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A/N: The only major change in the style of this story is that I am planning to write from both Rikku and Gippal's perspectives this time (hence the title) and there will be a much greater focus on their relationship.

Our Story

Prologue: Rikku

Everybody has their stories.

You know, the events that change and shape their lives. That influence their daily actions; that make them into the people they are today. Stories are what make the world go round. If there were no stories, life would just stop.

Spira's like a giant archive if you think about it. Filled with millions of people from a variety of different races, all who have a story to tell. Some are simple: they found what they were looking for or they achieved a particular goal that had been set for them. And some, like the ones that I've been part of, have a little more to do with saving the world.

As for my own story … well that's all over now. As trite as it sounds, experiencing my story showed me what my life had been lacking and heck, I even managed to save Spira along the way.

Not bad for a few weeks work, you know?

I don't mean to sound so flippant because the situation was serious but … well I guess you could call that my 'coping mechanism'. I've always been a humour kind of girl; it seems better to laugh at something than to cry about it. Besides, if I didn't then I think I would have gone mad years ago, especially considering everything I've seen.

A giant impenetrable monster set on destroying the world.

A heartsick, twisted spirit set on punishing the world.

And an Al Bhed, consumed by misplaced hatred, set on obtaining his revenge against Gippal, through the world.

And do you know what the weird thing is? Of the three archenemies I've faced in Tidus's story, Yuna's and my own … it's Lreav that I still find the hardest to cope with; the hardest to talk and even think about.

Maybe it's because the pain and damage he caused is still so recent. I mean, the rebuilding projects have only just got underway in Guadosalam and Kilika and every time I tune into the media channels on the CommSphere networks, there are fresh pictures of the destruction, or yet another harrowing tale of a family that's been ripped apart.

Or maybe it's because it was more personal this time. Sure, facing Sin had become personal by the end – what with it being Tidus's dad and all – but it was still meant more to Tidus thanit had to me.And Shuyin and Vegnagun; they were certainly more personal for Yunie than for me – despite the fact that Vegnagun was a dirty great machina that some stupid Al Bhed should have really have kept to themselves …

But the situation with Lreav? The situation with Lreav is … was personal. He made the effort to get to know me when we first met and thanks to all the problems I was having with Gippal at the time, we became very close, very quickly. He became me friend, my confidante and I was soon telling him things I even held back from Yunie and Paine. At the time he was everything I needed and I really came to appreciate him. Spira, I even loved him in some way. It never crossed my mind that he could be manipulating me the whole time.

Just the thought of that makes me so angry. Lreav didn't have to get to know me; he didn't have to become my friend. He could have remained aloof, like Elhandra, and his plans could still have come to fruition. But no, he had to make sure I was on his side, that I would never in a million years suspect him before it was too late.

He took my good nature for granted. He used me and then discarded me. And that's what made it so personal.

You know, just thinking about it makes me so mad. It's so hard to try and move on after everything that has happened. I know I should; after all, my story's come to a resounding end and this limbo I'm currently living in can't last forever. It's just, well, I guess things are kind of safe here … if not exactly idealistic.

Take the budding relationship that has quickly become the centre of my world. Well, despite all my efforts, things between Gippal and me have been … difficult recently. I had this whole romanticised idea that once we'd caught Lreav then everything would somehow become perfect. We'd ride off into the sunset on a golden chocobo and all the problems that had perpetrated the early stages of our relationship would be completely forgotten.

Talk about naïve.

Without the whole 'saving-the-world-and-rescuing-Gippal' going on, those problems have come back full force. When we aren't arguing over something completely trivial, there are these horribly awkward silences that neither of us can seem to break. It would be funny if it weren't so frustrating; after all, I'm not exactly known for my ability to keep my mouth shut, you know?

Suffice to say it's hardly the domestic bliss I've been looking for. Along with wreaking havoc across Spira, Lreav has managed to fairly screw up things for me and Gippal as well. Just when we should be getting closer and exploring the changing status of our relationship, we're drifting further and further apart.

Gippal's a lot quieter nowadays … in fact, sometimes I think I don't recognise him at all as the cocky, arrogant guy I met all those months ago at the Djose Temple. I know he's still grieving for Lreav and I can even understand it because in some ways, I am too. But he's changed beyond that, and I don't think it's all been for the better. For one thing, he's been so angry since Kilika – and not all of his anger is directed towards Lreav. Sometimes I'm the unlucky recipient of his ire – leading to either one of our spectacular rows or the icy silence I'm beginning to know so well. I'm not completely sure why he's so angry with me – am I really that irritating? – but I think it has to do with how I'm always trying to get him to open up and talk about Lreav. I know he doesn't want to but honestly, internalising your emotions is a bad idea. It's always better to talk about things otherwise you let everything build up inside and then you fly apart … BANG!

So far my methods haven't exactly been working. I've tried not to push him too hard but I guess subtly isn't exactly my strong point. Oh, who am I kidding? I suck at being subtle. Maybe I should just leave him alone but to be honest, I don't know what else to do.

I know I love him. I'm certain of it now. But in the face of all the problems we've been having … well, I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing the right thing by pursuing this relationship. Perhaps it would be better if we had some time apart – time to cope with everything that has happened and come to terms with Lreav's betrayal …

No! I can't believe that now that my story's over, a separation is what's supposed to happen. I can't even believe I entertained the thought; it's completely ridiculous, you know? I'm not going to give Gippal up – not after all I went through to finally get him!

He's just going to have to put up with me … and I with him. After all, that's what relationships are all about, right? Compromise.

We'll work it out. And who knows, maybe we'll even make some kind of story out of it.

'Gippal and Rikku's Story' … or how about, 'Our Story'?

Our story … hmm … can we even have a dual story?

Guess we'll just have to wait and see!