Chapter 2

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Ithil was in the dining hall, with Morwen and her friends.

"What is it like in Lorien?" asked one of the elleths.

"It's really peaceful and full of singing. But usually I stay with naneth or ada or by myself. I like it here too." answered Ithil, smiling sweetly.

"Oh, who gave you that necklace?" asked another.

"My friend. His name is Kael. I miss him. He was my first friend..."

"Oh, how sweet!" they giggled. "Did he give you anything else?"

" a kiss..." she said, shyly. They all gasped and giggled, "But on the cheek!"

"Ohh...who do you think you'll get your first kiss from? I mean, on the lips." said the elf, laughing.

"I...don't know, hopefully not the stubborn, no good Prince." she snorted. She gasped at what she said. She had just offended royalty—but the maidens laughed. She took a bite out of her sandwich and chew...and began to choke. "S-Sand...water! Please!" she choked until they made her drink. "Thank you." she then scowled. "He's more than stubborn...he's a trouble-seeker! URGH! He'll pay for that!"

It was the next day...nice and peaceful—

"YYYYAAAAHHHH!" there was a shout. Ithil was with the King, talking about her naneth when Legolas crashed through the doors—with make up. Everyone had to suppress their laughter. "ITHILWEN!"

"Yes? No need to shout." said Ithil, calmly.


"I didn't do anything!" she looked at him and grinned. "Oh! I see you're trying to improve your looks. I think you need more blush on the left side...or not, you're already blushing naturally." The King choked on his drink at the sight of his son. His hair colour was gone, and now, he had rose pink lipstick, blue eye shadow—the lot!

The next day, as expected, another scream...but this time it belonged to Ithil. She had woken up, feeling wet. She uncovered herself and found sticky yellow liquid everywhere. She couldn't have wet herself!

"Tis lemonade, Ithil!" said Morwen, laughing, but stopped at Ithil's look.

"Oh I'll learn that Prince!" she scowled and prepared another plan...

Later that day, Ithil had noticed Legolas was in the shower. She then crept quietly (thankfully, his bathroom was in a separated room) and got out his regular boots...


Another scream. "EEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!" King Thranduil sighed in his study. Screams were coming everyday. Will this go on forever? "AAAAADDDDDAAAAA! THERE ARE EGGS IN MY BOOTS! AND I JUST HAD A SHOWER TOO! MY FEET ARE STICKY!"

"Then wash them!" called the King and banged his head on the table. Was there no peace between the elflings?

While Ithil was chatting and walking with Morwen, Legolas was busy with her own shoes and slippers...

King Thranduil rested in his bed, feeling that he needed a nice peaceful—"AARRRGGHH!" Another scream and he shot up. He groaned and covered his head with his pillow. His Queen had gone to Rivendell for a visit...when will she ever come back? He needed her to deal with them both before the palace turns to a war field.


"When will you two get along?" asked Morwen, keeping herself from grinning.


"ADA!" wailed Legolas, scratching himself all over. "I'M ITCHY!"

"Where?" sighed his father.


"Itchy powder, I presume."


"No, you're going to--"

"WHERE ARE MY RIGHT FOOTED SHOES?" Legolas grinned, but stopped at his father's face.

"Alright this has gone long enough!" sighed Ithil, after Morwen gave her a new pair of shoes.

"So you give in?"

"NO!" she paused and then grinned. "I'm making HIM give in. He loves archery...right?"

Ithil walked through the safe paths of the forest, looking pleased—"ARGH!" she shrieked when a sudden net trapped her and she was in the air. She saw Legolas below her, smirking. "Let me down!" she snapped.

"No. Where is my bow and Quiver?" he demanded.

"I'm not telling you unless you give in to the 'war'." she said, crossing her arms.

"Well, unless you tell me where my prized weapons are AND yielding to me then I can't allow you down."

"Hmph!" She narrowed her eyes and sat there. He sighed and sat under a tree, waiting. They were both waiting for one another to speak. It was getting late when Ithil then said,

"I'm not giving in, but I'll tell you that your weapons are under your father's study desk." mumbled Ithil.

"Thank you." he muttered back.

"Truce for now?" they said at the same time. "Okay!" they said in unison.

"Only if you promise me something." said Legolas. Ithil looked crestfallen.

"What?" she asked.

