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Warnings: Rated "M" mostly for foul language and sexual dialogue. Story does contain other non-graphic sexual content. Please do not read this if you are bothered by the idea of two men together.

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Sustained Black:

Unfortunate Accident

Haru was happier than he had been in ages because now he had proof of his love for Yuki. He patted his hip affectionately. It was still slightly tender, but the pain had only further proven his love. Haru sighed and smiled wistfully. He knew that he technically had Rin and Yuki kind of shared Tohru with Kyou, but that didn't stop him from worshipping his slightly older cousin. He knew that he didn't really want to be with Yuki in the same way he had when he was younger, well, at least his white side didn't, but his black side didn't appear all that much. In fact, it had been several months since he had last turned black and pissed off Rin.

Haru waved as Tohru, Yuki, and Kyou approached. He would not let them in on his secret just yet.

"Would you stop looking at me like that, stupid cat, I didn't realize the pop tarts had your name on them," Yuki told his cousin who glared at him.

"If you weren't such a pig, everyone in the house could get something to eat," Kyou snapped.

Yuki rolled his eyes. "Oh, please. I didn't even have one before today, so who's the real pig?"

Tohru appeared close to tears. "I'm so sorry; I had one yesterday, please forgive me."

"Now see what you've done." Yuki's tone was icy.

"Shut up!" Kyou looked like he wanted to punch his cousin but knew better than to do it at school.

"Oh, no, I'm okay," Tohru said quickly. "Kyou-kun didn't upset me at all; I'm just disappointed in myself."

"You have no reason to be," Kyou assured her. "It was that damn rat who ate the last one."

"I'll buy you a whole damn box of pop tarts if it will shut you up," Yuki told him before putting his arms out to prevent Haru from throwing himself at him. "Hello, Haru"

"Yuki." Haru radiated warmth. "Hi, Tohru"

"Hi!" Tohru answered brightly.

"Hey," Kyou mumbled.

Haru nodded at him before returning his gaze to Yuki. "You look nice today."

"Uh…thanks," Yuki shifted uncomfortably, ignoring Kyou's smirk. "I heard that Rin's really recovering at the hot springs."

"Yeah, I got a letter from her yesterday. It sounds like she's starting to feel better. I hope she comes back soon; I miss her so much." Haru couldn't wait to hold her again.

Yuki appeared slightly relieved.

"Oh, I hope she got the flowers I sent her." Tohru exclaimed. "I just wish I could do more."

Haru gave the girl a small smile. "She loved them."

"Well, I guess it's about time for class," Yuki said as he glanced at the clock.

Kyou shrugged, and Tohru rushed away as she caught sight of Hana and Uo. "See you in class," she called.

Haru wished that Kyou would leave them alone, but the cat yawned loudly and appeared to be waiting to walk to class with Yuki.

"Ummm…Yuki, I was wondering if you'd come into the bathroom with me," Haru asked nervously.

Kyou choked in the middle of another yawn. Yuki's eyes went wide. "Why?" was all he managed.

"I want to show you something," Haru answered pleadingly. "I just thought you should see it."

Kyou began openly laughing causing Haru's face to flush hot with embarrassment. Yuki seemed even more uncomfortable than usual, but Haru's hurt expression caused him to cast an evil glanceat Kyou before saying, "Sure."

Kyou gave Yuki an incredulous expression before shaking his head and saying, "You're a braver man than I."

Haru felt his anger rising, but quickly pushed it down. Soon Yuki would see and realize how special he was to him. Yuki glared at Kyou before grabbing Haru's wrist and leading him to the bathroom. Once inside Yuki was relieved to find it empty. "What did you want to show me?" he asked not really noticing that Kyou had soundlessly opened the door to watch.

Haru unzipped his tight, black pants, and Yuki jumped back. Kyou gasped but did not exit the room. Haru flipped down one side of his pants at the zipper exposing naked flesh and a small gray rat tatooed on his hipbone. "Do you like it?" he asked innocently.

He began to feel uncomfortable when Yuki stared at the rat silently. He hoped his cousin was speechless with joy, but he began to feel awkward when Kyou burst into mocking laughter. "Man, that's even worse than I thought! So Yuki are you going to get a cow to match? And I thought Kagura's cat-pack was humiliating, this is hysterical!"

