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It All Comes Down To This: Chapter 19

The music blared, dozens of people trying to be heard over it. No one was dancing wildly yet, but the large amount of champagne bottles going around assured that it would start soon enough.

"Daddy, can I have some of that?"

Duo grinned. "Sorry-this is for the big kids! How about some soda? Strawberry?"

"Yeah! That! That!"

"Then go ask that tall guy riiiight over there." Duo pointed to a waiter. "You see him?"

"Yeah!" And with that, she ran after him.

There was a tug on my sleeve, and I turned to find the boy I recognized as the ring bearer. "I want strawberry soda, too, Uncle Heero."

I blinked. What? "Then just follow Abby."

The boy turned and ran off.

I watched for a moment before looking up at a green eye suspiciously. "Trowa, who is that kid?"

His response was a simple shrug that claimed he didn't know, while the small smirk pasted on his face told me the exact opposite.

Luckily, Quatre was more than happy to give me a real answer. "I've been meaning to tell you, but I thought it would be better if you met him first." He blushed and looked at Trowa who gave a silent nod of encouragement. "We adopted him a couple weeks ago…I-I know Trowa and I aren't married yet-but we will be. And we saw how happy Abby made you two and we-well, we just thought…"

I gaped at them, but Duo seemed pretty excited. "What's his name? I bet it's something really uncommon…"

Trowa chose that moment to finally honor us with his voice. "I think it is…his name is Solo."

Duo froze and blinked in surprise. I expected him to frown or mention something about them not having to honor his dead childhood friend, to which his life had been indebted. Instead, an infectious grin broke out on his face and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Duo promptly jumped the couple with a hug. "That's great, man! Just make sure he lives up to that name."

I glanced over at the blonde boy who was currently sharing a strawberry soda with Abby. He appeared to be about a year older than her, and he pointed at something that made her laugh.

I looked back to Quatre and quirked a brow. "And this was motivated by our happiness, you say?"

The blonde blushed again. "Well, we figured it would also give a nice excuse for more frequent visits…"

Duo grinned. "Oh, c'mon, Quat! You know you don't need an excuse to drop by."


"But if he lives up to that great name you gave him, he should be a great friend for Abby."

I agreed with it well enough. "You want to bring him every weekend, then?"

"Bring who, dad?" Abby stared up at me with bright blue eyes.

"Your new friend here." I gestured to Solo and she smiled.


Quatre smiled. "I guess she answered for me!"

The rest of the night was filled with laughter and dancing. Abby even did a dance with Solo, and I had to agree with Duo-they were cute together. Though, both having gay parents, I didn't see how they would ever grow up wanting to be straight. Duo told me she'd decide for herself when she was old enough to understand it. The night dragged on, and we eventually made our way back to the hotel. I was almost positive that Duo had had too much wine, but it didn't bother me. I went to tuck Abby in while Duo did…something.

"Dad, will Solo come over next weekend?"

"Yeah, he will."

She smiled widely. "Yay!"

"Shh…it's time to settle down and sleep, okay?"



"I want a dog."


"A dog!"



"Just go to sleep."

"But I don't wanna go to sleep yet!"

I pulled the blanket up to her chin and smiled. "But if you don't get enough sleep, you'll be too tied to play with Solo when he comes."

She gasped quietly and shut her eyes, then whispering. "Okay, I'm asleep, dad!"

I laughed quietly and kissed her forehead. "Good night, Abby."

"Night, dad."

When I reentered Duo's and my room, he was laid out on the bed, completely naked.

Good thing Abby didn't decide to come in here and ask Duo about a dog.

"'Bout time, Hee-chan!" He finished pulled his hair out of the braid.

I gaped at him. "What are you doing?"

He grinned. "What do you think? These rose petals aren't all over for nothing! It's our wedding night! So…ya know…"

"But Abby will-"

"Nah, the wall is thick enough! C'mon, Hee-chan."

I shrugged and began removing my clothing. If Abby asked about sex in the morning, he could explain it to her. I climbed onto the bed and Duo assaulted my neck with kisses and bites. I tilted my head to allow him better access.

"Nnngh, Duo…you were the girl today…I'm supposed to be the dominant one…"

He stopped suddenly. "Is that so?"

I nodded once, and he assumed a more serious voice-though his eyes laughed. "Then what are you waiting for?" He ground his hips into mine, creating delightful friction between our naked bodies. "Take me, Heero."

In one swift movement, I easily flipped his light body over and took my place on top of him. I licked at the sensitive spot by his ear and he gasped lightly. Taking it as an invitation, I slipped my tongue into his mouth and felt my way around. His hands wandered down my back, eventually grasping my hips as he pushed his up into mine.

I moaned softly and reached for the nightstand, where Duo had left the bottle of lube out in plain sight.

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I collapsed on top of him, panting and sweaty. After taking a moment to get our breathing under control, I rolled over and laid beside him. He immediately turned and latched onto my side.


