First Kiss

By: xXxReixXx

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I created this fic last year but never had the courage to put it up. So be nice! This is my first LEGOLAS fic!


Chapter 1

Lady Galadriel gazed out of her window, out of thought. Long had Celebrian, her daughter, sailed into the West and yet herself and Lord Celeborn sorely miss her. She felt a strange presence in the Wood. It was small...and defenceless. She walked out of her chambers, with her white cloak on.

"My Lady--" began one of her guards, but she held her hand up and smiled. She treaded down the steps and called for her horse.

She mounted upon her mare—

"My Lady." said a slight amused voice that belonged to Lord Celeborn. "May I ask where you are going?" Lady Galadriel smiled.

"There is a presence in the Wood, which I find strange. Do I have your leave of seeking it?" she asked, slightly amused herself.

"Indeed." said Lord Celeborn, with a raised eyebrow. "Without an escort, I may ask?"

"I need not an escort, My Lord." said Galadriel, with a hint of a scoff in her voice.

"Very well..." he sighed as he watched his Lady disappear through the trees.

Lady Galadriel slowed her mare into a steady trot. She gazed through the trees. It laid near the edges, had the Guards not felt the presence? She quickened the pace and cantered through the Wood.

Haldir's ears pricked as he heard distant trotting.

"The Lady is making her way towards us!" exclaimed Orophin, his younger brother.

"This is something to be unheard of." said Rumil, their youngest brother, enthusiastically. Haldir jumped down to greet the Lady.

"My Lady, may I ask what are you--"

"Do not worry, Haldir." said Lady Galadriel, smiling.

"But without an escort or a guard!" exclaimed Haldir, almost shocked.

"Am I that defenceless to you all?" she asked, raising an eyebrow. Haldir bowed.

"I did not wish to offend you, My Lady." he said.

"No, you haven't, Haldir. You can come with me, as my escort, if it shall worry the others." said Galadriel. Haldir called for his horse and he followed the Lady by her side.

"What is it that you seek, My Lady?" he asked.

"Can you not feel a presence near?" she said, in a whisper. Haldir was confused and shook his head. Galadriel turned and suddenly felt that it was just beyond the trees. She dismounted, along with Haldir and walked quietly towards the area. She walked through without care and noticed a white bundle on the ground.

"Be careful, My Lady. You may not know what it is!" whispered Haldir.

"I know not what it is, but I do know that it is harmless." said Galadriel and walked to the bundle. And there, laid a sleeping baby. If it weren't for the little breathing that could be heard, anyone would have thought that the baby had lost its soul, for it had incredibly pale skin, like Galadriel herself. She bent down and picked it up. She noticed that the white blanket it was wrapped with had got, 'Ithilwen' sewed on the corner.

"Tis' a girl, by the name." said Haldir, completely bewildered at her discovery.

"Ithilwen, for her skin is almost as pale as the moon." said Galadriel.

"What will you do with her, My Lady?" asked Haldir.

"I shall raise her." she answered, almost talking to herself as well. Haldir's eyes would've widened if it were not for the baby waking.

"Her eyes..." he murmured. Ithilwen opened her eyes and blinked a few times. Her eyes were almost like Galadriel; deep blue with grey speckles. She reached her little arm and touched Galadriel's face with her small fingers. "


Ithilwen ran as fast as her little feet can carry her and ran into Lord Celeborn's arms.

"Ada..." her voice muffled in his robes. Lord Celeborn laughed.

"How is my little Aranel (princess)?" he said, kissing her forehead.

"I missed you." she then saw Lady Galadriel not far behind. She kissed Celeborn's cheek before climbing down and running into Galadriel's arms.

"Naneth..." she muffled as Galadriel laughed and whirled the little Elfling (at the age of a three year old child). "I missed you too." she whispered as Galadriel kissed her temple. "Next time you go to Mirkwood, can I come too? Haldir was grumpy." Galadriel and Celeborn laughed at this, while Haldir looked up at the sky, interestedly.

"That is not a nice thing to say, Ithil (her nickname)." said Celeborn, clearing his throat, noticing that Haldir was slightly embarrassed. And Rumil and Orophin weren't helping either; they were sniggering.

"Sorry." said Ithil, as Galadriel lowered the elfling. She ran to Haldir and looked up at him. "Sorry Haldir. I did not mean to offend you." she said, sadly. Haldir smiled and picked her up.

"There is nothing to be sorry about." he said.

"Thank you for looking after me while Ada and Naneth were gone." she added. She climbed down and went to Orophin who hugged her. "Thank you for the extra desserts." she whispered. Orophin and Rumil glanced at each other and grinned, as Rumil hugged Ithil.

