Pairing: Seto + Yami
Warnings: swearing
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is the creation of Kazuki Takahashi. "Midnight Blue" is performed and recorded by Lou Gramm. This is a not-for-profit fanwork and I do not own any of these characters.

This is a SHONEN-AI fic (male + male romantic relationship). If you are offended by homosexual relationships, please do not read this. Flames will be disregarded.

Setup for this fic:
- AU… takes place sometime after Noa's arc (fanfics are technically AU anyways)
- Noa has been brought out of the virtual world, has a new body, and is living with Mokuba and Seto. The how and why isn't important.
- Yami has his own body and is separate from Yugi. The how and why isn't important.
- Ages of characters: Seto and Yami are 18, Noa is 13, Mokuba is 12 going on 13.
- "Bakura" throughout this story refers to Ryou Bakura, the hikari, and "Malik" refers to Malik Ishtar, the hikari.

Shades of You and Me

Ch. 1: Cherry Red part 1

Yami shuffled reluctantly behind Yugi as the younger teen led him to the fountain in the center of Domino Plaza. Sure, the ex-spirit had told his other half that he owed him a favor for covering his shift at the Kame Game Shop several weeks prior, but he hadn't expected anything like this. Frankly, Yami resented being set up on blind dates; the last time that had happened, he had been stuck with Anzu for an entire day. Not that she isn't a good friend, but Yugi hadn't known at the time that I'm…

Yugi's voice disrupted his internal dialogue. "Well, it looks like we're a bit early," he commented, eyeing the clock at the north end of the fountain. "But don't worry!"

"Aibou… are you sure this is such a good idea?" The crimson-eyed teen fidgeted with the buttons on his sleeveless black shirt. "I really don't think…"

The little duelist swatted at Yami's hands and leaned in close to whisper, "Don't worry, this time I got the gender right! And this guy is a perfect match for you. He's… strong willed, and smart, and I know you'll find him attractive."

The former Pharaoh sighed. "Why won't you just tell me who he is? Or at least show me a photo or something? Are you even sure that he's gay? Last time, when you just dumped me at the coffee shop with Anzu…"

Yugi gave his other half a tolerant smile. "I already said I'm sorry. If I had known about your sexual orientation, I wouldn't have tricked you into going out with her."

"Speaking of Anzu, are you ever going to ask her…"

"Hey, Yugi! Yami!" came a familiar voice, and both spiky-haired teens turned to see Mokuba Kaiba running towards them at full speed.

"Oh… hi Mokuba," said Yugi cheerfully. "What are you doing here?"

Yami suddenly had a very bad feeling about the entire situation and he took the opportunity to try and bolt, but Yugi grabbed onto the collar of his shirt and refused to let go. "Yugi! Please!"

"No! Just relax. Your date will be along in a minute, I'm sure."

"You're going on a date, Yami?" The black-haired boy blinked cutely. "With who?"

Not him, not him, please not him…

"It's a blind date," Yugi answered for him as he transferred his grip to Yami's wrist. Yami frowned as Yugi winked at Mokuba.

"That's cool. Hey, Nii-sama, Onii-chan!"

Yami winced. He threw Yugi another pleading look, but the younger teen only smiled back and patted his hand in reassurance.

"What are you losers doing here?" asked Kaiba, as he approached the trio with long strides, Noa trotting along beside him. The tall brunette was way too well dressed to be out for a simple Sunday stroll, and Yami fought the urge to stare at him.

Osiris, take me now! With a deceptively calm voice, Yami greeted the pair. "Kaiba. Noa."

"Yami's waiting for his blind date," said Yugi, grinning slyly. Yami squirmed a little.

"Really? Would you believe that Seto's here for the same reason?" Noa practically shouted back, grinning broadly. He wasn't nearly as good of an actor as his younger brother. Kaiba quirked his brow and stared at Yami, who began backing away slowly.

