HEY GUYS! I really hoped you haven't forgotten about me yet! Heh… First of all, here are my responses to your reviews (even though the story had ended, thank you for reviewing):

AmericanDragonFan: Thanks and by cute, you mean the kiss:)

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Terra Nova: Thanks for the suggesting but I don't think I'll be doing a prelude fic, I'm not too good a marriages… :)

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And lastly, I'll be posting a new story by next week or so. I hope you're going to like it. Here's a summary:

Jake and Rose married but now, aren't together anymore, they've moved away from each other, vowing never to return to the place they met, New York City. But with no one to protect the magical creatures in NY, Jake decides to return after a year with her daughter. And 12 years later, a new girl enters Jake's daughter's school. And now, new questions arise: Who is this new girl and why does she look extremely like herself? Why is there suddenly a new Huntsgirl? And is there a rising threat to the magical dimesion?

Watch out for my new story, Shocking Discoveries. (I'm not really too sure about the title and maybe I might change it) :D