Title: Department of Magical Creatures Case #645369

Author: feltonxmalfoy

Beta: domtheknight

Pairing: DM/RW (eventually), DM/EM, DM/SF, DM/TH, DM/JFF, DM/CW, DM/multipleOMC's, RW/3OMC's, HG/OMC, BW/FD

Chapter: One

Rating: M

Warnings: slash, swearing, sexual acts (but no details for now)

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: At 21, Draco Malfoy is on a journey to find his life mate, but is delayed by pesky Hufflepuffs screaming 'regulations' and 'laws'. Please, Malfoys play by their own rules.

Draco Malfoy sat in an uncomfortable chair facing an unoccupied desk, tapping his fingers on his knee impatiently. He had chosen silk robes of a pale blue and his hair was pulled back with an intricate silver clasp. The fabric felt good against his fingers, but that did not deter his displeasure; he had been waiting for a total of two minutes and twenty-eight seconds and was beginning to feel offended. Malfoys are not kept waiting unless under dire circumstances. MacMillan had better be bleeding internally.

Finally the short, blond man came into sight, looking a tad bit flustered and annoyed. "Sorry, Malfoy. Had a meeting with the department head. Haven't kept you waiting long, I hope?"

Draco only sniffed indignantly and began to examine his nails. MacMillan sat down and surveyed him. "Right. Down to business, I suppose. Now that you've got your powers, I assume that you will be looking for your mate, unless you've already found him or her?"

"Him, and no, I have not."

"Right, then I'll need you to fill out some paperwork. As my department controls the breeding of magical creatures, we'll need to have a file on you."

"Why? I can't exactly breed, can I? I'm gay."

"No, we're fairly certain that you can not, but we would rather not take the risk. I need you to fill out these forms and we'll need a picture." He handed Draco several parchments, all longer than Draco thought they had any right to be, as well as a quill and an ink bottle. He then pulled out some parchments of his own and proceeded to ignore Draco completely. Draco bristled, but went about filling out the parchments anyway, flashing Macmillan a glare for good measure.

"'Have you ever used magic other than veela attraction in order to enhance a sexual experience? If so, what sort did you use and what was the result?' How exactly is that any of the Ministry's bloody business?"

Macmillan didn't even look fazed as he glanced up. "What if one of those spells went wrong and created an otherwise impossible pregnancy? We would need documentation."

"Well, I'll let you know if it does. In the meantime, that question will remain blank." He returned to the parchment only to pause at Macmillan's voice.

"I'm afraid it can't. Ministry regulation says all paperwork must be filled out in full."

"And if I don't give a damn about the Ministry and its bloody paperwork? I'm only indulging you because you're cute, you know. I could walk out right now."

"You do and the Ministry has no choice but to strip you of citizenship, educational honors, etc., and send you on the next Portkey out of England."

Draco started. "What! Don't be ridiculous! I'm a pure-blood, and a Malfoy. I doubt the Ministry will forget the generous donations my family has provided for generations, and continues to contribute to this day. It would be a shame if those funds inexplicably stopped, wouldn't it?"

MacMillan held in his sigh of frustration. This was not going to be an easy case. But then again, Draco Malfoy never made anything easy. "Mr. Malfoy, you are registered, or will be, as a half-magical creature. Prestigious as your family name may or may not be, you have to fill out the paperwork. Both of your parents did. And do not flaunt your name. I'd like you to keep in mind that my family has significant influence in the Ministry as well. And more so considering your father's affiliations."

Draco stiffened considerably, his glare hardening in a faint imitation of his father's. "I would be much obliged if you refrain from mentioning my father, thank you."

"Gladly. Please fill the forms out completely." Macmillan ignored the sneer and long string of furious curses and went back to his work. Draco continued to sneer at his bowed head for a long moment before turning back to the parchment and writing a very clear NO before moving on. Ten minutes passed in quiet, defined by a far-off argument and scratches of quills.

The quiet was breached once more by the loud slamming of papers onto the desk. Draco was glaring once more. "How is my most frequently used sexual position even remotely relevant to this inquiry?"

"Same reason as the other question." Vicious anger was obvious in Draco's deadly glance, but then something in his eyes flickered and he visibly relaxed.

MacMillan was pleased to have him calming down. A coy smile replaced the death stare on Draco's face. Macmillan shivered, whether in weary fear or something else he was uncertain.

"Are you sure it would be sufficient to merely describe my favorite position?"

Things became a bit warm and hazy in Ernie's head. "I'm not sure I understand your meaning."

Draco leaned over in his chair and his voice dipped to a low purr, "Wouldn't it be more beneficial to have… a visual aide instead? Perhaps a demonstration might help?"