The young billionaire crossed his arms. It was damn obvious now who his mystery date was, but he was willing to play along for the time being since that would give him the opportunity to bait his rival. "I'm amazed that anyone would want to date a shrimp like you. But I guess that explains why you'd need Yugi to set you up," Kaiba said haughtily.

Yami's eyes narrowed. Two can play at this game. "And what about you? Did you finally realize that no one would want to date a conceited, temperamental ass like yourself, no matter how much money you might have?

"Please. I'm only putting up with this nonsense because I made the mistake of promising Noa that I'd take a day off and spend it however he chose." Blue eyes fixed on the green-haired teen, and Noa practically shrank under the gaze. "That's a mistake I don't intend to make again."

"And I'm only here because… well, does it matter? I can get dates if I wanted to. Girls are always looking at me." He stepped in closer to Kaiba and tilted his chin up proudly, utilizing every inch of his height.

Girls huh? What a lousy liar. Kaiba unconsciously swept his gaze over his shorter rival, taking in the fitted shirt, low-slung pants with a web of straps crisscrossing the back, the sweep of spiky blonde bangs and the cant of blazing crimson eyes. He looked good… but then again, he had always looked good, even in the bizarre, kinky clothing he and Yugi favored. And he smelled nice too… the faintly spicy and woodsy with a trace of cinnamon, honey and chocolate. Kaiba's nostrils flared a bit. Hn… I hate my hormones. Kaiba roughly pushed aside his admiration of his rival as he put his hands on his hips and leaned down. "They're looking at you because you're shorter than they are. And I practically have to fight off all the girls who want to date..."

A sudden snapping noise and the feel of cold metal caught the attention of the two older teens. Yugi suddenly let go of Yami's hand and Yami brought his wrist up just as Kaiba did the same. And then that's when they realized… Mokuba had handcuffed them together.

"Mo… Mokuba!! What the fuck is this?!" Kaiba yelled, his face turning red as he yanked at the chain in frustration. His sudden tugging only succeeded in pulling Yami off balance and the former Pharaoh stumbled forward and fell against the brunette's chest. Scowling outwardly, Yami secretly thanked every god in Egypt for giving him the opportunity to press himself against Kaiba's body. The brunette was an ass, plain and simple, but there really was no denying that his body was hot. Too bad it wasn't hot enough to thaw out his personality a bit.

Mokuba wisely ran and hid behind Yugi, then made a show of putting the keys to the cuffs in his shirt pocket. "Seto, Yami. Yami, Seto. Congratulations, you're on a date now!"

"What?!" Kaiba looked down at the crimson-eyed teen who was now glaring at his other half. "I'm not…"

Aibou… Yami growled through their mind link.

Uh… there's no one here at the moment? Please leave a message?

You planned this?! How could you? I can't go out with HIM.

Well, actually all three of us planned it. We figured you guys would be a perfect match as long as you gave it a chance. Hence the handcuffs. And I don't see why can't you go out with Kaiba. You're always lusting after him, thinking about how hot he is and how you want to do… all sorts of obscene things to him. It's gotten to the point where it's leaking all over our link… I SO don't want to be thinking about Kaiba's ass every time I see him!

Yugi… I was just looking! It's… it's a hormone thing! I'm not used to having to deal with those yet! You can't be serious; there's no way this will work! And if it doesn't…

It's more than hormones and you know it. Back when we still shared a body, you'd just pop in and take over whenever he was around. Admit it… looking wasn't enough. You liked bantering with him, dueling against him, dueling with him, standing uncomfortably close to him…

While Yami and Yugi argued back and forth telepathically, Kaiba tried to convince Mokuba to unlock the cuffs.

"Look, I don't want to be here. He doesn't want to be here."

"Nii-sama… it's just one date. It won't kill you."

Kaiba groaned and rubbed his forehead in frustration. "And why the hell would I want to go out with Yami for anyways? Even once?"

