Wild Card

by Tenshi Noyo Ryu Taiga

disclaimer- I am but a poor, lonely girl who has nothing but a paper and pen.

Chapter One: Ace

Two Years Ago:

"Oh, Ginny, I'm so proud! You, my daughter, the only person chosen for that exchange student program to America," Mrs. Weasley screamed happily, "Oh, we'll miss you terribly, but just think! Our girl, Arthur! Our little girl!"

"Relax, Mum. It's only for a year," Ginny piped up shyly.

One Year Later:

"Ginny! Why aren't you coming home!" Ron yelled loudly.

"Chill! It's just one more year! Swear it!" Ginny yelled back through a new wizarding invention called the OIM. Owl Instant Messenger.

One Year Later (Present Day):

"Where is Ginny?" Ron asked at Platform 9 3/4, "She's supposed to be here by now!"

"Relax, Ron" Harry Potter told his friend. Harry was the only person Ginny kept in contact with regularly. Frankly, Harry couldn't wait to see people's faces when they saw her. So far only two people have seen her since she's come back from Los Angeles, California. Him and Gin's mentor. The person who taught her everything she knows.

Ron finally gave up looking for her when the conductor gave a warning whistle. He'd find her later.

As per usual, soon after the train left the platform Malfoy came into their compartment for his yearly insults. Only this time, he didn't have Crabbe and Goyle hanging off his shoulder. But it appears, he didn't need them. Over the summer Malfoy had grown to be 6'1 with a strong, lean build. His hair had parts spiked up and the rest was left hanging, giving him a strong punk/rock look. He was also wearing dark baggy pants with a black leather, metal spiked belt hanging loosely from his lean hips. He wore a black shirt with the words " You're just mad because the voices talk to me" in white.

"Well, well, well. Potter and his little posse. Looks like the little Weaslette isn't coming back after all."

"Why, Draco. I didn't know you cared!" A sweet voice called from behind him. And low and behold, there was Virginia Weasley (AN- I'm well aware her name is Ginevra, but Virginia sounds better so :sticks tongue out:) Ginny wore tight black leather pants that flared with a tight black leather corset with blood red lace as the thin spaghetti straps. She wore a mini leather jacket over it. The kind with normal, but flared sleeves, but the rest stopped at the first of her ribs. On the back of the jacket was a black dragon that had red eyes and gold around the eyes. Only two people around knew what the dragon really meant and Harry was keeping his mouth firmly in the 'shut' category. Ginny also had pale skin and her hair had dark blue streaks in it while the bottom half was dyed black.

Malfoy wolf whistled while staring at her appreciatively. Ginny smirked while sauntering up to him seductively. Harry just grinned and shook his head in a 'you're so totally hopeless' kind of way. Ron and Hermione looked on in horror.

"Like what you see, Draco?" Ginny practically purred while leaning in really close.

"Hell yeah, Ginny"

Suddenly Ginny stepped back. Malfoy was a bit shocked but got over it fast enough to see her looking him up and down in an appraisal. Apparently she found what she was looking for.

"Call me Ace"

Harry's head shot back up in surprise, causing everyone to look at him a little weird. He didn't notice.

"You're trusting him, of all people!" Harry yelled incrediously.

"Yeah, so keep it down," Ace hissed.

"But, but, he's a Slytherin! And a Malfoy!"

Draco just glared, but Harry didn't seem to notice.

"Harry James Potter! You of all people should realize Slytherin isn't an evil House," Ace hissed angrily.

Everyone looked at Ginny in surprise. What did that mean?

"I'm happily in Gryffindor, thank you very much, Virginia Annabelle Weasley!" Harry hissed back.

"Liar! Harry, I know you! We are both utterly... nevermind," Ace said suddenly, thinking.

"What? What is it?" Harry asked, just sa bewildered as everyone else at her sudden stop.

"Can I talk to you alone for a sec., Har. It's important" Ginny said before grabbing his hand and practically dragging him to an empty compartment.

"Red-Eyes? What is it?" Harry asked while watching Ginny put up as many warding, silencing and detection spells as she could that were for temporary use.

Not many people knew this. And everyone that did was back in America, but Ginny Weasley was in a gang. But not only was she in a gang, she was leader of it. The Black Dragons. Harry was also part of this gang. He was her Second in Command. His symbol was a black dragon with green eyes and silver stitched outside. In the Black Dragons there were ranks. The color of your Dragon's eye was your rank. A high ranking officer deserved the respect of low ranking ones. The ranks are as followed:

Red Eyes- Leader

Green Eyes- Second in Command

Blue- Third in Command

Gold- Fighters (Magic, hand to hand, weapons, etc.)

Silver- Backgrounders (Researchers, Computer People, etc. People that don't generally do things physically)

A color outside the eyes show apprenticeship. A person who had Blue Eyes but had a Silver outline showed that the person was apprenticed under a Backgrounder but became Third in Command. To be apprenticed you have to show amazing skills in that field. The leader and the Commanders (Second and Third in Command) all have amazing skill in ALL fields, but the better in the fields the higher your rank. Meaning the Leader was much better at all the fields than her Second and her Second much better than her Third.

No Eyes- A New Gang Member- No specialized field yet. No Rank.

The Top Three (What the Leader and Commanders were called) were also nicknamed the Shadow Dragons for their stealth and ability.

