Confession # One: Once, I tripped in an elevator, and I wasn't even moving.

Confession # Two: I am constantly craving pickles and ice cream, and my mom always asks me if I've been abducted.

Confession # Three: My evil 9 year old sister has had more boyfriends than I girlfriends. Strike that, I haven't even HAD a girl friend.

Confession # Four: The class losers rejected me, saying I'd tarnish their reputation.

Confession # Five: I am in love with the school's most popular girl...

Confessions of A...Something.

-(A Prologue)-


Now, most people would call it an unhealthy obsession. And, yeah, I might just agree with them, just a little bit. But really, if you get down to it, down to core, right past all those annoying "loopholes" and hormones it really is just one thing.


I have liked--no, strike that, LOVED this girl since PRESCHOOL. But who doesn't? Like I said, she's the most popular girl in the school. The guys practically worship her, and the girls hate her, but pretend they admire and honor her perfection.

Which brings me to my philosophy. Guys are all retarted, and girls are all evil.

Well, all girls except Kairi. She seems to shine at everything she does, seems to tackle every feat and task thrown at her, and come out on top. She is perfect, almost too perfect to be real. In the fourth grade, I pulled her hair just so I could see if there were sockets in the back of her head. I just couldn't believe that someone that flawless could exist.

But she oh, she does. And let me tell you, it has put me through the ringer.

Example? Well, once, when I was in 6th grade, at the young age of 11, I wasn't very aware of myself. You know, the fact that I was, and am the world's biggest loser. And I was going through a "confident" stage ("You are better than a cockroach!"), so I decided to slip a single red rose into her locker, with a note that said "With Love, Sora". Well, unfortunately, I didn't check my resources when someone told me her locker number. I put it in 114 instead of 115. And, you know, being extremely unlucky, this was Riku's locker.

He could throw quite a punch. And kick. And jab. As an excuse for my rotten banana-like appearance, I told my mom that I had fallen into a dictionary. Reasoning was another trait I lacked at 11.

Another delightful little instance. Just this year, in fact, I got hog-tied to a pinnata and battered around by the football team, because I accidentally tripped Kairi when I was just trying to retrieve her pink sparkly pencil. But no, they didn't leave it at that. After literally beating the candy stuffing out of me, Riku charmed the student secretary, got the key to the plexi-glass-cased bulletin board, and shut me in there for 3 periods. Why did no one stop him? The teachers were all at a luncheon, completely unaware that the boy named...whats-his-face was having the blood slowly drained out of his head.

And even through the flowers, the notes, the schemes, the pawns, EVERYTHING! I have nothing to show for after 12 long years of rejection.

But I swore to himself, as my mom drove me up to the school, that this year would be different. Too bad I didn't even believe myself...

Author's Note/ Man! That was short. But after coming back after like, what a year? I decided that the reason I quit fanfiction was because I wasn't able to enjoy it anymore. I was too worried that it was never good enough for anyone else. So now, I am turning over a new leaf. I will stop when it's good enough for me. I won't look at word count, but at the content, and when I feel the chapter is complete. Thankyou, all of you, for your patience.