"Well… for one thing, you're obsessed with him. And you guys have a lot in common," Mokuba answered brightly.

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "I'm 'obsessed' with beating him, not… not… grrr... And name one thing other than Duel Monsters that we would have in common."

"You're gay, and he's gay?"

"Kaiba, are you really?" asked Yami, suddenly taking an interest in the conversation. It had never occurred to him that his rival might prefer men as well.

"What the fuck is it to you, you stupid freak?"

Yami's brows slammed together. "Why do you always have to be such a jerk?" He gave the cuffs a good tug. "I can't do this. I swear on the Eye of Horus, if you don't unlock these cuffs right now, Mokuba, I'll…"

Yami! Control yourself!

"Don't threaten my brother, you little shit!" Kaiba yelled, and even Noa edged in front of his younger brother.

Safely ensconced behind Noa and Yugi, Mokuba crossed his arms and gave Yami a good approximation of his big brother's "Don't Fuck with Me" glare. "You'll do what?"

must… Mind Crush…

Yami, you are NOT going to Mind Crush him, Yugi ordered firmly.

"I'll… I'll…" He sighed in defeat. "I'll chew my own arm off?"

Noa groaned, then waggled his finger. "No losing limbs, either one of you. And to make sure the two of you don't make a run for the nearest hardware store, we're going to chaperone your date. And one final thing…" He stepped forward, quickly reached into his brother's coat pocket, and boldly relieved Kaiba of his Duel Monsters deck and cellphone.

"Noa… what the hell do you think you're doing?" Kaiba's fist clenched in anger and Noa instantly ducked in behind Mokuba.

"No dueling. And no phone calls. Yugi, you have Yami's deck right?"

"Yep. And I have the movie tickets too."

"Perfect!" chirped Mokuba, switching moods instantly. He picked up his cellphone and placed a call to Fubeta, who was waiting in the limo around the corner, asking him to pick them up right away.

It was a simple date. Yugi, Mokuba and Noa only planned on a movie and dinner. But the younger youths were smart enough to know that Kaiba and Yami would try to make a break for freedom. So once the limo dropped them off at the Domino Multiplex 12, Mokuba forced the somewhat reluctant duo to sit one row down from the back corner of the theater, then reserved a block of seats directly behind them while Yugi and Noa went to check out the concessions stand.

Well, Yami had to admit that his date could have been worse. He could have been matched up with someone like… Insector Haga. At least Kaiba was nice to look at. Yami had always admired that tall, lean figure and those intense blue eyes from afar during their duels. And he certainly didn't have any complaints about the fact that Kaiba was absolutely dressed to kill in a cinnamon brown suit with an iridescent blue-black finish and a matching tie in a brown and yellow check. And beyond his fabulous physical qualities, he was intelligent and cunning, brave and loyal, and had the quirkiest sense of humor. And he was also conceited, belligerent, and a general pain in the ass whenever it suited him. The crimson-eyed teen wasn't sure if the pros outweighed the cons. But since they were being forced into a date, he figured he might as well enjoy it while he could… or they could make an escape attempt. Or perhaps a little from A and a little from B.

With a sly smile, Yami leaned over a little and whispered, "Kaiba."

"What?" he snapped, but the familiar sound of Yami's voice was almost comforting in a way

Yami could only hope that Mokuba wasn't eavesdropping. "You know how to pick a lock?" The shorter teen fished a Swiss army knife out of his pocket and flashed it at the brunette.

"Hn. After the movie starts."

Yami inclined his head slightly in agreement, then palmed the knife in his right hand and reached out for Kaiba's left hand. The young billionaire quickly slid his hand under Yami's, allowing the knife to drop into his palm as their fingers brushed together.

The shorter duelist smirked and left his hand where it was. Let's see what his next move will be.

Kaiba stared stupidly at the hand that was still dangling over the armrest. Of all the stupid people to be even remotely attracted to. Stupid testosterone! So I like looking at him, and smelling him, and listening to his voice, and having him smash himself against my chest. Doesn't mean I want to date him. The jerk's probably just trying to find something else to hold over my head, and I don't need that crap, especially from the King of Games!

