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Hormonal Half-Wits

Chapter 28: Alternate Ending Two

Whew…the last box.

I have just spent the past few hours unloading what seems like a Cornucopia of the most useless junk in the entire world. I guess you never really notice that you really don't need that stuffed life-size walrus until you've spent twenty sweaty minutes trying to coax it out of its box.

Ah, yes…unpacking would have been so much easier had Fred and George not bewitched all my things into animation as a twisted farewell present. Not to worry…I gave them each a box of 'homemade toffee'.

They should never leave their recipe for Male-Stimulant and Enhanced Performance creams lying about…

After eating a couple of those, they'll be running for their covers. Hehe. I am so evil. I hope Ron gets greedy and eats the whole tin. Bloody bastard tried to stop me from moving in with Draco. Just because he was Slytherin and wanted me to live with him without asking me to marry him. And Ron has absolutely no proof we shagged in the study…those could have been anyone's knickers…okay, so they were scarlet with gold trim and had a large gold 'G' on them…George might have a few things he's been hiding in the closet…

Marriage isn't Draco's thing. Actually…it's not mine either. I was reading you over again and I realized something…I was a rotten little slut when I was young (yes, I consider myself to have been a youngster eighteen months ago…). But can you blame me? I had the worst taste in men. Harry, who ignored me as anything but a sister…Dean, who liked me simply because I was one of the few girls his age he hadn't dated…Seamus, who was…well, Seamus…Colin, who turned out to be gay…

Zabini wasn't about him. Whether or not I realized it then, I do now. Zabini was about me. Finding out who I was. Sure, he used me…but on some level, I used him as well. We're actually decent friends now…he used to share Draco's flat, but now I've occupied that spot.

After that final blow to the Death Eater population in Eastbourne, I wandered out on my own for a bit. Kingsley and I parted ways after a while…we were good together, but it just wouldn't work. He's living in Spain and writes me frequently. I lived in France for a few months…travelled to Germany, Hungary, Austria, Poland, visited Charlie in Romania…I came back for Remus and Tonk's wedding and who should I be sitting next to during the ceremony, but Draco? We were both on Remus's side, which, now that I think of it, is weird…he should have been on Tonks' side…

Well…I just asked him about it. He said he infiltrated Remus's lonely side when he saw me there…cheeky, sneaky little bugger…

Well, things developed from there…Draco took me out to dinner…took me to go see England play in the Quidditch World Cup (we barely lost to Brazil, but it's alright…I was with Draco)…and I began to stay the night more and more at his flat.

Well, Zabini finally got fed up with the noise we made 'after hours' and moved out last week. I've just finished moving in (with no help from Draco…he kept trying to lure me away from working to do more important things…like test out my new bed's stability…) and I can't help but think of this place as home.

It fits perfectly. And I know that Draco and I will fight and it will be absolutely horrid…but aside from that, he hasn't told me he loves me. And strange though it seems, that makes what we have more special. Draco has never once told me I'm beautiful. He's never told me he likes spending time with me. He's never said he loves me.

And it's alright…because he doesn't have to.

I know he does. He knows I do. We get each other. And though we're nearly complete opposites, this is going to work if we stick with it. Because, verbalized or not, I do love him and he does love me. And I'm starting to think that this could be my home.

And somehow…I just know it is.