The Return of Wyatt's Brother

Summary: It has been a year since big Chris faded away, but he's back. But is there a catch? Is he a ghost? Or is he another Chris from the future? You have to read on to find out…

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Chapter 1

Leo tossed and turned in his sleep. He was having the same dream again. The same one he had been having since Chris died. He still blamed himself. It wasall his fault, he should have protected him more, and he should have killed Gideon as soon as he could, but he was too late. He kept wincing.

"I get that you wanted to save me, I really do, but I am dead, you get that? D.E.A.D." Chris told his father.

"Chris, I tried to protect you. I really did." He cried out to his youngest son.

"Yeah, you protected me and look where that got me. I'm dead and it is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT!" Chris yelled at him. He had a wound in his torso, where Gideon had placed that fatal wound with that enchanted athame. The look in his eyes had hate written all over them.

"Chris, I'm sorry" Leo wanted to heal him, but he couldn't.

"Yeah, why should I believe you? Leo." Leo winced at his name. Why couldn't his own son call him dad?

"Chris, I'm your father. Please forgive me."

"You? My father? You were NEVER my father." Leo felt a sharp pain in his chest. He knew this was a dream, but it still hurt him to hear his son say something like that.

"Please Chris, this isn't you." Leo told him, but before Chris could reply, he woke up with a start.

He sat up straight in bed. The dream seemed even more real than last time. They kept getting more and more real. He was sweating so he got up to go the kitchen to get some cold water. He walked down the staircase of Halliwell Manor and into the kitchen. He saw the clock on the wall. It read 4:36 am. The dreams were always at the same time. He got a glass and filled it up. He downed it and put the glass under again. As he drunk, he turned around and waked up to his and Piper's bedroom. He didn't want to disturb her, especially as she had an early start the club tomorrow. He walked into the bedroom and the lights were on and Piper was sitting up with Chris in her arms.

"Why are you up at this time?" Piper asked her husband.

"I couldn't sleep." Leo sat down and shared an eye contact moment with Chris, but he looked away. Even looking at Chris' younger self was painful. Piper saw this.

"That dream again, huh?" Leo nodded. "Honey you can't keep blaming yourself for what Gideon did. You couldn't have helped him, even if you wanted to." Piper moved Chris towards Leo. "And you have to get used to the fact that you still have him. See?" Leo picked him up and smiled. He thought about it, and even though it had been a year, he had never properly held his youngest son. But his smile soon went.

"I could have done more. I could have tried to heal him more, or got Paige to help me heal him."

"Leo, stop beating yourself up for his death. He didn't die, not really. You're holding him right now." This was how Piper had survived Chris' death. She kept telling herself that but inside, she cried every night for her lost son.

"It's not the same." Leo told the eldest Charmed One. "I knew him as a 23 year old man, not a one year old baby."

"Leo, it doesn't matter if he is one or 23 or even 40. He is still our son." Piper told him firmly.

Leo gave Chris back to Piper and got up. "I'll be in the living room if you need me." He walked out leaving Piper silently crying for both her husband and son.

Please help him through this. She thought to no one and everyone.

Leo sat on the sofa and put his feet up. He lay there for 20 minutes, thinking about all the times he had said things to Chris that were horrible. When in was in Valhalla, when he got the sisters to bind Wyatt's powers, when he told them he was part whitelighter and part witch. It wasn't often Leo cried, but now was one of those times. He looked up to the ceiling, hoping that Chris would hear him. "Chris, I'm so sorry for letting you die. Please forgive me."

"Sure, I've already forgiven you, dad." A voice from behind him said.

Leo spun round and his eyes widened in surprise. Standing there was his son, Christopher Perry Halliwell.

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