All Black Dragon Members had to have a Black Dragon tattooed on them with their rank eyes to show that the Black Dragon is with you and will protect you forever . The Top Commanders had to have it tattooed to their left hand to show that they will always be the Left Hand of the Dragon. The Leader had to have it tattooed to her right hand to show that she would always be the Right Hand of the Dragon. She also had to have a small magical tattoo dragon the size of a dime by her eyes and ears to show that she sees for the Dragon and hears for the Dragon.

So you see, the Black Dragons are a very well organized gang that hunted the streets of where ever they were at. Harry and Ginny had been members for almost two years. While at school Harry usually put a glamor on his tattoo so no one saw, but this year Gin told him to leave it, to let everyone see and to use gloves if he really needed to cover it.

Harry wondered why Ginny wanted to talk to him. It wasn't like any of the others had any idea what they were talking about, anyway.

"I think I know the spy" Ginny said suddenly after her little bout of pacing.

Someone had been giving information on what he was doing to Dumbledore.

"I think it was Hermione and Ron. They're the only ones you told and you know how Ron is about being famous and better than you and Hermione respects elders way too much. I think it's them. No wait, just hink about it. It all fits" Ginny interrupted when she saw Harry opening his mouth to deny it.

Harry sat down and thought about it... hard. About how last year he told them he was going into the forest to talk to the Centaurs about the Prophecy and how Dumbledore somehow knew and stopped him. It did all fit.

"Shit! Good thing I didn't tell them the Prophecy and I doubt Dumbledore did either."

"Yeah. So let's go back before they suspect something."

"Okay, yeah"

The two headed back and imagine their surprise to see Malfoy still there. The three of them were all glaring at each other. They looked up when Harry coughed.

"Hey, mate! What was that about?"

"America" Harry lied easily.


Ron and Hermione didn't know that Harry had sneaked out during the summer to visit Ace in America and it was going to stay that way. Harry looked at Ginny and winced. Wondering why, everyone looked at Ginny too. Ace stood there with a calculating look in her eyes and a smirk on her lips.

"Harry?" Ginny asked softly

He flinched, "yes?" he asked hesitantly.

"Why don't you take it off now"

Harry looked at her confused before realization hit him. Slowly he smirked as well.

"alright" and with that Harry's glamour came off showing his green and silver streaked, black hair and his tattoo. His old an ratty clothes transformed into clothes much like Malfoy's except his shirt was dark green with the words " Severus Snape is a pig headed goat" in silver.

Ginny took her glamour off too. All her tattoos seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

Everyone was gaping like a fish. With a smirk and a wave, they were gone.

No one saw them again until Dinner. Everyone was settled and the Sorting had just finished when they waltzed through the doors looking like they owned the place. They still wore their muggle clothes so snickers could be heard when people read Harry's shirt.

"We," Ginny started

"our Headmaster," Harry finished

"Hereby request a resorting" they said together

a "Bloody Hell" could be heard from Professor Snape.

"Severus!" the Transfiguration techer said in outrage.

"What! You don't know them like I do!" People stared in shock. The evil Potions Master? Know Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley?

"What's that supposed to mean?" Ginny cried in outrage

"It means I'm not gonna have just you but Potter as well in my House." Snape grunted

"Now, now Severus, you don't know that." Dumbledore cooed

"Like Hell I don't! Put the Sorting Hat on them, you'll see then!"

And so they did and low and behold:



" I told you!" Severus yelled, "By the way, 20 points from Slytherin for that shirt, Potter"

"hey, Harry?"

"Yeah, Ginny?"

"What does a pig headed goat look like?"

"Why Severus Snape of course"

"Hah-ha. Very funny. 10 more points" Snape growled

"Shut up and get down here!" Draco Malfoy yelled.

"we're just talking to my oh so beloved mentor! He taught me everything I need to know!" Ginny said innocently.

"That explains a lot" Harry said smirking.

As one Ginny and Severus faced him, glaring

"What's that supposed to mean" They growled out together.

Harry could face one of them, but together, they could make Voldemort shudder and scream for mercy.

"I just meant that you two are so much alike" he squeaked.

"You sodding better!" they said in unison again.

They sat down and people gradually started talking again, though Ron was at number 6 of the Weasley Seven Shades of Red and he was looking for number 7. Ron had apparently long since passed his usual tomato red and was now looking an ugly shade of purple along side his bright red face.

Later that night they went up to the Slytherin Common Room. Everyone was being quiet, thinking of how their Head of House was fine with them and maybe they weren't so bad, even if it is Potter.

"Parselmouth" was the Password.

No student went to bed, like in Gryffindor. They waited until Professor Snape came into the room and gave his apparently yearly speech of "Defeat the Gryffindors" and "Don't fight your own House in front of other Houses. We must stand united". At last he said in front of everyone, "Oh and Virgina, Harry? Tell those you see fit about the Black Dragons and apprentice who you can, okay? Oh, and for God's sake, don't put anything on fire and don't blow anything up!" With that, he left. Everyone was interested in what he meant about the apprenticeship.

Ginny just grumbled, "Annoyinf git. Way to stay inconspicious" befor promptly ignoring everyone in favor of going to bed. Slytherin's 5th year and up had their own rooms. Ginny had left in the beginning of 4th year and was now a 6th year. Or she would be, had she not been in advanced classes in America thus making her a 7th year with Harry.

'Great something else I have to worry about. Newts" was Ace's only thought before she fell fast asleep surrounded by Green and Silver.

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