"Let me be the one to give you your first kiss." Ithil's eyes widened. "I didn't mean NOW, I meant maybe in a few years time! I haven't kissed anybody either. And so have you!" She smiled and said,

"Okay." He stepped on something that made her fall. "Ow!"

"Sorry." he said and helped the net off her and getting her up. "So, repeat after me." Ithil giggled and followed him, saying,

"I, Ithilwen of Lorien, promise to not receive any first kiss from anybody, other then Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood." She repeated, narrowing her eyes as she had to hold up her hand and the other on her chest. "That is the most ridiculous promise I have ever made. Now you have to make YOUR promise." Legolas shrugged and did the same movements;

"I, Legolas of the Woodland Realm, promise to not receive any first kiss from anybody, other then Ithilwen of Lorien."

"Okay...just promise not to tell anyone...especially Morwen and her friends...oh no...and don't tell Haldir or anybody from Lorien!"

"Relax!" he laughed. "C'mon, it's almost supper." He took her hand.

"Why do you take my hand?" she asked. He snorted.

"Don't you always take everybody's hands?"

"That's because they are older than me!"

"I'm older than you!" he said, indignantly.

"Only a couple of years. And, you can't tell because we're almost the same height to nah!" she stuck out her tongue.

"Huh...what ever you wish." He let go and then grinned. "Then the last one to the dining hall is an orc." He raced off without warning.

"Hey!" she wailed and ran after him. She caught up with him, and they ran into the dining hall...crashed through the doors and toppled all over the place. Everyone stood up to see what the commotion was about, and saw two little elflings on the floor. Ithil got up and brushed herself and said, "I got here first! HA! You're the rotten orc!"

"No I'm not!" he protested. "I got here first! And it's not a rotten orc, it's just an orc!"

"All orcs are rotten!" she said, shrugging. "Your highness!" she called. The King cocked an eyebrow.


"Who got here first?"

"Judging by the crash, you both got here the same time." The elleth and ellon looked crestfallen.

"Fine...last one to the table IS a rotten orc!" said Legolas and raced to his father's able. Ithil just sat down on the on the corner at the table, where the guards usually sit. They raised their eye brows at her, and then Legolas sniggered. "Ha! You're the rotten orc!"

"Legolas! That's not very nice to say to an elleth!" scolded his father.

"I'm not the rotten orc, you said the last one to the table is a rotten orcs, you didn't tell which table to sit, so I sat on the one in front of me! Before you, of course, you YOU'RE THE ROTTEN ORC!" she stuck out her tongue.

"Whose the rotten orc?" said an amused voice from the door. Everyone gasped 'your highness'. It was the Queen.

"Naneth!" called Legolas and ran to his mother and hugged her. "I'm glad your back." He said, as his mother hugged him back.

"Same here." she laughed and noticed Ithil. "And I'm sure you'll introduce to me this beautiful elleth?" Legolas paused.

"Oops." He turned and pulled Ithil to his mother. "Mother, this is Ithilwen of Lorien. Daughter of Lady Galadriel and Lord Celeborn! Ithil, this is my mother, Queen Vanya." Ithil bowed.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." She said, gracefully.

"And I you." Laughed the Queen. "I did not know the Lady of the Golden Wood had another beautiful daughter!"

"I'm...adopted." said Ithil, quietly.

"But that doesn't mean you're not her daughter." She said, gently and hugged her.

"I know..." she said, uncertainly.

It was the next day, Ithilwen was well hidden under a tree, watching some guards training. She would indeed laugh if an arrow was shot next to her neck. "Ithil?" said an uncertain voice that belonged to a certain Prince.

"What are you doing here?" they asked in unison.

"I'm watching." Said Ithil, grinning.

"I was here a while ago." Said Legolas, dropping down from the tree above her.

"They say you can master archery already." Said Ithil, absent-mindedly.

"Yes." He said, with his ears turning pink.

"Can you teach me?" she asked, suddenly.

"Why?" he asked, smirking.

"Because I want to show Haldir, Orophin and Rumil that I can defend myself." Said Ithil, softly. "I'm always with a guard when I want to be by myself. I was so desperate to be alone, I often keep hidden and wander alone, away from everybody."

"If you want..." he said, hesitantly. "I've never seen an elleth use weaponry before, let alone teach her."

"Please?" she said, with water eyes. Legolas felt like he melted into ooze.