"You are welcome." laughed Orophin.

"Extra desserts?" asked Haldir, quirking an eyebrow when he heard her whisper. "You gave Ithil EXTRA desserts?" he said, as Ithil climbed from Rumil's arms and went back into Celeborn's.

"Not that much." said Rumil, quickly. Was two extra bowls too much?

"You can never have too much ice cream! That's what Rumil always says!" said Ithil, cheerfully. Rumil glanced at her, than at Haldir, then to everyone else.

"Er...did I say that?" he said, nervously. Ithil then realized her mistake and buried herself in Celeborn's robes, hiding her face.

Ithil was at the age of one whom would be six. She watched as other elflings played near the garden. One elfling spotted her and ran over to her, not noticing that the others were following him.

"Hello!" he said cheerfully, "Would you like to join us?" he asked.

"Would it be okay?" she asked, shyly.

"Yes, of course-" he was cut of when they heard a little 'hmph'. They all turned to a angry looking young elleth, looking very angry.

"No, it is not alright!" she said, angrily.

"It is so!" argued the boy, indignantly. "Anyone is allowed to play with the Lady's daughter--"

"She is NOT her daughter!" snapped the elf again. "Haven't you known? My mother told me that everybody knows that Milady found HER in the Wood somewhere!"

"That's not true!" protested Ithil.

"You bet it is!" snarled the she-elf. Some of the elflings started to murmur and look at Ithil, oddly. The young ellon, how ever, narrowed his eyes.

"Even IF Lady Galadriel is not her real mother, she is now, because she ADOPTED." He said, defensively.

"Why are you on her side?" she wailed. She ran off, crying, while the others ran after her. Only the elf that defended her remained.

"Don't worry about her." He said. "She can be very stubborn."

"That's okay..." she murmured.

"My name's Kael." The elf bowed and kissed her hand. Ithil smiled.

"My name's Ithil. I am sorry for making your friends go away." She whispered.

"No, they're not exactly my friends." He said, slowly. "I was alone too, before they surrounded me and made me play with them."

"Oh...I am sorry. I need to go now. I shall see you soon, perhaps?" he nodded, as she took off. She bumped into an elf, she had some tears forming in her eyes.

"Are you alright?" she asked, bending down.


"They are at the borders." Said the elf, smiling but also looking worried.

"Thank you." And without warning, she took off into the Wood. She ran as fast as she could, down the tree paths. My parents would never lie to me, she thought in doubt. Would they? Everybody knows that Milady found HER in the Wood somewhere! Those words echoed in her head as she ran down the path. Even if she had felt tired, she wouldn't stop. She then tore through the tree branches and found her looking up at her 'parents', talking with Haldir and his brothers. They all turned and looked at her, shocked.

"Ithil, why are you here?" asked Haldir, surprised. "Did you come here all by yourself?"

"Did you run all the way here?" asked Orophin, watching her breath heavily.

"What's wrong?" asked Rumil. Ithilwen looked at them, before looking at Galadriel and Celeborn, who had walked to her. The bent down.

"What is wrong, Ithil?" asked Celeborn.

"I am not your real daughter, am I?" she said, stepping back from them. Galadriel and Celeborn glanced at each other. "Ada...tell me it's not true." She whispered. "Naneth?"

"It is true." Said Celeborn, gently. "We were going to tell you when it was the right time." Tears rolled down Ithil's cheek.

"You found me in the Wood? Alone?" she whispered, looking at Galadriel, who nodded. "Then why did you not just leave me die?" she took off, sobbing and disappearing through the trees. Galadriel closed her eyes, Valar protect her, she whispered silently.

"Leave her for a while." She said, to her worried husband.

"They lied." She cried as she tore through the trees. She tore out into the clear field, where March Wardens were training. She watched how they had sword-training. She watched as the swords clashed at each other, she then turned and watched as the arrows whizzed into the target. She watched, trying to let the thought of her 'parents' slip away.

She watched as an arrow suddenly pierced the tree next to her. She plucked it as an elf ran to her. "Lady Ithilwen! Are you alright? Forgive me, my aim was poor at that time." He said, concerned and half frantic.

"I'm alright. Don't worry." She said, quietly. "There is nothing to forgive." She said, smiling and holding up the arrow. He took it, gratefully and said,

"You shouldn't be here. It's dangerous."

"I'm alright, really. Thank you." She walked into the thickness of the trees.

"Melamin, it is getting dark." Said Lord Celeborn, who was pacing. "Ithil has not yet returned." He added, sighing.

