Sorry, but this is all I am probably going to put up for a while. I am working on a new story, which will hopefully be much longer and more action-packed than my other pure angst stories. Anyways, this is nothing big, so when you review, no flamers!

Recommended for anyone in need of a good cry. It certainly made me tear up when I was writing this!

Disclaimer: Anything that you recognize belongs to Tolkien.


Brother, do you remember the sun reflecting off the walls of the great City? The way you laughed and giggled in your innocent little way all those years ago, before war ever darkened your heart, before despair was known to you. You were only five then, a little cherub held in mother's loving arms, caressed as a son should be, protected from all manners of harm. We were a family then, and we believed nothing would ever go wrong.

Do you remember when that was taken from you? When your first tears of pure grief ever wetted your cheeks, and when your vulnerable heart was laid bare to all the shame, sorrow, and hopelessness of reality. At such a young age, you were taken from the purity of ignorance, and I could only watch, helpless, as you ran from the bedside of our dying mother, into the fires of despair. Do you remember when mother died, little brother? Do you remember when father turned away from you?

Sweet brother, do you remember father's rejection, his descent into madness as you were subjected to ridicule and despair. Oh child, how you thought to hide your tears, how you endlessly struggled to forget the hate you lived through. How you loved father, though he was the one who bore the sword that pierced your side. You would have died for him, brother, though he did not know. You would have handed him your heart, to twist to his own pleasure, to bend, to break, to cast away like so much waste.

Do you remember the day I left you? I do, and it will ever be held as one of the bittersweet memories of my past. Upon your face was a look of such utter desolation, of such pain, that it tore my soul in two. I left part of myself there, brother. I left it there, and could never regain it. I left you, and all the happiness I ever hoped for. And now all is gone, brother. I do not feel, I do not see. All is taken from me in these last moments of my life. All fades away, and I remember only you, and Minas Tirith shining forth in the light of the new dawn.

Do you remember? For if you don't, and all the world turns back upon you, and the stars disappear in the darkest of nights, then remember this: I love you, brother.

Remember me, Faramir. Remember Boromir of Gondor. Remember me….

As I fade into the darkness

Hear as I whisper in your ear

About when we laughed together

Not pretending, not feeling fear


Wait a moment as I wipe away these tears (sob). What more can I say?