"No fair, it's usually me that do those eyes!" he said, grinning. "Okay. You can use my bow for now. Though I do not know what the other elves would think of me, an elfling Prince teaching a pretty elfling who is rather young to even learn about weaponry."

"I'm a fast learner." She said, indignantly. "And I do wish you'd stop calling me pretty or beautiful. I enjoy it, but it gets tiring, especially when they say I look like Naneth a lot."

"Lower your elbow down a bit." Suggested Legolas. Ithil did so, staring into the target.

"Who taught you archery?" she asked.

"Ada." Said Legolas, before adding, "Pull the string back as far as you can. Now...let go!" Ithil released the arrow, and it flew right at the bottom of the target. "Not bad for the first time!" he exclaimed. "I couldn't even shoot it on my first time." Ithil laughed.

"Hannon Le--"

"Your highness, this is quite a sight!" said an elf nearby, grinning. "You're teaching a young elleth how to master archery?" Legolas looked at his feet before muttering something.

"I asked him too." said Ithil, glancing at Legolas, before looking at the laughing elf.

"Well, make sure he doesn't push you too hard. Usually your arm would hurt for days." He said, before walking to his friends to tell them what he had just seen.

"Okay...let's...try that again." Said Legolas, after silence as Ithil notched the arrow.


"Ithil, I think we should stop for now." Said Legolas, as Ithil plucked the arrows from the target. "We can have lunch and then maybe we could practise again."

"I don't want to stop until I get it right!" said Ithil, a little frustrated. "I can never get the middle!"

"I can tell your arm hurts!" said Legolas, as he eyed the shaking shoulder.

"It's fine." She mumbled.

"Oh I am so sure." Snorted Legolas, then, being the oh so kind Prince, he said, "Show me your arm."

"It's fine!" she exclaimed as he took a look at it, pushing up her sleeve.

"It will be if Morwen rubs it for a while tonight." He said, before staring at the shadow on the ground. They looked up to find an elfling older than them staring at them. Legolas and Ithil immediately released each other, with Ithil still rubbing her arm.

"Legolas!" she whined—or more like shrilled. "You never taught me archery and yet you teach her!" she wailed.

"Iston Le (do I know you)?" he said, cocking his head.

"D-Don't you remember me?" she whimpered.

"It's me! Im Aranel (I'm Aranel)."

"Princess?" questioned Legolas.

"That's what ada called me!" she glared at Ithilwen.

"And who are you?" she asked rather rudely.

"Ithilwen of Lorien." Said Ithil, she said resisting the urge to hide behind Legolas, as the elleth towered over them.

"Ah, the trouble maker." She snorted.

"If she's a trouble maker, then so am I!" said Legolas, defensively.

"Legolas, why do you defend her?" she whined. Ithil winced at her shrieking voice.

"Because she is my friend." He said, fiercely.

"I can be your friend too! And...I can be more than that." She said, falling into a whisper.

"I don't want to be your friend if you're this mean." He said.

"This is your fault!" she spat the Ithil, now towering over her. "If you weren't here, Legolas would be with ME! And he will--" Ithil took a step back and bumped into someone behind her. She turned to find that she had bumped into the King and Queen.

"Sorry your highnesses." She said, bowing. They nodded, smiling. As the queen placed a hand on Ithil's shoulder, the King was talking to Aranel.

"I hope you are not causing trouble?" he said, cocking an eyebrow.

"I am not, your highnesses." Said Aranel, almost spluttering. "But SHE is!" she pointed at Ithil.

"No she wasn't!" protested Legolas. "We were fine until you came along--"

"Legolas." Warned the King. "I will take care of this." He bent down and whispered in the she-elf's ear and her eyes widened with fear. She took off in a hurry. "Now." He turned to the two elflings. He then stopped. "Legolas!" he exclaimed. "Have you been teaching Ithil archery?" he said, shocked.

"Yes." Murmured Legolas, looking at his feet.

"I asked him too." said Ithil, quickly. "If it is against the rules, it is my fault." She added, sadly.

"It is not exactly against the rules..." said the King, slowly. "It is just not right for a Lady to master weapons."

"But a Lady has to defend herself." Said Ithil, looking up at the King, innocently. The King raised his eyes brows and then smiled with mischief glinting in his eyes.

"That sentence reminds me of a certain Queen." He said, chuckling.

"It's true!" said Vanya, indignantly.

"You were taught weaponry?" the elflings exclaimed. The Queen laughed.