"We knew this would happen, did we not?" asked Galadriel, who was indeed worried than Celeborn.

"Yes, but..." he sighed warily and looked out of the window again. "She reminds me so much of Celebrian."

"Like you have said, Melamin, when I first brought Ithilwen into your arms; 'She will never replace Celebrian in our hearts, but can make her own place next to her.'" Whispered Galadriel.

"That is it, she is only a child and we must send for Haldir to look for her!" said Celeborn, unable to contain himself no longer.

"There is also something that you must know." Sighed Galadriel. "She is an elfling with powers of her own. Powers identical to mine." Celeborn stopped and sighed again.

"She must learn to control them then." He said.

"I will talk to her about it. It pains my heart for us to have hidden secrets form her." Celeborn gazed out of the window.

"She will grow up...and she might leave." He said, sadly.

"Naneth? Ada?" murmured a soft voice. The two turned to find their little elleth at the doorway, holding Kael's hand.

"Ithilwen!" exclaimed Celeborn. He then looked at Kael, then back to her.

"I made a new friend. This is Kael. I was with him." She said, quietly. Kael turned a bit pink before bowing.

"I need to go. Naneth and Ada are expecting me back. My Lady, My Lord." He bowed and looked at Ithil. "See you tomorrow?" Ithil nodded and he let go of her hand and disappeared. Ithil looked up at her foster parents.

"I'm sorry for taking off." She whispered, with tears running down her face.

"Oh...come here." Said Galadriel and she embraced her. "You will always be our daughter, Ithil." She whispered as she picked her up and held her in her arms. Ithil turned and saw Celeborn and as he walked to them, she hugged him, clinging onto his neck. Galadriel allowed her to crawl off into his arms.

"What did you do with Kael?" he asked, rubbing her back as they all sat down. "And how did you meet him?"

"I was watching some elflings playing and he saw me. He wanted me to join them, but one disagreed. She was the one who said that I am not your real daughter. But Kael told them no matter what, I'd always be your daughter."

"And he is right." Said Galadriel.

"And when I ran off, Kael found me hiding in a bush and he made me a necklace of flowers to make me happy. And he also gave me something that made me better. It made me better, but it made me red." She said, smiling shyly.

"What was it that made you better?" asked Celeborn, raising his eyebrows. "And made you turn red?"

"He gave me a kiss on the cheek." Celeborn almost choked while Galadriel laughed. Ithil blushed again. "He also said that he would always be my friend—so don't get any ideas, ada." It was then Celeborn's turned to turn red.

"What ideas?" he asked, innocently.

"Don't engage me to him." She said. Galadriel smiled and laughed again, while Celeborn choked. The two elves hugged their elfling.



Ithil woke up with Galadriel and Celeborn by her sides. Galadriel was awake, while Celeborn continued to wander in his dreams. "Naneth..." whispered Ithil.


"What other secrets have you hidden from me?" Galadriel closed her eyes.

"...well...we had a daughter. Her name was Celebrian. She sailed to the West, in sorrow, for she was tortured by orcs. We sorely missed her, and still do. And I found you, lost in the Woods, asleep." Ithil stayed silent. " have identical powers to mine." She said, at last.

"Powers?" whispered Ithil. "What kind?"

"Enter one's mind and search. Speak in one's mind. And so much more..." She answered, slowly.

"I can't do those." Said Ithil, quietly.

"You can. But at the moment you are too young. Perhaps when you are older, you can control them. I have your powers suppressed, in case they cause trouble."

"Okay." She whispered. Galadriel thought up an idea to change the subject.

"How would it be, if we take you to Mirkwood? And if you enjoy your stay there, you can stay longer, while Lord Celeborn and I go back."

"Really?" she sat up, excited. Galadriel smiled and nodded.

"And, King Thranduil has a son there; perhaps that would be more company too."

"Okay." She said. "I've always wanted to go there!"

"Indeed!" laughed Galadriel. Ithil was so excited, she accidentally, fell back (she was standing up on the bed) and fell on her backside...on Celeborn's stomach.

"Oh no! Sorry ada!" said Ithil, as Celeborn shot up. Galadriel laughed so much that she had to hold her stomach.

"Be thankful he doesn't have any breakfast in that stomach yet!" she said, smiling. "Oh, wouldn't Kael miss you?"

"No...he says that he will be busy soon with his father. I have yet to tell him today."

"What did I miss?" asked Celeborn.

"Naneth! Naneth!" called Ithil. Galadriel turned and saw her little elfling running to her. "Guess what Kael gave me!"

"Another kiss?" grumbled Celeborn, rubbing his stomach and then smiled when Ithil pouted at him.