"A demonstration?" MacMillan's thoughts were becoming thick and it was increasingly difficult to keep a comprehensive grip on them, like trying to fly a rain-slicked broomstick in a thunderstorm. The room temperature had somehow risen about two degrees and he nervously loosened his tie to relieve some of the tension.

"Mmm, a nice, long, hot demonstration." Draco leaned over the desk and started rubbing small circles into the pulse point on Ernie's wrist with his thumb. "We could go to the bathroom… find a stall… and you could fuck me into the wall so hard I forget my own name. How about it, Ernie?"

MacMillan let out a low groan at the intonation put on his name and his eyelids fluttered shut briefly. "Did I tell you I've invented a new Cleansweep? It's faster than the Firebolt."

"Really? That sounds fascinating. Why don't you tell me all about it on the way to the bathroom?" Draco stood, followed closely by a goofily grinning Macmillan, and turned down the hall to find the nearest restroom. Ernie was telling him about his "new broom", but he stopped listening a few words in. Soon he had shuffled them into an empty bathroom, locked the door behind them with a lazy flick of his wrist, and proceeded to introduce his tongue to MacMillan's. He was pleased to find himself pressed against the door and quickly divested of his clothing, taking no time at all to reciprocate.

Forty-five minutes later, Draco was back to filling out forms, skipping over several questions at a time and looking immensely pleased with himself for having got his way. He looked up and flashed a rather ruffled-looking Macmillan a charming grin as he sat down, decidedly ignoring the scowl on the other man's face. "See how easy that was to resolve? Maybe now you'll think twice before asking me to answer rude and improper questions about my private life."

MacMillan glared. "Malfoy, I would appreciate it if you if you would never exploit your sexual powers against me again. That was completely uncalled for and extremely inappropriate. Persuading me to do your lascivious bidding in the men's room is not the proper way to achieve your goal, and you are still under obligation to answer every question, so I suggest you cease leaving questions blank if you'd like to remain a citizen of this country."

The self-satisfied smirk left Draco's face immediately and he let out an indignant huff before returning to the forms. An hour later, Draco set the quill and ink down and set his glare on Macmillan, hoping to kill him with his stare alone. It took exactly one minute before the pressure got to MacMillan, who swallowed before looking up. "Finished?"

"Yes, is there anything else you'd like to bore me with? I have other, more pressing matters to attend to this afternoon."

"Just some guidelines I'd like to remind you of and a few formalities we need to go over. You understand that, as a registered magical creature, you are to report to me once every few weeks so that I can monitor your progress, correct?"

Draco straightened upon hearing this. "Every few weeks? Whatever for?"

"So that I can monitor your breeding, make sure you don't suddenly find a nice veela girl and make veela babies without my knowledge."

"Won't happen. I find women repulsive in sexual situations."

"Either way, it's still regulation. All you need to do is fill out this form every two to three weeks and owl it to me. The folder has a replenishing spell on it, so you can't say you ran out of forms. I want you to fill them out in full, and don't leave anyone out, alright, Malfoy? I don't necessarily need explicit details, but I want the ages, names, and such filled out, understand?" He passed a manila folder to Draco with a parchment attached to the front showing the form format. Draco skimmed the contents and then sneered at Ernie.

"You expect me to give you a description of my sexual activities every few weeks? Isn't that some form of severe personal privacy invasion?"

"Not when you're a magical creature looking for a mate. We have a legal right, and some feel obligation, to know what you are up to. Especially when your extended powers are singularly sexual in nature. I'm not even going to bring up the fact that you seem to lack any scruples in using your sexual prowess to further your personal goals." He received a sniff and a flippant head toss in response.

"And what of the gentlemen I am with? Do they not have any rights in this? Or does sleeping with an animal overrule one's rights?"

Sighing, MacMillan rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Sleeping with you doesn't necessarily overrule their rights, but this is for their protection as well as yours. If something were to happen to get one of them pregnant, we would know what to do. In light of that, this situation calls for an… alteration of their rights."

"And that includes you, doesn't it?"

"What do you mean, Malfoy?"

"I will have to include the incident in the men's room in my report, correct?"

"Yes, you will."

"And you will not get in trouble for fraternizing with your one of your creatures? I assume the head of department will at the very least skim through my reports?"

"Yes, he will, and I have no idea whether or not I will be penalized. I was under your influence, though, so I doubt any punishment will be significant"

A thin, pale brow went up. "All right, as I am apparently at the Ministry's will, I'll do as ordered. Is there anything else, Macmillan?"

"Yes. As I assume you already know, you are not to touch anyone mated to another creature."