"Yes, by a certain King." She chuckled. The King whistled. "I was also taught how to use Elven Knives--"

"I can't use elven knives yet." Said Legolas, sadly. "If I can, I could teach you!" he added, to Ithil, whose face lit up.

"That's okay! I can get Haldir to teach me...or his brothers. I don't think Haldir would let me though. He's so grumpy...and stern..." she said and then grinned. "Then I'll just have to learn from Orophin and Rumil in secret!"

"And if Haldir by chance, finds out?" said the King, cocking an eyebrow.

"Uh..." Ithil looked lost. "Um..." Legolas was thinking up an excuse to give her as well.

"How about you say that you were influenced by a certain King Thranduil?" asked Vanya. The King looked horrified.

"And be faced to face with an angry Captain of the Guard? I think not." He said, snorting.

"Father, you can fight, can't you? Why would you be frightened by Haldir?" asked Legolas.

"I never said I was frightened of Haldir!" he spluttered.

"Maybe because Haldir is the Captain of all March Wardens...he's the leader of them." Said Ithil, smiling.

"I'm not afraid of a Captain of all March Wardens!" protested the King.

"Okay, so then you can take the blame." Said the Queen, proudly. "That settles it." The King mumbled something about she-elves and their stubbornness being compared to the dwarves.


It was not long before Ithilwen had master archery. was not long before she had to leave. Orophin and Rumil were there. Ithil let go of Legolas' hand and ran to them. Orophin laughed and picked her up and pretended to 'almost' drop her and catch her again.

"Oh, you're going to get really heavy." Said Rumil as it was his turn to greet her with a twirl.

"I never asked you to pick me up." She said, grinning.

"Ah, I see the palace is still here. And we thought it would've been torn to shreds!" laughed Orophin.

"Nay, they were" Said the King, untruthfully. They bowed at the sight of his highness and the Queen.

"Not really." Muttered Legolas. "I had pink hair."

"Not may fault, I had to work hard to scrub off the slime!" protested Ithil. "And plus, I had sand in my sandwich!"

"You put make up on me!"

"What about that lemonade in my bed!"

"What of the eggs in my boots!"

"My missing right shoes!"

"The itchy powder!"



Everyone stared at the King. "Co-operative, you say?" The King laughed nervously but then stopped.

"What net trap?" he asked sharply at his son. "Surely you did not have Ithil being caught in a net!"

"Uh..." Legolas looked at the ground in shame. "Well I HAD to convince her to give back my weapons!" he protested. The King groaned.

"We must be going now." Laughed Rumil. Ithil gazed up on the stallion again.

"Do I have to?" she said, stepping back.

"Yep." Orophin hoisted her up onto the horse.

"Remember your promise!" said Legolas.

"You too!" she said, as they galloped away. Ithil looked back at Legolas and his family as they disappeared through the trees.

"What promise?" asked Orophin.

"Not telling you. Where's Haldir?"

"He had an errand to do." Ithil leaned back on Orophin and went to sleep. Ithil awoke next to the river again. She rubbed her eyes and walked to where Orophin and Rumil were. She sat between them and gazed at Rumil's bow. She picked it up and gazed at it.

"Be careful." Said Orophin as she took out an arrow from the quiver.

"Please don't sound like Haldir." She said, softly and notched it. "This bow is too big for me." She said and sat down. "Legolas' was more better."

"LEGOLAS TAUGHT YOU ARCHERY?" yelped Rumil. Ithil covered her mouth.

"I'm not saying anymore." She said, stubbornly crossing her arms.

"Ithil, did he teach you archery?" asked Orophin. Ithil didn't answer. "Answer...please?"

"Yes." She answered, not looking at their shocked faces. "He would've taught me how to use elven knives, but he didn't know how to use them yet." She added, thoughtfully. "Can you teach me?"

"Huh?" asked Rumil.

"Can you teach me on how to use elven knives?" Orophin fell off the log in shock. "Is it that wrong for an elleth to learn weaponry?" she sighed.


"Haldir doesn't have to know. No body does! You can teach me secretly!" she said, hopefully. She made a puppy face. "PWEASE?"

The brothers glanced at each other before grinning.

"Alright. But you'll have to wait until we're settled back in Lorien." Yawned Orophin.


"Naneth! Ada!" cried Ithil as she ran into her foster parents arms. "I've missed you so!"