"No. Look!" she handed out a necklace of mithril. It had a heart that said, 'mellon'."

"Oh, it's lovely." said Galadriel, helping her put it on.

"Are you sure you see each other as friends?" asked Celeborn, smiling as Ithil turned red.

"Yes." she said, indignantly. "When are we going to Mirkwood?"

"The day after tomorrow, perhaps?" said Celeborn, looking at Galadriel who nodded. "Yes, the day—where did she go?"


Ithil was all packed and ready before dinner. She was so excited, she didn't let her ada finish his sentence. As she carefully drank her hot soup, Celeborn came in, looking grim. "What's wrong ada? I am sorry if you are still upset about me not letting you finish your sentence." said Ithil, worriedly.

"No, it's not that!" he laughed. He became grim again. "I have a important errand to do...the day you leave for Mirkwood."

"Oh..." she looked crestfallen.

"You can still go." said Galadriel. Her face lit up again.


"Yes. Haldir and two others shall escort you. I will go with your ada."

"Okay! Thank you ada! Thank you naneth—Haldir?" she stopped. "As long as Orophin and Rumil come. Therefore, it would be a less grumpy journey." she said, slowly. Celeborn suppressed a laugh.


"Namárië Naneth, ada." said Ithil as she hugged her foster parents.

"Enjoy your stay." said Galadriel, kissing her forehead. She was then hugged and kissed by Celeborn and then out came Kael.

"Kael? I thought you were with your ada!" exclaimed Ithil.

"I am…was. He let me go to see you off!" he said, smiling sincerely.

"Okay. Hannon Le, mellon nin." she hugged him and he hugged her back. He looked up at the Lord and Lady and bowed before taking off again.

"Your lover, I presume?" asked Haldir, quirking an eye brow.

"No. My friend. Did you not hear the words nin mellon?" asked Ithil. She cocked her head and then said, "Perhaps your ears need cleaning. If you dunk your head in the Celebrant--"

"Ithilwen…" warned Celeborn.

"Sorry ada." Orophin helped her up onto his horse. "Oh…it's high up here." she whimpered and shut her eyes.

"Do not worry, I won't let you fall." said Orophin, still trying hard not to snigger along with Rumil, at their older brother who was scowling.

When they had left, Ithil had her eyes still shut. "Open your eyes! No need to be frightened." said Orophin. Ithil did so. She gasped. She never knew they were galloping this fast. She covered herself with her white cloak and hid herself under his cloak. He chuckled and shook his head.

They stopped by the river for it was getting dark. Ithil had fallen asleep on the way. Orophin picked her up and laid her beside the log. They set a fire and had some brotherly conversation. Ithil woke up, and quietly sat up, rubbing her eyes. She then noticed something. A little mouse was on her lap. She picked it up with her hands and stroked it. "Hungry?" she whispered. The mouse twitched its nose and stood on two legs. She giggled and walked over to Haldir and his brothers. "Can I have some lembas please?" she asked, surprising them with her silent walk. Silent as theirs!

"Here." Haldir handed her a waffle of it.

"Hannon Le." and she quickly walked back to 'her log'. She sat there and broke a piece off. "You have a family to feed." she said, cocking her head and giving the mouse as piece big enough to share with a family and light enough to carry. As the mouse scampered off with 'the feast' Rumil called,

"Ithilwen? Come here! The fire will keep you more warmer." she walked quietly to his side and sat cross legged on the ground.

"When will we get to Mirkwood?" she asked.

"By midday tomorrow." answered Haldir.

"I hope you behave there too." said Orophin, grinning. "Or you will end up too much like Legolas."

"Who?" she asked, taking a bite of the elven bread.

"The Elven Prince. I think he is older than you…may be five years?" said Rumil, thoughtfully.

"Nay, maybe a couple." said Haldir.

"Well, I heard he can master archery now." said Orophin. "You'd be lucky if you become his maiden."


"Orophin." warned Haldir. "I believe she is too young to even think of that."

"But you joked about how you presumed Kael being her lover!" protested Rumil. Haldir narrowed his eyes before laying on his back and staring up at the stars.

"Well…why would I be lucky if I were his maiden?" asked Ithil, curiously.

"Well, you would become his Princess…you would have a protector…" listed Rumil. "..and something about his looks. I don't know! I don't even know what an elleth would want in an ellon!"

"Me neither…" said Ithil, sadly. "I don't know what I'd want to look for in an ellon."

"Try one whose loyal." groaned Haldir. "Now talk quietly. There are some elves who'd like some rest."