"We didn't miss anything, did we?" came Noa's voice. He and Yugi came back down the stairs with some drinks and a bag of chocolate covered peanuts. Yami's hand jerked reflexively, but Kaiba grabbed it before he was able to pull it back. The two older teens glanced at each other in surprise.

Behind them, Mokuba grinned, just as the lights began to dim. "Nope… you guys came just in time for the show!"

Perhaps the first escape attempt would have been successful if Yami hadn't nodded off during the middle of the movie. Kaiba had managed to pick the lock after several attempts, but by the time he finally freed himself from the manacles the crimson-eyed teen had fallen asleep, leaning over slightly against the brunette's shoulder. So as Kaiba tried to slide out from his seat, Yami tilted and fell over him, pinning him in place as Yugi squawked and began giving the two of them a severe tongue-lashing while the other moviegoers shushed him.

Not surprisingly, Yugi commandeered the Swiss army knife as Mokuba reattached the cuff to his brother's wrist.

The second escape attempt came just as the movie ended. As the afternoon crowd streamed out of the theater, Kaiba turned to Yami and simply said, "Run."

The crimson-eyed duelist smirked and instantly moved to comply, and the two of them wove through the crowd in unison and made it through the door with ease. Well, almost. Yami went through one door, Kaiba through the other, and neither one gave any thought to the fact that their wrists were still connected and that the doors were separated by a divider.

Departing moviegoers gawked at the two teens sitting on the ground, moaning. But a glare and growl from Kaiba sent most of them on their way.

I knew I should have chewed off my arm earlier, Yami thought while he rubbed his throbbing right forearm after having it slammed into the metal support divider.

Yugi made a tsking sound and crouched down to look his other half in the eye. "It's kinda funny how well you two work together when you're trying to escape from each other, don't you think?"

"More like how well we don't work together," snarled Kaiba, hand over his left shoulder. "If the dumbass here hadn't fallen asleep, I would've gotten away on the first try. Then he has to go through the wrong door. What the hell, Yami, didn't they have doors in ancient Egypt?"

"They certainly didn't have doors with… with… some stupid piece of metal in the center of it!"

"You two… are really something," said Noa, trying in vain to hide his amusement. Who would've thought tagging along on a date could be so much fun?

Mokuba grinned, then did his best to put on a straight face while turning back to his oldest brother. "Okay, here's the deal. We already have dinner reservations and we ARE going to finish this date. If I take off the handcuffs, will you two promise to stop these insane escape attempts? It's not like we don't know where you both live."

Kaiba rolled his eyes at that. "Anything to get these ridiculous handcuffs off."

"Just dinner huh?" asked Yami. Noa and Yugi both nodded. Other than the bruising of his arm, the crimson-eyed teen had really been enjoying the little teasing game with his rival.

Kaiba smirked. "That eager to get rid of me, Pharaoh? Do I frighten you that badly?"

"Hardly. Why would I be afraid of someone who can't even beat me in a duel?" Yami automatically responded, also smirking.

Yugi sighed loudly. "Will you both quit that and just promise us so we can take the cuffs off already?"

Yami and Kaiba both turned their attention to Yugi. Without missing a beat, Yami said, "You do realize how ridiculous this is, Kaiba. We're been outmaneuvered by my aibou and your two little brothers. But all right. You have my word, Yugi."

Kaiba scowled. "Hmph. I refuse to be manipulated like this. I'm going to get you back for this, shrimp. And the two of you are grounded as soon as this is over." Because there's no way this could possibly work out and I'm wasting my time here.

"What?! No way, Nii-sama!" Mokuba looked like he was about to pitch a fit right in front of the theater.