"Hm…?" He sounded half asleep already.


He yawned. "Fer what, Hee-chan?"

"Fer-For…giving me less to be afraid of…"

"Eh? S'nothing, Hee-chan…"

I doubt he understood what I was talking about, but it didn't matter.

Now, like this…I don't have to worry about what the future will bring.

"Dad, I couldn't sleep last night."

"Oh? How come?"

"I kept hearing noises…coming from your room!"

I could see Duo's shoulders stiffen as he walked.

"Is that so? Why don't you ask daddy about those noises?"

She gave me a confused look before tugging on Duo's sleeve. "Daddy, what were all those noises?"

"W-What kind of noises?"

She looked up and touched a finger to her chin in thought. "The bed was squeaky. And…" She couldn't figure out how to describe it, so she tried imitating our moans of pleasure. Duo quickly covered her mouth.

"That was, ah…there was a monster under our bed."

She gasped. "A monster! What did you do?"

"Well, we uh…we took care of him, of course! We're Gundam pilots, after all…"

"Took care of him?" I could just see the bubble form over her head with a picture of us feeding the monster. "Did he need a place to stay? It was cold outside."

Duo laughed nervously. "What I meant by that was, we got rid of him."


And just like that, thankfully, the original topic was forgotten. I shot Duo a look that said 'You're so lucky.' He simply grinned in response. Then we continued on our way home.

"Dad! We need your help moving the bed!"

"Coming!" I turned down the gas so the food wouldn't burn and went down the hall to Abby's room, Zero following behind me. We had gotten the part Husky, part wolf not long after coming home from Canada. Interestingly enough, I liked the 'dog' more than I thought I would. Apparently he liked me, too, since he followed me wherever I went.

Inside the room, I found Duo struggling to help Abby lift the bed on their own. "You guys are supposed to leave the big pieces to the movers." I crossed my arms.

"But, dad! They'll be here any minute! If we can get it out there before then, then it'll take even less time to get it all in the truck."

I quirked a brow. "Are you that anxious to leave?"

Abby giggled. "You know that's not it. I'm just so excited about my first apartment and starting my new job! Besides, you'll see me at work every day."

"I know. I just-"

"Worry?" She grinned, and for a second, she looked as if she actually could be Duo's child. "Oh come on! I'm not even going that far! Now help with this bed!"

As the loaders started placing everything into the truck, Duo slipped an arm around my waist. "How time flies, eh Hee-chan?"

Zero barked in agreement.

"Seems like we just brought her home the other day…"

"Hey, at least we'll get more…alone time…"

I quirked a brow. "Is that all you're thinking about now?"

"Hmm." He grinned. "Just about! Except how much I'll miss our…" Duo put on a sappy voice. "…little ball of sunshine."

I sigh. "You joke, but that's what she was. This is…it, Duo."

He nodded. "I know. No more crazy fun, or bear hugs, or helping with homework…no more 'I'm home!'s or dinners for three. It's just you and me again, Hee-chan."

"…ah. Back to the way we started."

"All done with kids and we're not even 30 yet. How about THAT for teen pregnancy?"

I stared at him. "…Duo, what the hell are you talking about?"

He sighed. "No more Abby to laugh at all my stupid jokes…"

"Dad, daddy! I'm going!"

We blinked and gaped. "ALREADY!"

She smiled excitedly. "Yeah! I gotta get there before Solo and the movers do so I can let them in! Aww, what's with those faces? You'll see me everyday!"

Duo crossed his arms as if to mimic me. "Call on weekends?"

She nodded.

I gave her a serious look. "Come over sometimes, at least on holidays?"

She gaped. "Oh my gosh, you two are acting like you're never going to see you again! I'm not leaving home to run away. I'm leaving home to start my own life."

Duo shot me a confused look. "Isn't that the same thing?"

I shrugged and she laughed.

"Look, I promise I'll be around plenty! It'll be like I never left-just with more alone time for you guys." She winked and ran towards to her car. With a wave and a bit of car exhaust, she was gone.

We stood there for some time after that, until Duo broke the silence.

"So…what do we do now?"

"I don't know. Dinner is still waiting to be eaten."

"What is it?"

"Chili, but I think I made too much."

Duo grinned. "No worries, Hee-chan! I'll eat it all!"

I quirked a brow. "Can you do that?"

"Of course! Watch!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside to our first dinner alone in twelve years, Zero following right behind.

That night, we laid in best restlessly, unable to sleep knowing our Abby was sleeping in a house alone with her boyfriend for the first time ever. Zero yawned from the end of the bed and Duo pet the 'dog' with his feet.

I sighed. "Her sleepovers with friends were easier to deal with…"


"Or even dates alone with her boyfriend…"

"Well, yeah. That's cause after all was said and done, she still came back-she still lived here."


"So…I guess it's back to a boring life."