"I'd also want one who wouldn't be grumpy." said Ithil, thoughtfully. Rumil and Orophin laughed.

"Well, that ticks you off the list, brother." laughed Orophin.

"What list?" asked Ithil.

"Well, you just said that you wouldn't want an ellon who'd be grumpy, Haldir is always grumpy so it is for sure that he wouldn't be your ellon of your dreams." sniggered Orophin.

"Sedho (quiet)!" said an angry voice that belonged to Haldir.

"So you two are still on 'my list'?" asked Ithil, confused.

"Uh…" Orophin and Rumil glanced at each other before grinning. "Are we?" asked Orophin, jokingly. Ithil looked thoughtful.


"Aw, why?" they pretended to be hurt.

"You're too old."

"Old? OLD? Do you have any idea what age we are?" exclaimed Rumil.


"Well, certainly no older than Haldir!" said Orophin. "He's nearing 2000 that one!" he gestured to the sleeping Haldir. Or so they thought he was asleep.

"How old are you?" she asked, to Orophin. She then paused. "Sorry…that's a rude question."

"No, don't worry. You can say what ever you wish to us. I'm nearing 1500."

"I'm 1000…almost." said Rumil. "So you could say we're all young."

"But by the time I'm old enough to marry, you would be old."

"We…we don't get old!" he exclaimed. Ithil shrugged.

"Well, you're not 'on the list' anyway." she chewed the last bit of her lembas.

"Aw, why?" said Orophin, pouting.

"You both are too desperate to get an elleth." said Ithil, casually.

"What?" they yelped.

"Well…you hadn't had any chance on getting an elleth, and you are so desperate, you were even asking if you were on 'my list'."

"We're not desperate!" they spluttered. Haldir burst out laughing.



Ithil woke up the next day, shivering. The sun was in the clouds.

"Come, Ithil." said Rumil wrapping her cloak around her tightly and hoisting her up upon his horse. Ithil shut her eyes again and hid herself in his cloak as they galloped towards the forest. "Are you cold?" he asked.

"No...I'm scared." he chuckled.

"There is no need to. We're almost there."

Once they had arrived, it was very quiet. "We have to go a little more further." said Rumil, gently. Ithil looked and noticed, as they slowly passed by, that something was moving behind the trees. She glanced at Haldir, who seemed to be tense. Then, to Orophin who looked a bit worried and then at Rumil who was also worried.

"There is something in this forest?" she asked, quietly. Rumil didn't answer. She looked back and noticed more things were shifting behind the trees. She tugged Rumil's cloak. He looked at her, and noticed her pointing to the trees.

"Haldir." he called softly. He gestured to the side. "I think there is only one."

"One what?" she whispered. She then watched as they suddenly notched their arrows and then—

There was a loud screech and out came a huge spider. Ithil gasped and fell off the horse.

The spider attempted to attack them, but was down with three arrows in its head. "Where's Ithil?" demanded Haldir.

"Here." said Ithil and Rumil helped her back on. "Sorry. That spider gave me a fright."

"Come. We must hurry."

"Is this forest swarmed with them?" asked Ithil as they quickened their pace into a full gallop.

"Only parts. Do not worry, they wouldn't dare come near the palace of the Wood Elves."

"So...we're not 'near' the palace?" asked Ithil.

"No, I'm afraid not. Well, perhaps two hours away, but if these creatures keep on--" there was another screech and out came another spider, charging in front of them. The horses reared. Ithil fell off again, but this time, she tumbled down the hill. She got up and brushed the leaves out of her hair. Thankfully, it wasn't muddy, but full of leaves. She looked back up the hill. A long way up...she thought and began to run up the steep hill. She reached the top, but Haldir and his brothers weren't in sight. Instead, a huge spider was awaiting her. Her breathing intensified.

It made its way towards her—she yelped as Haldir charged through with his horse and picking her up and galloped off, with his brothers not far behind.

"This time," he said a little angry, "You hold ONTO the horse." she gripped the horse's mane, but not too tight.

"Why do creatures attack others?" asked Ithil, mournfully. "It's very wrong."

"Some creatures dislike others." said Haldir, curtly.

"I'm not afraid of them...I feel confused about them."

"You're the first elfling I've known to not be afraid of the spiders of Mirkwood." said Haldir, suppressing a snort.

"Not even an arrow being shot inches from my neck could scare me like that one time when—oops." she covered her mouth.

"What arrow?" asked Haldir, dodging a branch. "WHAT arrow?"

"I...a March Warden in training accidentally shot the tree next to me...when I was watching them."

"You shouldn't of been there. What was his name?" he asked.