Noa put a reassuring hand on Mokuba's shoulder. "Otouto… if Seto agrees to finish the date as planned, I won't argue if he really wants to ground us. So… do you agree or not, Nii-sama?"

"You're a brat, you know that? But fine, whatever…" He held his wrist out.

"Good." Noa nodded at Mokuba, who dug out the keys and finally released the cuffs.

The restaurant that was chosen for dinner turned out to be Orange Hill, which billed itself as the most romantic restaurant in Domino. Located on top of a hill overlooking the city, it offered spectacular views all the way to the ocean. It was a nice night, so Noa had reserved two tables out on the patio in the very farthest corner.

"You know, we did promise to stay through dinner," Yami commented idly as the younger trio sat themselves at the next table, effectively blocking off any potential escape attempts in that direction.

"We're just making sure that neither one of you is tempted by the thought of throwing yourselves off the patio afterwards," Yugi answered cheerfully as he began flipping through the menu.

"Aibou, we're on top of a hill… it's a 100 foot drop from here."

"Not taking any chances!" Yugi sang back.

"Hn. I'm tempted to throw myself over the edge right now just to shut you up, Yugi," Kaiba said with a smirk.

"Good thing we aren't handcuffed together any more then," Yami responded, smirking in turn.

"Seto, you realize you're setting a terrible example for me and Onii-chan," said Mokuba with a dramatic sigh. "I don't think I'll ever be able to go out on a date without trying to find escape routes first."

Kaiba just eyed his little brother, then got up, picked up the patio table the trio was sitting at, and moved it as far away from his table as possible. "Now, do I have to physically move all of you or can you move yourselves?" Yami couldn't help but laugh as he heard the squeaking of three chairs being dragged away.

Satisfied, Kaiba returned to his table and sat back down. "Easily amused, Pharaoh?'

"Oh stop it, Kaiba. We're here… might as well make the best of it." He peeked out from behind his menu and threw the young CEO a quick wink. "And at least we're out of the cuffs, like I said."

"Hn. Admit it, you liked it you kinky bastard. What's with those pants anyways?" I wonder what you'd look like tied up in those straps… uh, I did NOT just think that. Even more alarming was the fact that his dick had jumped at the very thought.

Yami looked down. "These pants? They're called er… bondage pants."

"Ha! You're such a freak, Yami."

Yami smiled broadly. It was one of those moments… either he and Kaiba could continue to pointlessly pick at each other all evening, or he could just up the stakes in this little game… though Yami was now more interested in the prize than the fight. "Yes, I suppose I am. Tell me, Kaiba, do you like it freaky?" he teased.

The taller teen blinked. "Huh?"

The ex-spirit's grin grew. "You know, I never did get the chance to ask you earlier. You have nice, large hands. Is it true what they say about the size of a man's hands?"

Kaiba actually flushed at that. "Wha… what?!" Is he toying with me?

"Oh… I thought that would have been one of those things you'd have memorized, you know. Of course I can't say which is more attractive, your intellect or your hot ass."

"My… hot… ass." So he wants to play games, does he? "At least I'm not wearing pants that scream 'tie me up and fuck me.'"

"You seem obsessed with my pants. Is it the front view or the rear view that's doing it for you?"

"Your… hmph. Nice try. I'm not falling for that." However, he couldn't stop his mind from recalling images of Yami walking around in his usual leather pants, every step highlighting lean muscle and firm buttocks.

"Speaking of falling, there's a little secret I should tell you." Yami leaned closer to Kaiba and beckoned to him, setting his menu upright on the table like a screen.

The young billionaire scowled but dipped his head down behind the menu. "What?"

"During the movie…"

"Uh huh…"

"I wasn't actually asleep." The crimson-eyed teen sat back and gave Kaiba his biggest, smuggest grin. I just needed an excuse to throw myself all over your delicious body. Because once wasn't enough.