"Ithilwen!" sighed Galadriel as she held her daughter in her arms. Celeborn stroked her hair. "How was Mirkwood?"

"Orophin and Rumil thought the palace would have been torn to shreds thanks to the Prince and me." She giggled.

"Well the last time we have seen you, you were covered in green slime." Said an amused voice.

"Haldir!" she cried and hugged him. He smiled and bent down to hug her. She then went back to Celeborn's arms.

"Green slime?" questioned the Lord.

"Legolas and I had a prank war. But we had a truce...for now." Said Ithil, grinning.

"Poor King Thranduil too." said Rumil and grinned. "Oh and don't forget the fake elven cake and the salty water and the glue on the chair--"

"Rumil." Said Orophin, flatly. Ithil was hiding her face in Celeborn's robe in embarrassment.

"Oh...sorry." said the ellon, sheepishly.


When ever Orophin and Rumil had days off, Ithil would always go to them to learn to use the elven knives. Haldir was always suspicious but said nothing and Celeborn was confused at her 'enjoyment' of being with the two ellons.

Ithil ate her breakfast gratefully—and quickly.

"Are you in a rush again?" asked Celeborn. She nodded.

"Orophin and Rumil are having two weeks off from their posts." She said.

"Oh? So I guess we won't be seeing you for most of the two weeks?" questioned Galadriel, smiling.

"What is it with you and those two ellons?" asked Celeborn, curiously.

"What's wrong ada? I enjoy being with them!" said Ithil, smiling.

"Maybe too much too." he mumbled.

"Ada, are you thinking that I have a relationship between them?" she asked, curiously. Celeborn choked, as he drank his water. Galadriel did her best not to burst out laughing.

"Do you?" he questioned, hoarsely, still trying to clear his throat.

"No." she said. "They're too old for me."

"Not really." He said, thoughtfully.

"That is what they said." She said, cocking her head. "Besides, I made a promise with Legolas--" she stopped.

"What promise?" he asked.

"" she tried to make up something. Instead, she made an excuse, "Uh-oh! I'm late now! Cuio vae (farewell!)!" she quickly walked out.

"Garo arad vaer (Have a good day)." Called Galadriel.

"What promise?" he said, glancing at his wife, who shrugged.

"Oomph." Ithil fell back, as the elven sword was completely heavy. "This is a sword." She said, looking up at the laughing ellons.

"We know, we just wanted to see how you fare when holding Haldir's old sword."

"Haldir used to carry this around?" she exclaimed and tried to get up, but failed. "It's so heavy though!" Rumil sniggered.

"Like himself." He said, before relieving her of it.

"Here." Said Orophin, handing her two little elven knives that had her name engraved on the blades.

"They are beautiful! Thank you!" she said. She then paused.

"Seeing that we had trained you to master the basic moves, we decided to give you a 'reward' for your efforts." Said Rumil in a poor impression of a teacher. Ithil giggled before pausing.

"How am I going to explain to Ada or Naneth about me coming home with two elven knives in my hands?"

"YOU HAVE NOT TOLD THE LADY AND LORD YET!" They cried. She shook her head, confused.

"Is it that important?"


"But Haldir doesn't know either." Said Ithil, puzzled.

"We can handle our brother...almost but we cannot handle your father!"

"Blame it on the King." Said Ithil, grinning at the thought of Legolas' father.

"The King?" they repeated.

"Queen Vanya said to blame it on King Thranduil for being influenced on him!" she said, grinning.

"Ithilwen..." they groaned.

"Do you know where I can get a bow and quiver of arrows?" she asked, innocently. They stared at her dumbfounded. "Please?"

"...Ithilwen..." groaned Rumil. "You still don't understand. An elleth shouldn't even BE allowed to learn weaponry..."

"But Queen Vanya learned it at my age!" protested Ithil. "What harm does it do, when an elleth wants to protect herself?" she said, sadly.

"Okay!" said Orophin, giving up. "But you have to tell your Naneth and ada soon, okay?"

"Okay! But I do not wish to tell them just yet." She said, stubbornly. The brothers glanced at each other before sighing.

"Alright, best to find a bag to hide your knives in first..."

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"Aur Onnad Meren! (Happy birthday)." Said Kael, grinning.

"Kael!" cried Ithil. "I have never seen you ever since I got back from Mirkwood!" she said, hugging her friend.