"I...don't know." she said, truthfully. Haldir scoffed.

Ithil fell asleep for the rest of the trip until they had arrived at the gates. She awoke and rubbed her eyes. "Are we here?" she murmured.

"Yes. At the gates." he carried her off the horse and handed her to Orophin as she was too tired to stand. And laying her head on Orophin's shoulder, she fell asleep again.

Ithil woke up in a room she felt unfamiliar with. She noticed a tub and decided to have a bath. Usually a maiden would help, but she'd sometimes do it by herself. She climbed into the hot tub and sunk under. She came back to the surface and tried to work out which was the shampoo and the soap. She took out the bottle and looked at them. Then, the door creaked open. She saw a maiden peeking in. She spotted her and gasped.

"Oh! You're awake. I came to check up a while ago but you were still asleep. My name is Morwen. You...bathe all by yourself?" she asked.

"No, not all the time. My name is Ithilwen, but you can call me Ithil." said Ithil, shaking her wet head as the maiden closed the door. She held out the two bottles. "Which one is the shampoo?" The maiden laughed at her confused face and helped her wash her hair. She then dried her and put her dress on. She combed her hair.

"You look exactly like the Lady herself." she heard her murmur.

"Especially in white." sighed Ithil. "Everyone says so." she rubbed her eyes. The lady smiled.

"Come, I'll take you to King Thranduil."

"Is Haldir, Orophin and Rumil here?" asked Ithil.

"Indeed, yes. They are speaking with the King right now." Ithil took her hand and they walked out. They walked down the halls and corridors, until they walked into the Dining Hall. There, the King, Haldir, Orophin and Rumil and some others elves were chatting and eating. Ithil was turned shy and hid behind Morwen. Orophin, how ever spotted her and chuckled and excused himself from the table. He bowed at Morwen and then looked behind her.

"Oh Ithilwen, you're not afraid of spiders, yet you're hiding behind a maiden's dress?" he said, arching an eyebrow.

"Not funny." said Ithil, quietly. Orophin laughed and picked her up.

"You know, one day you're going to be so grown up I think I won't be able to pick you up anymore!" he said. Ithil said nothing and looked at Morwen.

"Thankyou for helping me, Morwen." she said, smiling.

"You're welcome. I'm your maiden for the time being here." she laughed and bowed to Orophin and walked off to another table, joining her friends.

"I saw you looking at her with funny eyes." said Ithil, as they walked towards the table with the King.

"You did?" said Orophin, nervously.

"Yes. I've always known you and Rumil were desperate." she said, softly. Orophin coughed. "Told you."

"Alright you know, I think I'm going to let you walk." he said.

"Thank you." she said and walked to the King and bowed. "Greetings, My Lord. Thank you for allowing me to stay. My name is Ithilwen, but you can call me Ithil." she said, graciously for her age. The King laughed.

"Never have I've seen an elfling being so sincere and gracious!" he said, smiling. "And you are always welcome here, Ithilwen of Lorien."

"Actually, I had to practise the speech with naneth." said Ithil, thoughtfully. Then, seeing the stern look on Haldir's face, she realized it was not the right way to speak with the King. "Sorry."

"Sorry?" said the puzzled King. "Oh! No, you can speak with me any way you wish. My son does that as much as you, of course. Where has that little Prince got to?" Ithil took a seat between Orophin and Rumil. She drank the water, and then choked. Rumil patted her back.

"Why is the water salty?" she asked, looking at the King, curiously. The King then groaned and put his hand on his forehead.

"Legolas..." he muttered, hoping it was actually an accident by the maids. A maiden gave her a new fresh drink, which she took and thanked gratefully. She then helped herself to some golden brown elven cakes and bit the corner before crying out in pain. Orophin checked the bread and then said,

"It's a rock. In paint."

"LEGOLAS!" roared the King. A young ellon came in.

"Ada?" he answered, with innocence.

"Why of all days and of ALL elves did you have to choose to pick on our guest?" snapped the King.

"Which guest?" asked the elf, cocking his head. His eyes fell upon Ithil...he eyed her with a look of interest and amusement. Also, with the look of awe ness. She's the most beautiful elleth I have ever seen, he thought.

"The one whom is staying with us for two weeks!" said the King, scowling.

"You mean...uh-oh..." he looked at Ithil with shocked eyes.

"Yes indeed uh-oh." said the King and said, "Now you come right here and apologize!" Legolas walked up to Ithil and said,

"Forgive me, for my foolish pranks. My name is Legolas Greenleaf."

"My name is Ithilwen, but you can call me Ithil. And...did you also happen to put glue on this chair?" she asked. Legolas' eyes widened with horror.

