Summary: From Haru's POV; he has always felt love for the one that he couldn't ever have. He tries so hard to get over his feelings, he represses them, and even tries to find a replacement, but it's no use. You can't change who you love. Do not read if you don't like yaoi.

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Chapter 1: Confliction

What am I doing here? My agitation with myself almost makes me turn to leave. But I do need to see if he finished my new that justifies my coming here. He'll know the reason I'm here, just as I do. He'll see it in my eyes and he'll look straight through me with his golden stare and touch me and I won't be able to refuse him anything.

I see it all happen in my mind exactly as it has happened so many times before...though I know it's wrong, I can't stay away. He reminds me too much...

He startles me out of my reverie by opening the door to his shop. A smile seemingly skips onto his lips. All he needs to do is utter my name and I am already his...


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