Haru suddenly felt ashamed. He knew Yuki didn't feel quite the same, but he had hoped that he would at least be flattered. Haru suddenly wanted away from everyone. So he ran toward the door planning to push the smirking cat out of the way. He could feel his anger rising. He didn't want to turn into his black side.

"Haru, wait!" Yuki called too late as Haru slipped into the water in front of the sink and hit his head on the counter.

Yuki and Kyou leaned over Haru's still form. "Should we get the nurse?" Kyou asked, although he didn't seem too concerned.

"This is all your fault," Yuki stated through clenched teeth.

Haru emitted a low groan. The two leaned over further as Haru's eyes snapped open. "What the hell are you looking at?" he yelled causing both to jump back. "I crack my head, and you assholes just stand there like you're waiting for me to wake up and suck your dicks."

"Like we're waiting for what?" Yuki wrinkled his nose.

"Say that again," Kyou hissed.

Haru held his head and sat up slowly. "You want to fight, Kitty Boy?"

"Someone needs to teach your punk ass a lesson," Kyou shot back.

"Stupid cat, he doesn't know what he's doing. Can't you tell he's gone black?"

"That isn't an excuse," Kyou snarled as he held out his fists. Yuki stepped between them.

Haru caressed his cousin's cheek with a pointer finger. "As much as I like seeing you in the middle of us, Yuki, you better move before you get your hot little ass hurt."

Yuki stood his ground. He couldn't have them getting into trouble at school.

"There you are!" a shrill voice called from the doorway as Momiji appeared and grabbed Haru by the wrist. "You're all late for class." Haru flung Momiji across the bathroom and into the wall causing the smaller boy to cry, "Waaa," He then went to leave. He turned to his shocked cousins. "I'll deal with you both later." He told them meaningfully."

"I hope this doesn't last long," Yuki said to no one in particular. "Black Haru at school can be particularly ugly."

Momiji picked himself up off the ground. "He's never been that mean to me. Not even black." The boy dusted off his school girl uniform before going to find his errant cousin.

"I think you're currently winning the craziest stalker contest." Kyou announced almost cheerfully.

"Hmmph." Yuki left the bathroom angrily.

Back in the classroom Tohru gave them both a worried smile. The teacheryelledat them and immediately sent them to the hallway for being late.

"This is all your boyfriend's fault," Kyou said sulkily.

"Hey, stupid cat, if you wouldn't have been dying to see what Haru had to show me, none of this would have happened. It's your own damn fault."

They sat in silence glaring at each other. Kyou opened his mouth to speak, but was interrupted by a loud banging noise and shouting from the classroom down the hall. They turned to face each other. The noise was from Haru and Momiji's class.

As Haru had left the bathroom, he had felt strangely free. It was as if the blow to the head had knocked some sense into him. He no longer felt the need to suppress his baser instincts. He no longer felt like being nice. It was as if his white side had diminished leaving only his darker personality.

He strolled into the classroom. The teacher began lecturing him. He walked up to her and flipped up her skirt revealing white cotton underwear. "Sexy panties," he drawled before slapping her on the ass. Normally he had his white side to keep him in check, but White Haru must have been sleeping. The teacher knocked into her desk causing her overhead projector to crash to the floor. The students who had been silent all began talking at once as Momiji and the teacher screeched at Haru.

"What is going on?" the principal yelled from the doorway. The teacher shrieked something incomprehensible and pointed at Haru. Finally one of the girls told him what had happened.

"Hatsuharu Sohma, you're suspended," the principal boomed.

"Why don't you just expel me, mother…" Haru's mouth had been covered by Momiji's hand.

"He meant to say that will be fine," Momiji assured him. He squirmed as Haru began licking his palm sensuously. "I'll call our cousin to come get him."

The principal nodded and led the two from the room. Momiji called Hatori, then the principal left the cousins alone in his office.

"Why'd you interfere, you stupid little bastard?" Haru demanded. "I don't want to ever come back to this stupid school."

"I don't think I've ever seen you black this long." Momiji sounded worried.

"Get used to it, baby. I'm here to stay." Haru leaned in and kissed him on the nose. Momiji was kind of sexy in that girly uniform.

"Uh…yeah." Momiji backed out the door slowly. "I'm sure Hari will be here soon. Buh-bye!"

Haru smirked as he waited for the doctor.