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Sustained Black:

Group Therapy

Haru was bored. He had been through several cat scans and blood tests, and now he was waiting for the doctor to come back with the results so that he could go home and have some fun.

"I'm thirsty," Ayame whined.

"I'm sure Haa-san would stop by some where on the way home," Shigure answered.

Hatori entered the room. As he went to stand in front of Shigure and Ayame he didn't notice a hand slip into his lab coat. Neither did the others two as they were too busy staring at Hatori's worried face.

"Well," Ayame asked impatiently.

"I need to talk to the two of you in the hallway." Hatori shot a nervous glance at Haru.

Haru shrugged. He hated this place. He hated the fact that Hatori wouldn't tell him what was going on and the fact that his parents were too busy to handle him. After his cousins had left the room, Haru picked up a jar of cotton swabs and threw it against the door. It made a very satisfying crash. Haru ripped the paper off the plastic bed before throwing it around the room. He threw everything in sight until Hatori opened the door and called, "What is going on?"

Haru knocked into him and ran through the hall pushing away nurses and doctors. His cousins were hot on his trail. At least Shigure and Hatori were as Ayame had dropped off in a waiting room chair.

Hatori and Shigure chased Haru out to the parking lot and watched in horror as he drove by in the family car. "See you later, cock suckers!" he called out the window as he drove away.

Shigure pulled out a pack of cigarettes and offered it to Hatori before taking one himself and lighting it. "So there's no medical reason for this?"

Hatori shook his head. "The bump on the head may have started it all, but now it seems to be strictly psychological."

"What should we do?" Shigure took a drag.

"We should call all the members of the zodiac to meet at your place," Hatori answered before adding thoughtfully, "I don't think we should tell Akito."

"Good call," Shigure nodded, "Or Rin. She's already unstable. Who knows what he'd say to her."

"You should see the letter I got out of his mailbox," Hatori shook his head.

"What are we going to do at my place?" Shigure exhaled a puff of smoke.

"We're going to stage an intervention."

Haru was surprised by how easy it was to drive and harass pedestrians at the same time. "Hey, baldy!" he yelled at a man walking with his wife or girlfriend. "Better take that one back to the pound! Yip, yip!"

The couple glared at him before walking hurriedly down a side street.

Haru smiled. He was getting bored of bothering strangers; it was time to visit the family flower.

Tohru hummed happily as she prepared rice balls. Hatori had called to tell her that they were having a gathering that evening so she had decided to prepare some yummy treats for everyone. She smiled to herself. It had been so long since everyone had been together. Yuki, Kyou, and Shigure were out looking for Haru. Tohru hoped that they found him before he hurt himself or someone else. She knew in her heart that the goodness which swelled inside Haru would overcome the bad.

"What's cookin', good looking'?" Haru asked causing Tohru to let out a short scream.

"Hatsuharu, you scared me half to death!" Tohru gave him an uneasy smile. "Sit down, and I'll get you some tea if you want."

"What I want," Haru took a step forward, and Tohru backed up finding herself against the counter, "is you."

"Oh, hehe, really," Tohru said through clenched teeth. "But don't you think Sohma-san is so much cuter than me?" She hoped Yuki could forgive her.

"Yes, but you're sweeter." Haru bit his bottom lip like he wanted to taste her.

"Rin's sweet too!" Tohru responded.

"Rin is a bitch and a whore." Haru stood close to her, careful not to wrap his arms around her. "There are things I'm going to teach you little girly that you haven't even dreamed of."

"I'm all caught up in my lessons." Tohru's face flushed. "I even had high marks in math."

Haru chuckled before leaning in planning to lick her lips.

'Tohru!" A shrill voice rang out. "I know I'm early, but I'd hoped we could hang out, Yay! Is Hari here? I saw his car." Momiji stopped when he saw Haru and Tohru. Haru did not look happy.

Haru's life was a series of interruptions. He was finally black and had no conscience, but everyone insisted on ruining everything just when it was getting good. "Hey, Tohru, how would you like to cook up some rabbit stew?"

"Umm…sure," Tohru answered as Haru ran after a very frightened Momiji. "I mean, wait, No!"

Black Haru was unable to overtake the bunny although he had pummeled him with several rocks.

"Waaaa!" Momiji cried as a large rock hit him in the back. The bunny had doubled back without Haru really noticing and now he ran straight into Hatori. Shigure helped the doctor restrain him while Ayame reached into his pocket and retrieved the keys to the family car.

"I know it didn't take you that long to find them, queer."

Ayame smiled.

Hatori put a drug-laced cloth over his nose and mouth.