"I would never stoop to such a dishonor."

"Right, no other creatures, either. No werewolves or vampires or dwarves or whatever other kind of creature not veela or wizard that you might find yourself enamored with."

"And if my mate is bitten by a werewolf or a vampire before I find him?"

"Then he is not your mate. You body does not necessarily pick one person at birth and simply start searching for that person when you come of age. It uses the process of elimination while you are growing up to determine which scents do not correspond with qualities that will fit with you until you finally come across the one that fits the qualities that will perfectly meld with yours. Does that make any sense at all?"

"No, not at all."

Macmillan sighed and rubbed at his forehead with his thumb and forefinger absently. "Okay, you know that you find your mate by scent, correct? Well, the way that happens is through the process of elimination. Each person has a scent specific to them and certain parts of that scent correspond with certain aspects of that individual's personality. Your body can decipher these scents and recognizes which will go best with yours. Clear so far?" There was a slight nod. "Right, so your body already knows which parts of a scent are necessary for someone to match you perfectly. The thing is it cannot automatically put all those parts together into one scent. Instead, it goes from person to person, dismissing everyone it recognizes as not having the correct combination until it finally stumbles upon the person that does and that person is your mate. Understand now?"

"Yes, you've made it clear. So my body will recognize that a werewolf or a vampire is not a proper mate because they possess the incorrect scent automatically?"


"Okay, that explains the whole no mating with other creatures bit, but what if I just want to mess about with one of them? Let's say I wanted to shag Remus Lupin silly. Are you telling me that the Ministry prohibits me from doing so?"

"Professor Lupin! Malfoy! What on Earth would ever possess you to want to sleep with Professor Lupin?" Ernie's nose was scrunched up and his forehead reduced to a series of wrinkles.

"It was an example. Lupin happens to be the only non-veela magical creature that I know."

"Right. From a legal standpoint, yes. If something were to happen and you were to produce a child—however unlikely the occurrence may be—you would have a quarter-veela werewolf on your hands and interbreeding is illegal." Draco remained silent, his attention shifting to his nails. "I'm assuming it's safe to move on. When you do find your mate, I expect to be notified within five days. The bond is not to be created without the Ministry's immediate awareness."

"The sexual bond or the blood?"


"And if we're in the throes of passion and can't get near a Floo or a quill for days?"

"Let's hope the 'throes' don't last for five days because you'll be penalized."Draco's nostrils flared in annoyance, but he otherwise looked calm, perhaps even slightly defeated. "Why? What does it matter? Why can't I just write it in this little report I have to keep sending you?"

"Because there is paperwork to be filled out and he'll need to come in to be registered as your mate."


"For legal purposes. If you assault someone in defense of your mate and they press charges, there is nothing the Ministry will be able to do to protect you if your mate has not been registered."

"Protect me? Explain."

"As it is your nature and unavoidable, you have a legal right to protect your mate at all costs. If an event should arise where you will need to exercise that right, we cannot defend you in court if there are no records of your mate.""So, let's say my mate is Zabini and you threaten him. Then, I could hurt you in retaliation?"

"As long as the threat was physical or mental in regards to your bond and the retaliation was done in defense."

"What do you mean by 'mental in regards to your bond'?"

"If I were to try to convince your mate to go against you, or to leave you, you would have a legal right to retaliate against me."

"And could that retaliation be physical?"

"Are you asking if you could maim me to get me to leave your mate alone?"


"Yes, but that would only be in the extreme case that you've asked me persistently to leave him alone and I have not. You're going to find, and more so in the beginning than later on, that you become extremely protective of your mate and easily jealous. It is not a reflection on your person, so don't start that snit I can see you're already thinking about. It is natural for veelas to be… how do I put this… clingy when they first discover their mates. And anyone who tries to come between a veela and his or her mate usually discovers themselves at the business end of the veela's wand fairly quickly."

"Why would I care if some imbecile decides to try and steal my mate? Anyone with sense would never consider leaving me, and I couldn't be with someone that hadn't any sense."

"You're not going to feel that way when you've found him. You'll be wary of anything that separates you from him for more than a few minutes, be it owl post or his mother. You'll probably want to have a lot of physical contact. Not necessarily sexual—although that is a large part of it. Holding hands, cuddling, kissing, that sort of thing. It may not be part of your normal behavior, and with you I severely doubt that it is, but don't worry. It is a natural part of forming a bond and the need will relax with time, although it will never entirely go away."

"So, I'm going to act like a bloody woman for a little while?"

"You can put it that way, yes."

A look of exhaustion flashed across Draco's face, before the bored look returned. "Is there anything else? I don't particularly fancy spending my entire day at the bloody Ministry of Magic listening to a pompous Hufflepuff telling me what to do."