"I was busy helping father." He said, sheepishly. Mostly everyone in Lorien had come to celebrate Ithilwen's birthday. Then, one of the elflings asked curiously,

"How do you know when you're born, if Lady Galadriel found you in the Wood?"

"This is the day that Naneth found me, so we decided it would be my birth date." Said Ithil, half sadly.

"Oh…" Ithil's eyes lit up when she saw Orophin and Rumil heading her way. She thanked the elflings for coming before running to them. Kael shook his head, sighing.

"Don't you think she likes them too much?" asked an elfling nearby.

"She doesn't like them that way." Said Kael, almost snapping. "Why is it that some people see things so…so…wrong?"

"Thank you for coming!" said Ithilwen. "Hi Haldir!" she said, grinning.

"Hello, Ithilwen. How fare you?" he asked, smiling.

"Very well." She looked around…everyone was here, save one.

After a while, everyone either sat down on the grass or stood, watching as Ithil had to open up her presents. She took out a small box and grinned as it was from Haldir and his brothers. She opened up to find a bracelet of mithril and gold. She thanked them and hugged them before opening up the next one.

The pile of presents decreased into there was one left. This was one huge box. She opened it small so no one could see. She took out a note—it was from Legolas.

Dear Ithilwen of Lorien,

I am sorry I couldn't attend your party. I was so excited—until father said that an important friend of his had some over. He said it was rude to leave so I was forced to stay here—but it did not stop me form giving you a present! You will enjoy it—and do not forget the promise!

From Legolas.

Everyone noticed the blush that came from Ithil. She lifted the lid a bit, big enough to stick her hand in, she felt…oh! She thought. She felt it was a bow…and beside it was a quiver, and some sharp points—arrows.

"Who is it from?" asked the rude she elf. (The one who refused to let her play earlier in the fic).

"I-It's from…" she hesitated. "Prince Legolas." Most elves gasped and murmured. Some elflings were gaping at her in awe.

"Open it!" the elflings urged. She closed her eyes, hoping that her ada wouldn't take things the wrong way and opened it. The elves' eyes widened.

"Weapons?" questioned Celeborn. "Why would he send you weapons?"

"H-He loves archery…so…maybe that is why?" said Ithil, nervously.

"But he should know you can't use them." He said, confused. Ithil sighed.

"No, ada. I CAN use them." She murmured. There was a stunned silence. "He taught me."

"He taught you how to master bow and arrow?" said Haldir, cocking an eyebrow.

"Yes…and I enjoyed it." She said, plucking up the courage. "Why is it odd for elleths to use weapons?" she asked, slightly angry.

"It's usually ellons who do the weaponry." Said the rude elfling. "Didn't you know?"

"Oh, but that's saying elleths are useless when it comes to protecting themselves!" said Ithil, glaring at the elleth. Orophin and his brothers were praying silently that she wouldn't lose her temper. "I enjoyed doing archery. I have now mastered it." She added.


Ithil sat in her room, gazing out of the window. She noticed Galadriel and Celeborn walking in. "What is my punishment?" she asked.

"Punishment?" repeated Celeborn, "Why should we punish you?"


"Ithil, whether you have learnt weaponry or not, we will always love you." Said Galadriel, holding Ithil in her arms.

"If you do not approve of it," she muffled, "You can blame King Thranduil. Queen Vanya said so." Celeborn burst out laughing.

"No..we wouldn't blame the King!" he laughed.

"So…so…would you let me learn weaponry?" she said, hopefully.

"Yes…" he said, slowly. "But you are young--"

"Oh! I'm a fast learner! Even Legolas said so, I already know the basic moves of the elven knives that--" she gasped.

"What?" exclaimed Celeborn. "Do not tell me—Legolas doesn't not know how to use them yet! How could he have taught you?" Galadriel smiled.

"Orophin and Rumil…" said the Lady. "That proves why you have been so busy with them, correct?" Ithil looked down.

"Don't punish them either."

"We are not going to punish them." Said Celeborn, sighing. "I am just surprised you all managed to get Haldir's permission--"

"Haldir doesn't know…oops."

"Haldir doesn't know?" he choked. Ithil shook his head. "Well he has to know."

"Then he will get angry." Protested Ithil. "He is after all, Haldir the Grump."




"YOU WHAT!" roared Haldir. Orophin and Rumil looked at their feet. "YOU TRAINED A LITTLE ELFLING—AN ELLETH—TO USE ELVEN KNIVES?"

