Wild Card

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Chapter Three: Mysterious Figure

So Silver it was.

Ace, Midnight, and Silver made their way to their first class of the day. Potions.

"Sit!" Professor Snape bellowed, sweeping into the room, "Let's start with something simple, shall we? Slytherins, brew the Boil Curing Potion. Gryffindors..." Proffesor Snape smirked evilly. You could just see the maniacal laughter in his eyes, "Brew the first three steps...of the Wolfsbane Potion."

A relative gasp was heard. The Wolfsbane Potion!

"But, Professor!"

"Yes, Miss Granger, I'm well aware how difficult it is. That's why I said to brew only the first three steps."

"It's impossible, Profeesor! With or skill and knowledge? It can't be done!" Hermione said decisively

Professor Snape got a wicked gleam in his eyes. Harry and Ginny groaned and slumped down in their stools, hoping the earth would swallow them whole.

"Miss Granger. Allow me to make a deal with you." Snape said a bit kindly, thus scaring everyone, but Hermione.


"If two of my Slytherins can brew ALL of the Wolfsbane Potion correctly, you will stop raising your hand and being a little, nosy busy body in my class. If they fail, the Gryffindors will brew the Confundus Potion instead, one of the simplest potions to brew in the world."

"Fine, but you also have to be fair to the Gryffindors and stop picking on us. And if only one of the two brewers manage to make it, then you still lose"

"As long as, if I win, all the Gryffindors at dinner proclaim Potions their favorite subject and prance around the hall"

The Gryffindors looked mortified while the Slytherins snickered.

"Deal!" Hermione grinned, thinking there was no way anyone in their class could win, "Who are your two people?"

"Potter and Weasley"

Everyone gasped. Professor Snape, resting the Slytherin pride on those two? And everyone knows Potter is horrrid at Potions.

Ginny and Harry groaned before grudgingly standing up and trudging over to the center of the room where Professor Snape had set up two Potions labs with all their ingrediants.

They flopped down before simultaneosly sighing an exhaspereated sigh. They smirled when they saw Professor Snape roll his eyes. Then they got to work.

They worked fast and efficiently. Sometimes all they had to do was cut up ingrediants, but sometimes they had to keep three cauldrons running at once, one being stirred counter-clock wise, one clockwise and one in the shape of a '+'. Everyone, minus Snape, was in awe. How could they possible do that? Hermione was starting to get worried. This wasn't how it was supposed to turn out. They were supposed to fail miserable and allow Gryffindor to win and thus gloat over Slytherin. They were most definately NOT supposed to know how to make Wolfsbane!

"Done!" they said together, both putting down their ladle after they had poured their potion into vials.

"It just needs to set, Professor." Harry said

"Not that you need us to tell you..." Ginny smirked

"Why not?" Hermione asked, never one to let knowledge slip.

"Why, Hermione! You don't know?" Harry fake gasped while Ginny wagged her finger disappointingly.

"I..." Professor Snape started, "Invented the Wolfsbane"

The whole class gasped. Suddenly the bell rang. Everyone slowly filed out, still stunned, but then someone yelled "WAIT! BECAUSE OF GRANGER, WE HAVE TO SAY ALL THAT STUFF ABOUT POTIONS AND SLYTHERIN!" The whole class groaned and shot glares at the Muggleborn.

Malfoy sneered at her on the way out and said, "I guess without Potter, you're just another Mudblood, huh?" before he laughed and caught up with Midnight and Ace.

Suddenly, they heard a maniacle laughter coming from the southern dungeons. Silver jumped before stuttering that they should get out of there. Harry was arguing and say that they should go investigate, while Draco yelled something about stupid Gryffindor Courage and how it didn't help a dead body before Ginny grabbed both of their arms and silently pointed to a dark figure hiding int he shadows with a dull golden mask on. Those were Deatheater robes and the mask was that of a Deatheater except for the rather large exception of color.

Draco visibly started, drawing the attention of the mysterious figure. The figure saw them and dashed away. Harry and Giiny immediatly started after it while Draco groaned and muttered something about stupidity and the things he does for friends.

They chased him to a painting of a tall dark haired man with a boa around his neck. The painting let the Deatheater by, but closed as the group drew near.

"Damnit!" Harry growled, slightly out of breath by the heavily panting Draco.

"How are you guys not dying right now?" Silver gasped out before crumpling to the floor in exhaustion.

Harry and Ginny both looked down at him.

"I wonder if he's dead." Harry said, tilting his head to the side.

"Let's find out!" Ace smiled before lifting her foot, about to kick Silver in the ribs before Draco's eyes widened and he sprang up.

"Training," Harry answered Draco's previous question.


All three turned to look at the painting that stood between them and their mysterious intruder.

"Hey! Isn't that...wait...yeah, I think it is!" Draco said suddenly.

"Well?" Midnight and Ginny both asked.

"That's Salazar Slytherin!"