Confession # Six: In the 2nd grade, I was awarded with my first pair of boxer shorts. Too bad I thought they were real shorts. My nick name that year was Buddy Boxer.

Confession # Seven: I used to think flip flops were called…a part of the girls…anatomy. For 2 years I wondered why the lady at Gap had burst out laughing when I asked her to find me guy's camel toes. Ughhh.

Confession # Eight: My cousins always send over hand-me-downs for me. And the sad thing is I actually look good in miniskirts.

Confession # Nine: I got married to a Labrador at recess in Kindergarten.

Confession # Ten: At the last school dance, some one spiked my punch and I spent the entire night shimmying and doing the conga with our P.E. teacher, Mrs. Poulac.

Confessions Of A…Something.

(-You Ignore Me-)


Last year, everyone's locker got a note from the Paopu Press. It was the weekly poll. It read…

Hey Powerful Paopus!

This week's poll has been sponsored by Ansem's Hair Salon. (Get sleek long hair in one tortu…err…appointment!)

What do you think about?

Reality T.V.
The Mall

Please chose one of the following and turn it in to the Paopu Press' print shop!

When I found it in my locker, I really couldn't vote on any of the choices. Because, the only thing I thought, and think about…is Kairi.

Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi Kairi—

Shut up brain! I swear, it's like on hyper mode. I don't even really know why I love her so much. Idolism? Insanity? Insecurity?

Maybe it's because…she's everything I ever wanted to be. Every day I think…just maybe, maybe if I am with her, I will feel like I'm actually right.

Not gawky. Not hopeless.


Oh crap. No more time for insightful thinking. The peppy ninja from hell, (often referred to as Yuffie) has made a direct bee line for me.

Remember when I told you about the incident involving Riku, a rose, and a bruised banana? Well, she was my brilliant resource. Ever since I asked her about the locker, she has glued to me like a puppy with a fetish for hopeless youth.

"Hey Sora!" my so called "friend" chippered in her chippery sort of way. "Guess what, last night I decapitated a caterpillar! I played out that it was Marie Antoinette and I even put a bit of cake next to it. Then I took some pill bugs and I made them all stand around my little wooden guillotine grandpa got me for Christmas!"

There was a long stretch of silence.

What does that poor girl think about?

"What would happen if someone got their finger stuck up their nose?"

Right. That type of thing.

The bell rang, signaling the beginning of the first day of school. Yuffie pulled the straps of her backpack and fixed me with a beady stare.

"Sora…you promised." She raised her eye brows, her eyes glancing down at my jeans.

"What? Oh…OH. Right. About that…"

I trailed off. At the beginning of the summer, to get her from tailing his ass everywhere, I promised to throw away "the pants". I saw no problem with them. Sure, they were torn in some places, and yeah, there were paint and grass stains permanently set it, but they were fine, at least in my opinion.

"Sora…" Her eyes narrowed, and she placed her hands on her hips. "Don't make me make drastic measures. And I you know I will."

"I can't Yuffie!" I wailed, in sort of a girly way, I commented to myself. "They're the only ones I have!"

The next thing, Yuffie had pounced me. We struggled on the floor, she trying to rip the pants off of me, and me trying to push her off.

"Give them…to me…you promised…" She scrambled, grabbing the cuffs and yanking them. However, since the floors had been recently waxed, I simply slid across the floor, my chin scraping against rubble, dirt, and pencil shavings. But then the world stopped.

Kairi was walking down the hallway, her hair fanning behind her, a pleasant, but slightly bored expression fixed upon her face. Yuffie seemed to realize that I had stopped struggling, and dropped my legs to the floor. I stood up almost feverishly, and straightened jeans.

And then, the most miraculous thing happened.

She looked at me.

At first, it was just a glance, but her gaze doubled back, and a look of slight incredulity and amusement overcame her. Her head snapped back as one of her friends addressed her. She laughed, and continued to walk on. I slammed against the lockers, and slid down.

Wow. Since when did that happen? And it wasn't like anything normal. She wasn't gazing around, looking for someone. It had been directed at me.

"Yuffie…she…she…looked at me."

"Err…Sora? You might want to have a look in the mirror." Yuffie suppressed a laugh, and handed him her make up mirror.

My chin was completely brown, making me look as if I was trying to fake the hint of a beard.

"Damn it!"

Author's Corner

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again!

Truly, your reviews mean so much to me. The first time I start to write for myself people start to review. Ironic, isn't it? Sorry this chapter was a bit short, but I wanted to end on that line. Poor Sora. Thank you for bearing with me. I realize this plot is very cliché, but I'm enjoying writing it, because I've never really done this before. Constructive criticism is really nice to receive. I thank all of those who sent me the truth, politely.

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