"You sat on the chair too? You've fallen into all of my pranks!" he exclaimed.

"LEGOLAS GREENLEAF!" Orophin stood up as the King began to scold his son. He tried to pull her steadily from the chair with Rumil's help, but failed.

"Ow, don't!" said Ithil, clutching the chair handles. "The glue's gone through my dress and onto my skin. You pull me out, you pull my skin off too!" Haldir groaned and put his head in his hands.


"Some water might help." said Legolas, watching as Ithil tried to wriggle herself free.


Ithil sighed as she stood and squeezed the hem of her partly ruined dress. Legolas was grounded and was sitting next to the King, looking blank. "Can I be excused?" she asked, kindly.

"Of course." said the King, throwing a death glare to his son. "Forgive my son, he's been influenced by some elves--"

"It is alright." she said, bowing and walked towards the door. Then Legolas snapping out of his trance of her grace, he yelled,

"NO DON'T!" too late, when she opened the door, down came a bucket of slime that landed on her head. She took it off slowly and took deep breaths. Haldir, Orophin and Rumil stared at her, open mouthed with shock. Legolas was banging his head on the table, while King Thranduil stared at her, horrified.

"Okay, stay calm...breathe...breathe..." she muttered, until—"OKAY LEGOLAS GREENLEAF! YOU'VE GOT YOURSELF A WAR! A PRANK WAR!" she yelled and stalked off, leaving a dumbfounded Prince.

"That is the first time I have ever seen her lose it..." said Rumil, awed.

"She's never lost her temper before..." said Orophin, shocked.

"Urgh...I do not think you'll have much of a palace left my Lord." groaned Haldir. Legolas shrank under the table.


Ithil scrubbed herself until her skin almost went pink. She wouldn't have to have scrubbed so hard if it weren't not for the smell. "Ithil?" said a muffled voice that belonged to Morwen.

"I'm in here." she called. The maiden walked in and closed the door. She poured some more soap before washing Ithil properly.

"I suppose you want to get the Prince back?" she asked.

"Indeed." muttered Ithil.

"Perhaps I'll give you one little lesson of the palace..."

Morwen drew out a map and laid it out on the bed. She explained to Ithil everything of the rooms and chambers, including Legolas' room and study. "Why are you helping me?" asked Ithil.

"One; elleths help each other and two; payback for the trouble he had caused me for three years. I was his maiden." she added.

"Oh. Thank you."

"My pleasure, I believe you have some plans?"

"Yes. Do you have some berries?"

"Hmm...I believe I know where to pick them." said the maiden, smiling. "Come, I'll fix your hair and we'll go, the sun will soon set." Ithil dressed into a pale emerald dress and held Morwen's hand as they walked through the halls. They saw Legolas walking towards them. Morwen bowed, although Ithil gave a little nod.

"Ithilwen, may I please speak with you alone?" he asked, sincerely. Morwen smiled as Ithil reluctantly nodded. Morwen walked to a window, as he spoke. "Please, Ithil. I did not mean to play those pranks on you." he said, almost pleadingly. "Will you forgive me?"

"Did your father make you apologize?" asked Ithil, cocking her head.

"Partly yes. He said if I don't apologize and get forgiven, I will have no more desserts."


"So will you forgive me? I always play tricks, but not on elleths my age or younger." he said.

"Mmm..." she placed a finger on her cheek, and looked up at the ceiling, pretending to think. Anyone would've thought her cute. "No." she walked off, with Morwen behind. Legolas stared after her, shocked.

It was evening and Orophin and Rumil had gone up to check on Ithil. Ithil was sitting on her bed, knowing they would come. "Shouldn't you be resting?" asked Rumil, as they sat either side on the chairs, next to her bed.

"I'm not tired..." she stifled a yawn. Orophin chuckled.


"Okay, maybe a little..." she rubbed her eyes, innocently. "Can you tell me a story? Naneth always tells me one." The brothers glanced at each other. "And do not think it is just for elleths. Ellons tell them too." she added. "Please?" she practically begged.

"Alright..." said Orophin, unsure of what story.

"Hannon Le. Please make it funny! Like, Rumil says one sentence, and you continue the next with made up ideas! You can make them ridiculous too! And please let it be long. Want a drink first? Morwen gave two glasses for me, knowing you'd be here." she poured them two glasses of 'water' and handed them to the puzzled brothers. They drank them and Rumil glanced at Orophin to start. Orophin gave a grin before saying,

"There once lived a grumpy old elf, named Haldir the Grump." Ithil suppressed a giggle as she hugged her pillow.