"You weren't… you did that on purpose?!" Kaiba yelled, jumping to his feet and towering over the shorter teen. Mokuba, Noa and Yugi all whipped their heads around in alarm and glared at the brunette, who frowned and got right in Yami's face. "What the fuck, Yami?" he hissed, not wanting to give his little brothers the opportunity to eavesdrop on the conversation. The dirty rat! I knew he was trying to play me for a fool!

The ex-spirit put his hands behind his head. "You look good. I couldn't help myself, and the opportunity was there. You make a nice pillow, by the way."

The taller duelist just stared at Yami as if he had sprouted extra limbs. Is he kidding? He has to be. Damn that son of a bitch! "Can it, Yami. No one wants to listen to your crap, especially not me. What are you really after?"

Yami mentally sighed. He enjoyed pushing Kaiba's buttons so much that sometimes he forgot to stop himself. I guess I should stop playing games with him… we're not going anywhere like this. But do I really want this? Would he really allow himself to be receptive? Crimson eyes narrowed momentarily, then Yami steepled his fingers under his chin and said in a low voice, "It wasn't a joke, Kaiba. You look really nice tonight… actually, you always look great. I guess I can't blame Aibou too much for trying to set us up. This lust thing has been driving him crazy."

Kaiba sank back into his seat, but unconsciously scooted it a bit closer to Yami. "What lust thing?"

"Oh, it's just… wait a sec." The waitress approached, asking for their orders. "I'll have the grilled swordfish, please."

"Chicken Marsala." Kaiba waited for the woman to walk away, then turned his attention back to his rival. "What lust thing?"

"Yugi claims that since I find you attractive, it's leaking into our mind link and affecting him as well."

"Mind link," Kaiba snorted dismissively. "You and your stupid… wait, did you say you find me attractive?"

"I told you, you look good."

You're such a liar… I really hate this. "So you're really gay? This isn't a joke?" Of course it's a joke. This is all a game to you, isn't it?

Sometimes Yami thought he would have better luck talking to a wall. And walls were more receptive, though far less alluring. "Yes, I am. And you?"


The ex-spirit rolled his eyes. "At least make an effort here, Kaiba."

"Does it matter if I am? And... well, you look… okay, I guess." What the fuck am I saying?! As if he cares. "That doesn't change the fact that you're still a weird, freaky little guy."

"Gee, thanks. You really know how to boost a guy's self-esteem."

Kaiba made a waving motion with his hand. "As if you needed an ego boost."

Yami let loose a sigh and pouted a bit. "I guess I was mistaken. I figured since we were already on a date, maybe if I opened up to you a little, you'd have the grace to do the same." He began to fidget with the buttons on his shirt again.

The young billionaire frowned. Yami certainly sounded sincere, but Kaiba knew that his rival was just trying to get another advantage over him so that he could rub it in his face during a duel. But a tiny part of him almost hoped that Yami was telling the truth. He's never lied to me before. But he's my rival… of course he's going to take advantage of the situation. I almost wish… He quickly squashed that possibility. "Uh, look, Yami… you do look good, all right? And you smell nice too. Sorta like spices and shi… er, stuff."

Crimson eyes sought out blue ones. "Not the best way to put it, but coming from you, it's a nice compliment. Thank you."

The black-haired boy turned back to his co-conspirators. "Finally, it looks like they're actually talking to each other. Like talking talking, not screaming challenges or exchanging insults. Yugi, are you sure you can't eavesdrop, just a tiny bit?"

"Mokuba... I feel bad enough as it is, keeping them here like prisoners."

Noa chuckled at that. "I don't know why they're fighting it so hard. You've already confirmed that Yami was um, 'lusting' after Seto, and Mokuba, we both know that Yami is the only person Seto has ever shown any interest in at all."

Yugi smiled and simply summed it up by saying, "Let's just say that things are never that simple when your brother's involved."

