Hello! This is another one of my stories. I thought it would be nice if Jake and Rose would have a daughter so I hope you like it. And I'm sorry if I won't update always.

Name: Jade Rosemarie Long

Nickname: JR

Age: 13

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Blue

"Yo, JR, wait up!"

A young female, who was riding on roller blades, turned her head at the sound of the voice. Her eyes glinted in mischief when she saw her friend on his skateboard, trying his best to catch up with her.

"Catch me if you can, Andy!" she shouted back.

"Fine, you're on!" came the reply.

JR went faster. "That all you got?" she taunted.

"Just watch me!" Andy responded.

JR grinned and spun around to face him, looking completely arrogant while she skated backwards. She stuck out a tongue at him.

Andy's eyes went wide. "JR, look out!" he warned.

"Oh no you don't, I'm not falling for that old tri- OOF!" she exclaimed when her back suddenly made contact with something. Good news, it wasn't hard. Bad news, it wasn't something, it was someone.


"JR, Mr. L, you guys okay?" Andy asked when he reached the two sprawled on the ground.

"Yeah, fine" JR answered as her friend helped her up.

"Speak for yourself" her father said. He stood up as well, glaring slightly at his daughter.

JR grinned sheepishly "Oops… hehe… Sorry daddy…"

"Jade, how many times have I told you to watch where you're going?" he scolded.

"Um… my last count was… 36?"

"This isn't funny."

"It was just an accident."

"Yes, I know. But someday, these accidents may lead to something serious."

"I know, I know, daddy and I'm sorry" JR apologized, looking directly into her dad's eyes. JR had almost the same features as him, including black hair that was shaped like a fireball, only hers was longer. The main difference between them was their eyes. She had blue eyes, just like her mom while her dad had black eyes. And you guessed it, JR's dad is none other than Jake Long, the American Dragon, only 20 years older.

Jake sighed. "Alright, apology accepted but that doesn't mean-"

"Yes!" JR cut in. "Can I go to Andy's and play video games now?"

Jake opened his mouth to answer, but someone beat him to it.

"No, you can't."

They all turned and found JR's mom, looking sternly at her daughter. She had curly blond and light blue eyes. She was taller than her husband but that never bothered them. And yes, she is Rose, the Huntsgirl… except that she isn't a girl anymore.

"What? Why not?" JR complained.

"You've still got homework and chores, young lady" Rose replied curtly.

"But… daddy!" she said, turning to her father for help.

"Sorry, Jade. Mom's orders."

JR looked at Andy who backed away. "Er… see ya tomorrow, JR!" he said quickly before taking off with his skateboard.

"Traitor" she muttered under her breath.

"Now, inside" Rose said, pointing to the door of their house.

JR couldn't do anything but obey her mom.

"Aren't you being just a bit rough on her?" Jake said after their daughter was inside.

"Well, she has to learn some discipline, Jake. She's almost 13" Rose replied. 'She's going to need it' she thought.

"Yeah" Jake agreed. 'She better' he thought.