When Haru awoke, he was seated on a chair in Shigure's house. He looked around the room. Tohru was standing holding a tray of rice balls smiling fakely. Momiji and Kisa were seated at her feet, and Yuki and Kyou were leaning against the wall on either side of her glaring at him. Shigure and Ayame were on a love seat. Hiro was as far away from Haru as possible and looked ready to bolt. Beside Haru sat a man he didn't recognize and on the other side was Ritsu who was sitting up straight and wearing a very nice suit. "Who the hell are you?" Haru asked the man next to him. The man had short dark hair, wire rim glasses, and a clipboard.

"Everyone here?" the man asked as Hatori entered the room.

"I guess Kagura and Kureno must not be coming. We'll start without them," Hatori answered.

"What the hell is going on?" Haru asked "And when did he get so manly?" He motioned to Ritsu.

Ritsu puffed out his chest with pride. "Six months of intensive therapy," he answered proudly, "with Dr. Lee."

Haru looked again to the man next to him who in turn smiled encouragingly.

"Haru," Doctor Lee started. "Everyone who is gathered today is here because they love you and care about you."

"Bullshit!" Haru ejaculated.

The doctor ignored him. "They also have some things they want to say to you. We'll start with," Dr. Lee looked around the room and pointed to Ayame. "You, go ahead."

Ayame looked up startled. "Well, if that was him on the phone yesterday, I'm afraid to say I kind of like the new Haru."

"Freaking pervert!" Haru muttered.

Everyone in the room looked uncomfortable, and Yuki put his head in his hands as if ashamed to have such a brother.

"You can have him then," Hiro snarled. "Just keep him the hell away from me and Kisa."

"Hiro-san, you don't mean that," Kisa pleaded. She then turned to Haru tentatively. "What Hiro means to say is that he misses the old Haru and that what you did yesterday really scared him. It scared me too."

"It only scared him because he liked it," Haru leered at Hiro, "Liked it and wished we hadn't been interrupted."

"Yeah, right," Hiro yelled. "I hate you. I hated you before, but now you really suck!"

"We didn't get to that part of the lesson."

"If I ever have the chance, I will kill you!" Hiro punched the wall.

"That's good, Hiro, get it all out," Dr. Lee told him encouragingly.

"I think I'm done." Hiro slid down the wall to a seated position.

"Do you need to say more, Kisa?" Dr. Lee turned to the small girl.

"Please come back, Haru," Kisa said softly in a voice so cute that Haru almost wanted to go white for her. He quickly perished the thought.

"I have something to say," Kyou announced. He turned to Yuki. "Why'd you have to go and get his piss all over my hand and why the hell did you tell him we watch porn?"

Yuki's face lost all color. "Why the hell did you have to be born such an imbecile?"

"That's why Ayame's collection was all out of order." Shigure mused before explaining, "I keep it alphabetical."

Tohru looked between them nervously. "It's so nice that the two of you found a hobby to share."

"That's not the only thing they have in common baby," Haru said with a chuckle. "They'd both love to fuck you."

Tohru's body went rigid.

"Shouldn't we be talking about Haru?" Dr. Lee reminded them calmly.

"We would if that damn rat didn't have to go around pissing me off," Kyou yelled.

"Shut up, you stupid, stupid cat! So that was Ayame's collection." Yuki looked as if a light bulb had come on. "That makes a lot more sense."

Ayame nodded. "I don't have enough shelf space for them all so I keep A-L over here and then every six months I flip them."

"My tastes run slightly different," Shigure explained.

"You never told me you watched fag porn!" Haru laughed evilly. "Man, that's twisted."

"We didn't know…" Kyou started.

"…the first time," Yuki finished earning a glare from Kyou.

"Did you enjoy Prison Bitch?" Ayame asked politely. "That was Tori's favorite." Shigure laughed and Hatori looked like he wanted to puke.

"I'm tired of Haru being so mean to me," Momiji interrupted quickly much to everyone's relief.

"If you weren't such an annoying little prick, I wouldn't want to cause you pain," Haru responded.

Momiji burst into tears. "Remember, it's not the Haru we love." Kisa patted his back.

Ritsu stood and in his voice there was no stutter or hesitation. "I didn't think that I could change either, but Dr. Lee really helped me, as I'm sure I can help you. I now love who I am and know that my life has purpose. I'll never apologize for being me again. I'm proud to wear these clothes. Give him a chance, and he can save you too." Ritsu sat down and held eye contact with Haru.

Everyone else in the room besides Kyou and Hiro nodded at him encouragingly. Haru leaned back and sighed. "If you think I'll take any advice from that overgrown fruit, you're wrong. Whatever that fraud told you, Ritsu, it's a lie." Haru suddenly began speaking fast. "He only told you that you were worthy because someone was paying him. Truth is, you're a worthless bag of shit and should just die so that you can stop wasting our precious natural resources. The only reason someone was paying him was because they're sick and tired of you being such a freak! Dressing like a girl, going all suicidal. Too bad you're too much of a coward to do everyone the favor!"