"You know, Kaiba, I like talking to you. Even when you're an ass. I like arguing with you sometimes, and trading insults, and yelling at you across a dueling arena. But a change of pace is nice too…"

Shut the fuck up! his brain snarled, but Kaiba couldn't help relaxing a little at the remark. Truth be told, he did enjoy bantering with Yami. "Hn. You really have a preoccupation with asses, don't you?"

"I especially love how you can take one word out of an entire sentence and center your whole reply on it." It's annoying, but that's the way you work, isn't it? Look at the big picture, Kaiba.

Kaiba rolled his eyes. "Now that's complete and utter bullshit."

The shorter teen grinned and tried again. "But we get along pretty well, don't you think? Even though we don't quite match on the surface. Only you would turn up for a casual blind date in a full suit and with two little brothers in tow."

"Well, we can't all be walk around in bondage gear with a miniature version of ourselves. But… there is something I've always wanted to know."

"Oh? And that would be?"

What the hell do you want from me? But the question that he actually voiced was "How the hell you and Yugi get your hair like that? Please don't tell me it's natural." Why am I flirting with him?

Yami sat back and laughed. "I can't tell you. It's a secret. But I'll let you know that bleach is involved."

The CEO suddenly had an urge to touch that wild mane of tri-colored hair. Should I or shouldn't I? His hands spasmodically clenched as Yami casually ran his fingers through his blonde bangs. One of Kaiba's hand shot up in response and before he even realized what he was doing, his fingers were sliding through a spike of black and crimson. It's a lot softer than it looks. He let his fingers drift down to catch a hold of the blonde strands as well. The younger teen shivered involuntarily. "Are you cold?"

"No. I'm fine." I'm not cold… just don't stop stroking my hair.

"You're stupid for walking around without a jacket," Kaiba scoffed, but he almost felt badly for the younger teen. Yami apparently hadn't expected his blind date to last so long. The brunette stood up and removed his blazer, handing it to Yami without further explanation.

Yami happily accepted the jacket and draped it over his shoulders. It smells like him. Oh, by Nefertem's lotus… he smells so good. Like a light fall of rain mixed with amber, musk and citrus… "What cologne are you wearing?"

"Uh… Dunhill Desire Blue."

Desire blue? He glanced at Seto's eyes. Oh yes I do. "I'm wearing something called Fahrenheit, I think. Yugi picked it out. Do you like it?"

Does he actually care if I like it? "Can't be. Fahrenheit doesn't smell like honey, chocolate and cinnamon."

Yami felt himself blushing. "Er… that's my hair, actually. Yugi's shampoo and such. I'm surprised you noticed."

"Oh. Well, I uh… hmm…" Why did I tell him I noticed that? Now he's going to think I'm going to want to smell his hair, or some crap like that.

"It's okay, Kaiba. And thank you for the jacket." It was nice of you… really nice.

The brunette shrugged. "Yeah, well, my brothers would get pissed if I let you freeze to death."

"Just say 'You're welcome,' Kaiba," Yami complained, but he finished it off with a genuine smile.

Kaiba smirked. "You're welcome."


Author's Notes:
- Fubeta is the other suit that you see working with Isono. He's the guy with brown hair and a goatee. I can't find a site that can verify his name for certain, but two websites say that at one point Japanese Mokuba calls him by name and it sounds like Fubeta, so that's what I'm going with.
- Once again, Seto's outfit came from Hugo Boss' Spring/Summer 2005 collection.
- Pointless note on fragrances. Seto's wearing Alfred Dunhill Desire Blue (which other than the name is just a lovely sea breezy scent) and Yami's wearing Christian Dior Fahrenheit (given his smoldering personality, I think it suits him). The scents in Yami's hair came from TIGI's Catwalk Oatmeal Honey shampoo (smells like cinnamon and honey) and Beyond the Zone Smooth Shot Silk Treatment (smells like bittersweet chocolate). But I greatly exaggerated the strength and staying power of the scents.
- This chapter was getting longer than I wanted, so I decided to split it in half. The rest of this first date will be played out in Chapter 2.

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