"Yes." They said, miserably. "She wanted us to. She practically begged us."


"Ahem." The three ellons looked up to find a very serious looking Celeborn and a shy looking Ithilwen, hiding behind him. "Orophin, Rumil? May I please have a word with you?" he said, completely expressionless.

"I take my leave." mumbled Haldir before walking out of the door. The two brothers shifted.

"Ithilwen here tells me that you have been training her how to use elven knives." said the Lord, folding his arms. They glanced at each other before nodding their heads. "I believe that a punishment is in order." Rumil and Orophin winced. "Ithilwen? Perhaps you'd like to tell them the punishment of your choice?" The two looked at Ithil, puzzled and stunned.

"Umm…I think it would be too mean to ban them from the borders ada, so…I know!" she gave a sudden mischief grin that the brothers were sure she had been influenced by the Mirkwood Prince. "They could work in the Kitchens for two weeks!" Their jaws dropped. They would be working with giggling, gossiping maidens…

"Why is that?" asked Celeborn, stunned as well as them.

"I know that they're desperate for elleths." said Ithil, innocently. "Trust me ada…they even asked if they were on my list." Orophin shot her a look of, don't-you-even-think-about-it.

"What list?" asked Celeborn. Ithil looked at the pleading looks they were giving her.

"Nothing." she said, innocently. "Just that they are desperate to get some elleths, so I am helping them by punishing them into the kitchens to work with the maidens. Maybe there they could find the elleths of their dreams."

Orophin scrubbed the dish slowly…Rumil dried them slowly…giggles could be heard everywhere. Then, greetings could be heard. The two ellons turned around to see Ithil, grinning.

"How fare you?" she asked, skipping to them, looking as innocent as ever.

"Very…" the rest turned into mumbles.

"Have you made it into any of their lists?" she asked, smiling sweetly. Orophin groaned.

"This is all your fault. You're the one that introduced her to 'the list'." muttered Rumil.

"Ithil?" called Kael, then making himself noticed in the kitchens. "Oh."

"Hi Kael!" she greeted, grinning.

"Hi Ithil, come. Haldir is waiting!"

"What is he waiting for?" asked Orophin, curiously.

"He is teaching me and Kael more about the elven knives!" answered Ithil.

"WHAT! And he doesn't get punished?"

"Ada said that was his punishment, because he was too blind or something to figure out why you were disappearing a lot when you were teaching me!" said Ithil.

Of course, Haldir wasn't content on teaching two elflings on how to fight. He practically in secret begged Lord Celeborn to let him 'be free'.


...2000 YEARS LATER...


Ithilwen had grown up to be an almost complete image of Galadriel. Her golden hair rippled down to her waist, her deep blue eyes speckled with grey, her gracefulness...and her powers.

She dwelled upon the mallorn trees...the fading trees... she was quite often mistaken as Galadriel herself. She was grave and grim; she knew her Naneth and ada would be sailing soon, to the Valinor. She did not wish to go. She was now torn between staying or leaving. She wished to go and be with her parents, happily and hoping to see Celebrian. If she chose to stay, she feared for the hearts of Galadriel and Naneth. If she were to stay, would they be even more sad? And even more, Celeborn had told her himself that he wanted her to come with them.

Time is fading and she had heard of the rumours of Mordor. She had heard of the Fellowship. She had heard of Legolas. Once in her immortal life she had seen Legolas. In the year before, they had written to each other, but it was not yet the same. They were unable to see each other, for Mirkwood had grown to be dangerous for the spiders had grown more tense and dangerous. But no longer was it infested with them, for the darkness had now lifted itself from Mirkwood, to Mordor.

"My Lady Gala--" the she-elf stopped and covered her mouth as Ithil turned towards her. "—driel...forgive me, Lady Ithilwen, I-I..." she spluttered.

"There is nothing to forgive. Perhaps I shouldn't wear white." She said, with amusement. The she-elf took off in embarrassment.

"White suits you more." Said a amused voice.

"Hello Kael. Funny, I thought you were at the borders?" she said, turning towards the ellon.

"No. Haldir gave me some days off. He is stubborn, I must admit." She laughed. Perhaps her day wouldn't be as bad with a friend. The two walked upon the grass and sat down to watch the waterfall.

"Has anything strange happened at the borders?" she asked, curiously.

