Miranda made her way through the darkened house. She was taking her time and stepping slowly, she had never in the entire time he'd lived here seen the place like this. Matt had been the one who'd suggested she'd come. He'd opted to let her handle this one on her own and she now wanted nothing more than to smack him for leaving this to her.

She jammed her toe into something and a curst slipped past her lips before she could catch herself. Her hand fumbled along the wall and the living room was filled with light. Her heart sank in her chest. It worse than she'd expected. It appeared if he'd gone into a fit and destroyed everything he could lay his hands on. Papers were strewn about the room, the lamp was lying on its side, the contents of the cabinets were spilled about the room. Miranda took a deep breath. The full impact of what she could come face to face with was starting to sink in. She felt her stomach drop as she turned.

He was sitting on the couch. His hair was a mess and a two day growth of stubble covered his chin. His breathing was deep and slow, his skin was pale and she doubted he'd changed his clothes. But the part that broke her heart was his eyes. The blue crystals that usually sparkled with life were dull and blank now. As she peered at him, she realized they weren't even blue, but a deep grey. He didn't care to adjust anything. "How'd you get in?"

Miranda held up the key. "You gave me the spare when you went on vacation. I never cared to give it back."

He closed his eyes and moved his head in a weak attempt at a nod.

Miranda cleared some of the papers off the table in front of him and sat down. She swallowed thickly. "Have you been to see her?"

He tilted his head and closed his eyes. The rush of feeling beat back into him. And for a pathetically twisted moment, he was glad for it. This pain proved he was alive. Something he'd been seriously doubting since…since it had happened.

They emerged from the church, hands clasped and a huge smile on his face. David looked over at his bride and pulled her close to him and kissed her. This was not just a kiss, it was a kiss that embodied everything he just told her. She looked beautiful. She was his wife. And he was in love. That meant he would force Lizzie from his mind. He would give every bit of attention she deserved.

He pulled back and smiled at her then waved to the friends and family surrounding them. Her hand still in his he smiled as he pulled her down the stairs. He grabbed the door and held her hand as he helped her inside. With another wave to everyone watching, he grinned and climbed inside the car.

"Mrs. Gordon," he smiled.

Kate returned the smile, but it faded quickly from her face.

Something about her reaction hurt him and he took a deep breath.

"David, I need to talk to you," she said softly.

His heart thumped wildly in his chest. Not now. Not after he'd worked so hard to convince himself, not after he'd finally started to feel again. He picked her hand up and brought it to his lips. "I love you."

It was amazing how he was able to say things, then way to smack himself only moments later for it.

The corner's of Kate's lips twitched and he wasn't sure but it looked like her eyes watered but she looked away.

"Is everything okay?" he asked. He couldn't stand it if he was hurting her also.

Kate looked back at him and nodded. "Are you ready to be announced as Mr. and Mrs. Gordon?"

A warm rush came over him as she said that. He leaned across the seat and kissed her lightly. "I've been ready."

He glanced in the mirrors and pulled out of the parking spot. Kate's hand was warm in his. He gave it a squeeze and saw her smile.

He never saw the car coming. Kate did. He was driving through a green light and the car came from the right.

Kate's scream ripped through the silence.

The car plowed into the passenger side.

The force flung them into the on coming traffic lane.

At least that was what they had told him of the accident. All he could remember was her scream. That bone chilling heart breaking scream. It was the last sound he had heard her make.

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