"Haru," Hatori shouted as the rest of the family stared in shock.

"It's okay, Ritsu," Dr. Lee said with concern. "Remember, deep breaths."

Ritsu was breathing deeply. He wrapped his arms around his chest and fought back tears before yelling, "I'm…I'm….I'm sorry! He's right. "I'm sorry. Forgive me!"

Tohru set down her rice balls and ran to him and gave him a hug. He turned into a monkey and ran quickly away. Dr. Lee followed.

"He probably went to kill himself, you stupid bimbo." Haru was enjoying the emotional havoc. Interventions were so much fun.

Yuki and Kyou lunged at Haru for calling their friend a bimbo.

"Wait!" Tohru yelled, tears filling her eyes. "My Mom always said that if someone is mean to others and puts them down, it is only because inside they're really hurting. And if someone is really hurting, what they need most is a friend that they can lean on. I'm sorry you're sad, Haru, but you can lean on me." Tohru threw her arms around his neck turning him into cow. Haru closed his eyes and relished the feel of her cheek against his. "I'll be here to hold you anytime," Tohru whispered.

Everyone stared in shock wondering why they hadn't asked Tohru to talk him down earlier. Hadn't she been the savior of so many of them in this room?

Tohru released the cow, but stayed close. His eyes were still closed, and everyone stayed completely quiet.

Poof naked Haru stood before her. He opened his eyes. "What I need most is to put my hand on your kitty." He wiggled his fingers in a vulgar manner.

Tohru shrieked and jumped out of the way leaving Kyou in his path. Haru landed on top of the startled cat.

"I guess this kitty will have to do." Haru leaned down and kissed the struggling Kyou on the mouth. At the sight Hiro went into the fetal position and began shaking.

"What do you think you're doing to my darling Kyou!" A voice squealed behind them. Kagura lifted the chair Dr. Lee had occupied and cracked over the back of Haru's head.

"I think he's waking up," Shigure announced.

"He's so sexy, all tied up like that," Ayame tittered.

"Ritsu, are you alright?" Kisa asked.


"What are we going to do with him?" Yuki asked.

"Kill him," Kyou and Hiro snapped.

"In this case Mom might agree." Tohru's voice was strained.

Haru slowly opened his eyes. "Uh…hi," he said softly. He looked around at the glaring faces. Ritsu was hugging himself wearing one of Tohru's school girl uniforms which was much too small. Kagura was attached to Kyou like a barnacle to a dock and the cat didn't seem to mind for once. "Why am I tied up?"

Then everything hit him. He hated the fact that he could always remember what happened when he turned black and this had been his blackest black yet. His face turned a deep shade of red. "I'm so sorry," he choked.

"No, I'm sorry," Ritsu cried. "I am a worthless individual."

"Six month's therapy down the drain," Shigure sighed.

"Guess he's white again." Hatori seemed relieved but exhausted. "Come on I'll start taking you all home."

Everyone seemed so drained that they said very little before exiting the room. Kisa gave him a shy smile before taking Hiro's hand. Hiro looked like he still wanted to kill him. Tohru glanced at him nervously before leaving to start the dishes. Soon everyone had cleared out leaving Haru completely alone. He fought back hot tears which threatened to spill out. Everyone hated him now. He didn't blame them; he hated himself.

Yuki returned a few moments later. "I asked Hatori to let you stay here tonight," he told him softly as he began untying the ropes and messaging his wrists. The family had not been kind and had tied the ropes extra tight. "I think now everyone has a new appreciation for the strength of Kagura's love for Kyou. If I saw it right, he even kissed her cheek before she smashed him against a tree in happiness."

Haru didn't even smile. He was too depressed. He allowed Yuki to lead him to the bedroom.

"You can't help it when you get like that," Yuki comforted softly. "It's part of who you are."

"I am not that thing. I've never been so awful before." Haru looked away. He knew that Black Haru was all the worst things about him.

"They'll forgive you. We always do." Yuki smiled at him before removing some extra pajamas from his drawer and handing them to Haru. Haru began undressing, his mind on the thousand apologies he would have to make. He hoped Rin hadn't got that letter or heard about his latest escapades. She had enough going on without that. Haru sighed as he slowly slipped off his shirt and then his pants.

"I never got to tell you." Yuki moved so that he was in front of his younger cousin.

"What?" Haru asked him miserably.

"I think it's really sweet." Yuki's fingers softly brushing over the small rat tattoo was paired with a feathery kiss.


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