday, but now that I'm leaving, I think it would be best to give it to you now." He handed the small dagger to Danielle in a tiny sheath. "My uncle made the sheath," he added as Danielle marveled over the gift. It was small and crude, but she could tell that he had worked very hard on this gift and was very thankful for receiving such an item, such a personal item. Will looked once more up at the ship.

"I have to go," he said sadly and gave Danielle one more hug before picking up his bag and turning.

"Bye, Will," Danielle murmured as she watched him board the ship that would take him away, seeming forever. She watched as the ship sailed off into the horizon and cried, looking down at the blade when not even the sails could be seen any more.

That was eight years ago... Danielle stood aboard a ship destined to go to the town of Port Royal. Her brown-blond hair was now down to her shoulders and brown hazel eyes were just the same as when they were those many years ago. She was now twenty years old and had grown into a very kind, mature woman. She had an average-sized frame and medium build, but still had her disability. That would never change. She wore a simple white blouse with brown pants and brown shoes. Dresses were never much of a fancy for her; she preferred a pair of pants and a shirt. Corsets were ruthless and cruel. Her eyes scanned the seas before her as the ship sailed forward into the small town of Port Royal. She watched as the ship approached the docks and breathed in the fresh Caribbean air as she smiled, hoping she would enjoy her new home.

She was happy, although her eyes seemed slightly colder and there seemed to be less innocence and mirth in them, compared to how they looked years before. Everyone loses their innocence through time, however. The ship came to the docks and the crew quickly set about roping it to the harbor before dropping the gangplank. Danielle had not needed to barter her passage onto the ship; she had bought her way on through her small inheritance from her parents. It had not been much, but enough to start a new life... She picked up the two small bags she had brought with her, being sure to pocket the knife Will had given her those many years ago; you never knew when a weapon would be needed with living in the Caribbean. She had difficulty walking down the gangplank with carrying her bags and not using any railing to help her balance, but managed her way down with the help of a crewmember or two. Once she had reached the docks, she turned to look at the beautiful Caribbean waters before smiling and continuing on her way into the town.

The town was a typical port town. Most of the buildings were slightly run down, the exceptions being the large fort and the mansion belonging to the governor at the top of a hill. The main street was dirty and worn with years of work and running. Danielle passed by a bar, and took a glance in to see many men drinking already and the bar wenches running about serving rum with the bartender quickly pouring many mugs of spirits at a time. She smiled and laughed at seeing all this before moving out of the doorway and continuing down the road. She soon passed a blacksmith shop and a few fruit stands carrying some strange foods she had never seen before...but that was to be expected; she was in the Caribbean. Finally, she came upon an inn, but before entering, she looked about and noticed a bakery a little way up the road. She smiled and walked into the inn only to enter a dimly lit room with very few candles and many tables. An older woman walked forward.

"Can I help ya?" she asked kindly, looking up at Danielle. Danielle smiled at the elderly woman and responded,

"Yes please. Could I please rent a room for a week or so. At least until I find a place of my own."

"Sure ya can. It'll cost ya 8 shillings a night."

"That's fine," Danielle responded before pulling out a small money pouch and counting eight small silver coins. "Here you are," she said as she handed over the coins. The woman took them and quickly inspected them before walking over to a rack of keys and plucking a set off it.

"Ya be gettin' Room 6," she said in a crisp, business-like tone as she led Danielle up the stairs. Danielle glanced up the short stairway for a moment before shifting her bags into one arm and grabbing the rail to assist her in walking. Once she reached the top, she saw the woman a few doors down to the left. Danielle quickly shifted her bags back to normal and approached the woman. The elderly woman opened the door before stepping to the side, allowing Danielle to enter and handing her the key. The room was extremely simple; it contained a bed, a side able, and a small desk with a chair. There was also a window at the far side of the room. Danielle walked forward and set her bags on the bed before turning around.

"If ya need anythin'," the woman said from the doorway, "I'll be downstairs."

"Alright," Danielle answered simply, her eyes straying to the window. As the woman closed the door, she walked over to it and looked out. Noticing the blacksmith shop down the road she had just came, she thought of perhaps going there to get a blade. Now that she was in the Caribbean, safety was very important. She had heard stories back home, but hopefully not all of them were true. A blade would definately be helpful if she were to get in danger. Therefore, deciding on doing that, she turned on her heel and walked to the door, being sure to lock it before leaving. She glided down the stairs and was out the door in a matter of seconds. Looking around as she walked down the road, she stopped before the blacksmith shop and looked up at a sign hanging above the store reading, "Brown's" with a picture of a hammer and anvil underneath. That was the smithys sure enough. She stepped up to the door and knocked a few times before it was answered by a young man.

He looks familiar..., Danielle thought, looking at the man before her with a scrutinizing eye.

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