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Summary: What were the reasons for Uchiha Itachi's actions? Why did he kill the Uchiha? Or did he even do anything at all?

Time line: Right after Tsunade returns to Konoha and becomes Hokage. Sasuke has not left yet.

"..." speaking

'...' thinking

The Uchiha Secret

by chairomori

Chapter One

Blood red eyes with black like the spokes on a wheel stared into his own. A malicious chuckle escaped his lips.

"From now on, I will take you name, and you will be no more." He smirked as his best friend struggled to escape his grasp. "Mange Sharingan, Tsukiyomi." His eyes changed slightly, flooding the soon to be corpse with pain. A tortured scream was heard, then-silence.

5 ½ years later-------------------------------------------------------------

Sasuke clenched his fists as he walked to Team Seven's meeting place. 'Itachi may have beaten me last time,' the memory of Itachi catching his wrist before he could use chidori and snapping burned in his mind, 'but I vow to become even stronger and kill him.' His fists shook as he remembered the speed and power Itachi had shown. 'He wasn't even trying. How can someone be so strong?' He snapped back to reality as he reached the bridge.

"Sasuke-kun!" called out Sakura. "Are you alright? Maybe you should skip training for today..." she stopped and looked down as he glared at her.

"Hn. I'm fine," 'Why can't she keep to herself? I wish she'd go away,' he sighed. This would probably be a long day. He needed to get back into shape. He had spent about a weed in the Hospital before Tsunade-sama had come. He heard the heavy thud of footsteps and looked up to see Naruto running towards the.

"Hey! Is Kakashi-sensei late again?" inquired Naruto.

'He always is' Sasuke thought mentally, but he didn't bother to say anything as he tuned out Naruto's plan to make Kakashi pay. 'I feel strange...like something is going to happen...'

"State your name and purpose," a guard said to two strangers.

"I am Kawa Aoi and this is my brother Ko. We are from a small village and require assistance from your shinobi," the one called Aoi replied. Ko remained silent and let his brother speak while he stared at the height of the tall gates.

"Very well, enter," the guard didn't even bother to look at them as he lazily told his subordinates to open the gates. If he had, he would have been I a bit of a shock.

Ko and Aoi made their way through Konoha looking for the place where they could register for help, but they couldn't find it. Everywhere they turned brought them to another street filled with people fooling around and more people doing their daily business.

"Aoi, do you feel like there are people staring at us?" Ko asked. He felt slightly uncomfortable, as if a pair of eyes were staring at him. He looked around but couldn't find anything.

"Not really. Don't worry, if you thing there are thieves. We have nothing of value so they wouldn't try to steal from us. Besides, I heard Konoha is a very safe place," Aoi concluded. "Maybe we should ask for directions."

"I suppose you're right. After all, you are older," Ko grinned, but he couldn't shake off his uneasiness. He looked around again and noticed a strange man with silver hair and a black mask. His left eye was covered by a forehead protector.

"Hey, it's almost lunchtime, you want to eat anything?" Aoi looked around and spotted a ramen stand. "How about ramen? There's a stand over there!" Without waiting for a reply, Aoi grabbed Ko's arm and eagerly dragged him off.

Ko sighed. Aoi could be like that sometimes. He looked up and noticed that the same man he saw earlier was following him. "Aoi," he shook his arm to get his attention.

Aoi stopped dragging Ko. "Hmm?"

"That man over there," he pointed to the masked man, "the one with the black mask, have you noticed him following us?"

At Ko's words, Aoi turned to look. "Now that you mention it, I think I saw him about an hour ago." He looked their stalker over. "Ko, look, he's wearing the Leaf symbol. That means he is a ninja. He looks pretty lazy too. It's most likely security, they're watching us in case we're attackers. If we don't do anything suspicious, they won't attack us," Aoi turned his attention back to the ramen stand. "Come on, I'm hungry. We can worry about this later. The ramen is calling!"

Ko sighed in consent. "Alright, alright."

Kakashi looked away when he saw the boys that he and Gai were stalking look at him.

"I think they noticed us," Gai whispered the obvious.

"Why do you think he's here. He didn't even bother to disguise himself. But his partner is different. He must be skilled. I can't sense anything form him," Kakashi ignored Gai's statement. "They aren't wearing their usual attire either."

"Indeed. They might be here to spy on us, but that wouldn't make any sense because he is not disguised." 'Yes,' thought Gai, 'I have beaten my rival in the great art of observing. Now I lead by 2, 50-52. Yes! No one, not even Kakashi can beat Konoha's Great Azure Beast!'

Meanwhile, Kakashi was observing the two newcomers as the headed toward Naruto's favorite ramen stand. 'If it is him, then why is he here? And why is he acting strange? The taller one with blue hair seems to have his respect...he must be strong.' "Gai... Gai... GAI!" Kakashi's right eye was twitching as Gai finally snapped out of his thoughts.

'Damn! My rival managed to surprise me. Now I only lead by 1, 51-52,' he calculated.

"Come on, they're leaving," Kakashi left without him.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Gai whispered/screamed as he dashed to catch up without attracting attention.

Ko and Aoi arrived at the ramen stand and called for the owner. He was an old man.

The old man looked them over carefully. He had never seen them before, so they were probably strangers. "Do you have money? Ramen isn't free you know."

"We have money, really," Aoi sweat-dropped at the old man's greeting. He reached into his pocket and pulled some money out. "See?"

The old man's attitude immediately changed. "Oh, of course. What would you two gentle men like?"

Aoi sweat-dropped again at he sudden change. "Um...I'd like pork ramen, please. What do you want?"

"I'll have the same," Ko glanced around again and noted that the masked ninja had left. 'I guess Aoi was right.'

The old man secretly stared at the two youngsters as he made the ramen. The obviously elder of the two had deep navy blue, neck-length hair with matching eyes, while the younger had a fair length of ebony colored hair and coal-black eyes. They both wore a plain, black hooded jacket and khaki shorts.

When the two pork ramen were done, the old man brought them to the strangers. The older started eating immediately, happily slurping up the noodles. 'Reminds me of Naruto,' thought the old man. The younger boy ate his slowly. A complete opposite of the older. He seemed familiar to the man.

"Have I seen you before?" the old man inquired.

Ko looked up. "Me?"

"Yes, you seem strangely familiar, though I can't lay my finger where I may have seen you."

"I don't think so, but I'm not sure. I live in a small village northwest of here. I haven't been away much."

'Does he know me?' Ko thought. 'Maybe this is the place. Though it seems unlikely, I should ask him.' But he didn't get the chance as the old man apologized and turned away. Ko shrugged his shoulders. 'Oh well it's not like I'm desperate or anything.'

After Aoi finished, he asked the old man where he could hire a team of shinobi.

"I'm not sure, I'm not a ninja myself, but I think you should go to the Hokage's tower," replied the old man.

"Where is the tower?"

"It's that tall building right there," the old man pointed to a tower, "you can't miss it."

"Thank you," Aoi payed for the meal and tipped the man.

He and Ko continued towards the Hokage tower. As they became closer, there were less people and the area became less crowded. They were close when Ko stopped him.

"What? We're almost there."

"They're following us again," Ko whispered.

"I thought they left. We should hurry to the tower. Maybe someone there will tell us why we are being followed." Aoi turned towards the tower and suddenly stopped. In front of them was the masked ninja and a strange man in a green jumpsuit with thick eyebrows-another ninja.

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