"He lived with his two brothers; Rumil the Good-looking and Orophin the...Less Good-looking." Ithil stuffed her knuckles in her mouth to stop giggling as Orophin glared at his smirking younger brother.

"Haldir the Grump was sitting down on a rock, being grumpy as usual, when a beautiful elleth came walking by." said Orophin, with narrowed eyes.

" 'Hello' said the elleth, while Haldir was doing his usually Grump thing." said Rumil.

"Then, Orophin came walking and at once the elleth fell in love with him." said Orophin, looking pleased with himself.

"Rumil then came and said; 'Come with me, Melamin, for I am your true-love'." he smirked at his brother.

"The beautiful elleth then said; 'No thank you, I prefer the most HANDSOME one'." said Orophin, grinning.

"Rumil then blew one of his most charming kisses and immediately, the elleth changed her mind." he said, feeling good as Orophin scowled. Ithil was laughing and rolling around as the brothers began to bicker.

"But then Orophin blew HIS charming kisses and then she changed her mind--"

"But she then changed her mind again when Rumil dragged her AWAY FROM HIM--"

"Orophin THEN began shooting his brother--"

"Rumil also shooting his brother--"

"And the elleth fainting at the sight of her beloved Orophin fighting for her--"

"And Haldir the Grump sat on the rock again, grumbling, not knowing there was a arrow in his head." they said in unison, before falling to asleep. Ithil trilled with laughter and realized that her sleeping draught finally took over the two ellons. She kissed their foreheads before jumping off the bed and taking out a small bottle of berry dye she produced. She crept out, remembering what Morwen had said, she crept to find Legolas' room. Indeed, she found it. She crept in, trying not to wake the sleeping prince.

Ithil was saying goodbye to Orophin and his brothers at the gates when—

"ADA!" Legolas' cry rang through the trees. The King whirled around to find his son...with...RED HAIR? Ithil giggled as she was still in Orophin's arms, getting a good view on the top of the Prince's head.

"Legolas, what happened to your hair?" his father exclaimed.

"I didn't do it!" he wailed. "Ithilwen did!"

"I didn't do it!" she cried. "What proof do you have? I was with Orophin and Rumil for the whole time! Tell him Orophin! Tell him Rumil! You were telling me a story, remember?" she wailed. The three March Wardens stared at her. She was never this loud or different before...maybe it was because of the Prince—

"WERE you with her?" asked Haldir, arching an eyebrow.

"Yes." said Rumil. "We were telling her a very nice bedtime story..." he added with a smirk.

"Yes and you were in it too!" exclaimed Ithil. Orophin's and Rumil's smirk vanished when she said, "You were Haldir the Grump while Rumil was Rumil the Good-Looking and Orophin was Orophin the Less Good-Looking." The brothers nervously looked at their elder brother.

"Haldir the Grump." he repeated.

"Yeah! And at the end, you had an arrow in your head and you didn't notice until—oops." she went red. "You weren't supposed to hear that."

"Indeed!" said Haldir, glaring at his brothers. "And your story-tellers had better watch out soon, or they'll find themselves retired from the Guard."

"You wouldn't do that!" they exclaimed.

"You did it anyway!" said Legolas, staring at the elleth, accusingly.

"If I did, you deserve it anyway! I had to scrub off the smell and slime!" she snapped.

"For once, I have to agree, my son." said King Thranduil, smiling.

"So you did do it?" said Haldir.

"Yes...I did. Does that mean I have to go home now?" said Ithil, sadly.

"As long as you don't tear the King's palace down, then you can stay."

"Really? Thanks! You're not really Haldir the Grump after all—speaking of which...what was the name of the elleth?" asked Ithil, looking at Orophin and Rumil, with raised eyebrows. The brothers glanced at each other before grinning.


"WHAT? But... I wouldn'"

"Aw, at least you know there are two ellons who would kill each other for you." laughed Rumil. Ithil looked shocked.

"At least I know by the time I'm able to wed, you'd be too old for me!" she said, grinning.

"WHAT? By the time you're able to marry, we'd be 2000 or something! Unlike Haldir of course, but 2000 is still young! Including 3000!" exclaimed Orophin, pretending to be hurt.

"Oh?" she cocked an eyebrow.

"We must be going." said Haldir, narrowing his eyes.

"Yes, Haldir? Please tell naneth and ada I love them and miss them!" she called after them. Haldir nodded as they trotted down the path. As soon as they were out of sight, King Thranduil sighed and said,

"Well, I have work to do, you two better behave," Ithil and Legolas didn't hear what he was saying—they were too busy glaring at each other.

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