"One second you are silent, the next you have jumped to being curious and excited?" he said, grinning.

"Having friends can cure a lot of things." She said, playfully whacking him on the shoulder, forgetting all of her problems.

"I am surprised you have barely made any conversations with the elleths." He said, seriously.

"I have..." she said slowly. "But...they are different."

"Right..." he said, narrowing his eyes. "Well, there has been a lot of stirring to the east, which everyone knows why, and also in Moria."

She sighed, "There is stirring everywhere."

Ithilwen wandered through the trees the next day, closer to the borders. A little too close. The Captain of the Guard dropped down from the tree top.

"My Lady, you should not be here." Said Haldir's stern voice.

"Are you referring to me or Naneth?" she asked, smiling.

"You. I, unlike others can tell the difference between you and your mother." He said, suppressing a snort.

"Well I, unlike you, get lonely." She scoffed, pulled her white hood back from her face.

"Lonely?" he cocked an eyebrow.

"Aw, our little Ithil is lonely!" said two sniggering voices. Orophin and Rumil dropped down. "Can we be of help with that?"

"Indeed, yes!" she laughed.

"Shouldn't you two be at your posts?" asked Haldir, narrowing his eyes.

"Do not worry, brother. We have others taking our place for now. And only we can cheer her up." Said Rumil, grinning. Ithil suddenly turned to the outside borders.

"Something is heading for Lorien." She said, lowly. And without warning, the two brothers disappeared, giving her kisses on the hand and climbed up the tree.

"You need to get back." Said Haldir, quickly.

"I am fine, Haldir." She said, grimly and walked out of sight, casting her white hood over her face. She dwelled around until she noticed Haldir and the other March Wardens notching their arrows at eight strangers. She stood there, looking at a little Hobbit. The hobbit seemed to have noticed her.

Welcome, Frodo Baggins of the Shire. She said, in his mind. He stirred and blinked. She smiled and noticed an elf, looking back at her. Her heart stopped beating for a second. They stared at each other. It cannot be him, she thought. But then again, she knew with the look in his eyes. We meet again, Legolas son of King Thranduil. She had the feeling he had the urge to just drop his weapons and get to her. She then noticed Haldir turning to see what the Prince was looking at. He stared at Ithil. Almost glaring. All eyes fell upon her.

"She is waiting." She said, gracefully, referring to her mother and walked away.

Later on, after Galadriel had told them to rest, Ithil felt a bit curious on the strangers, excluding Legolas being a stranger. She walked silently to them, listening to the song for Mithrandir.

"My Lady, can you tell me again on what it was you said about--" another hobbit stopped. She smiled.

"I believe you have mistaken me for my mother, Samwise Gamgee." She said, smiling. He went pink in the ears.


"There is nothing to be sorry about." She said and looked at a man of Gondor. She knew of what her Naneth had spoken to him about.

There is always hope, Boromir. Even though you may not see it. He looked at her before looking down. She felt Legolas' eyes on her. She did not look at him and walked away.

"Go after her!" said Pippin, looking from Legolas to the walking-away-Ithil.

"Pippin!" said Merry and whacked his cousin on his head.

Ithil looked at the huge pool, and the waterfall. She slipped off her gown and dipped in. The cool water embraced her skin, as she sunk down. She reached the surface again and moved the hair from her face. She noticed Legolas sitting under a tree. "I see you have followed the hobbit's advise?" she said, as she swam around slowly. Legolas listened to the ripples of the water before answering,

"I had always wanted to go after you, before he ever thought to say it." Ithil watched the waterfall, knowing that Legolas slipped his garments off and had slipped into the water. "May I ask how you would swim in such freezing water?"

"Freezing?" she repeated, laughing. "This is warm, to me, Prince Legolas."

"And since when do you call me Prince Legolas?"

"Is that not your name?" she asked, turning to him.

"The last time we met, it was just Legolas, was it not?" he said, amused.

"That was 2000 years ago." she said, quietly.

"And so was the promise." She swam to him and then said, as she her face was a few inches away from his.

"May I ask what promise?"

"You do not remember?" he asked. She fingered his face.

"I have made many promises in the past 2000 years. How am I to know which promise?"

"Oh I think you know which promise I'm referring to, My Lady." he said, smiling with a familiar mischief glint in his eyes. She smiled. He leaned forward, and their lips touched for the first time.


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