MacMillan pretended not to hear the jibe as he shuffled a few papers around to make sure he hadn't missed anything. "That seems to be it. Are there any other questions?" He received a glare in return. "Right then, that's it. I expect your first report in the next two weeks."

Draco stood, taking the folder containing the forms with him, and sneered at MacMillan in farewell before sweeping out the door, intending to Apparate home and rant to his mother. As soon as he was out of site, Ernie sat back and took a deep, relaxing breath. He could not believe that he was stuck with handling Draco bloody Malfoy. This Ministry job looked less and less promising by the minute. Tea, a spot of tea was what he needed, to calm his nerves after such an encounter and forget all about the headache that was Draco Malfoy.


Robert Foster was a senior member of the department. He was, in fact, the oldest member of the group besides the Department Head, a man who made Albus Dumbledore look like a teenager. His influence with the higher-ups was used to help Ernie along in his blossoming career. As soon as Ernie took over the desk next to him, Robert had taken him under his wing, and Ernie was grateful for it. He was sure he would have been fired within the first week if it had not been for Robert's helpful hints and advice. They got along wonderfully, both having a penchant for hard work, and a thirst for further knowledge about nearly everything. The only problem was that Robert had a tendency towards the amused in situations Ernie classified as 'dire' or 'outrageous' or 'things which could get me fired', and he was never quite certain if the man was serious in his advice or merely taking the mickey.

It was this way the morning after Ernie's first 'encounter' with Draco Malfoy; Robert sat at his desk, smirking, the light in his eyes twinkling, putting all sorts of unease into the pit of Ernie's stomach. It took a few minutes of nervous shuffling through paperwork before the deep baritone cut through the air, riddled with amusement. "How was your interview yesterday with Mr. Malfoy?""Horrendous. I thought Malfoy was bad when we were in school. This whole veela thing... I shudder to think what'll happen when he finds his mate."

"And did you get to experience that veela power yourself..?" The smirk widened.

Ernie paused in his paper-clipping to blink doe-like at him. "Sorry?"

"You know, they don't tell you this in training, but a veela's signature stays with their partner for days afterwards. There's a really simple charm you can use to find it on anyone. Mr. Malfoy's is all over you."

Ernie rolled his eyes. "The bloody wanker used his magic to try to get me to relax on his registration. He thought if he seduced me, I'd let him slack on some of the more personal questions. I couldn't help it. Am I going to get in trouble?" The utter indignation that the 'incident' had caused him was wiped clean by sheer terror for the termination of his job. Putting aside whatever nonchalance he had used with Malfoy, the idea of possible termination had kept him up half the night. Robert was still smirking, though, so that was a good sign.

"No, although the whole department will hear of it, and quite probably mock you for weeks. There was a reason that we assigned you to Mr. Malfoy, besides your previous association. All registering veelas do the same thing he did. Think of it as... an initiation, of sorts. A welcome."

Ernie just stared at him blankly for several minutes. "Are you telling me that this was planned? I was set up for seduction via Draco Malfoy by the entire department?"

"Yes." He was so matter-of-fact in his answer that it left Ernie without a response. He was still until Robert flashed him a grin and turned back to his work. Blinking a few times and shaking the cobwebs out of his brain, Ernie acquired a small frown and began to prepare himself for his next case.


Form: 83352739

Name: Draco Malfoy

Registry Number: 625369

Date: 01 jan 2001

Age: 21

Mate: N/A

Current Location: London, England

Number of Sexual Encounter(s): 3

Name(s) of Partner(s): Ernie Macmillan 1(M), Thomas Bownal 2(M)

Age(s) of Partner(s): 21, 25

Species of Partner(s): both were wizards

Description of Sexual Encounter(s): Macmillan's pathetic excuse for a fuck was up against the wall of the toilets down the hall from his office. Only lasted a few minutes and was probably the worst I've ever had (I do not have bad sexual encounters). Thomas was slow, but enthusiastic, and he spent all of his time pleasuring me without a thought for himself. He did this fantastic little move with his tongue across my head that just wow. In general, he was a fantastic shag, but sadly, definitely not my mate.

Was non-Veela magic used during the encounter(s): Yes

If so, what spell or potion was used and what were its affects: Thomas used a tickling charm that nearly drove me up the wall.

Did any encounter result in pregnancy: No

Was Veela Power used in any manner not involved in finding a mate: Yes, of course. But I don't specifically see how that could be any of your business. I was told to use my persuasive abilities in any manner that suits me best and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Comments: This is useless and obnoxious. My lawyers will find a way out of it.