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Summary: A different turn of events after Season 1 Episode 12 "Expecting" A/C pairing


The huge demon father stood there, frozen in time, just like Angel had hoped the nitrogen would do.

"Well," Angel turned to Wesley with a smile. "now that that's over..."

Wesley shook his head and looked beyond Angel's shoulder. "I wouldn't say that just yet..."

Angel tracked Wesley's eyes to see a still very pregnant Cordelia making her way over to them.

"Angel?"Cordelia was on the verge of tears. "What's happening? I thought...I thought if you killed him-" Cordelia cried as her eyes swelled and she pointed up to the demon father. "I thought this was supposed to go away!" She said as she craddled her enlarged stomach in her hands.

Angel pulled Cordelia in for a hug. "I know. I don't know why it didn't work. But i promise Cordy, we'll figure this all out." Angel wiped away Cordelia's tears and looked to Wesley for some help.

"Yes, we will figure this out Cordelia." Wesley said as he patted her on the back. "Not to worry. The doctor said you were eight and a half months along so we still have time to figuare out what is happening to you."

"And what if we don't!" Cordelia snapped as she pulled away from Angel. "Then what? Do I have these kids? These demon-spawn! There's seven of them! What am I supposed to do?"

"Cordy, we'll figuare that out when we have to. Right now we need to get you home and in bed." Angel said as he grabbed her hand. "You need rest."

Cordelia snorted and pulled away from Angel. "No, I need my life to go back to the way it was! The way it was before Buffy and demons and vampires with souls and vision and demon pregnancies! I can't handle this and I don't want to try!"

"Cordy..." Angel pleaded.

"No Angel." Cordelia folded her arms. "This is all your fault, you know. If I hadn't met you at that stupid party then I never would have gotten involved with any of this! I would just be acting my ass off and not worrying about any PTB and their stupid visions, or what I'm going to do with seven demon babies!" Cordelia whipped around on her heel. "Now let's go. I need a ride home." And with that she exited the warehouse.

Wesley turned to look at Angel and saw how much Cordelia's last comment and sliced the vampire open.

"I'm sure it's just harmones Angel."

"Yeah. Me too Wes. Well come on, you heard her. She needs a ride home."

Wesley nodded and followed Angel out to his car where they found Cordelia curled up fast asleep in the backseat.

"I told her she was tired." Angel said as he climbed into his car.

Angel carried Cordelia into her apartment very quitely so he did not wake her. He had dropped Wesley off at home telling him he would stay with Cordelia tonight and tomorrow they would talk more about keeping an eye on her. Suddenly the lights dimmed on.

"Thanks Dennis." Angel said to Cordelia's friendly ghost. "I'm just gonna get her into bed and then I'll stay on the couch tonight."

Cordelia's bedroom door swung open and Angel thanked Dennis silently as he carried Cordelia into the room.

Cordelia awoke the next morning from what she hoped had been a bad dream but when she pulled down the covers and saw her swollen stomach she knew the truth.

"Damn it." She muttered under her breath and she struggled to get out of bed. "God, what is with my life!" She said as she slammed her fist on the bed fusterated at the situation she was in.

In a moments notice Angel was at her side helping her out of bed.

"I thought I heard you in here." He said as he got her to her feet.

"Angel..." Cordelia bit her lip. "Did you stay over last night?"

Angel nodded.

"You didn't have to. I would have been fine."

Angel shook his head. "I wanted to. Besides me and Dennis had a good game of Black Jack going on."

Angel smiled and Cordelia buried her face in his chest as she cried. "God, Angel, I'm so sorry for last night. I know what I said but none of this is your fault...it's just..."

"Shh Cordy...Don't worry about that." Angel held her tight. "Your under a lot of pressure now. I get that."

Cordelia looked up at Angel and wiped her eyes. "What would I do without you?"

Angel shrugged. "Not eat I guess." Angel smiled at her. "I made you some pancakes. I figuared you'd be hungry..."

Cordelia smiled at him and rubbed her swollen belly. "You have no idea." Then she suddenly leaned in and kissed him on the cheak. She quickly pulled away and both stood in akward silence for a moment.

"Well...uhh pancakes it is then." Angel said and turned out the door quickly.

Cordelia rolled her eyes and looked up. "Why did you do that Cordelia? Why, why, why?" She asked herself as she followed Angel down the hall.

When Welsey entered Cordelia's apartment he was a little worried about the lack of noise he heard. Usually Cordelia would have the radio blasting or the TV turned up.

"Angel? Cordelia?" Wesley called and then he felt a hand go over his mouth. He tried to get free from the man, or thing, whatever it was, that was holding him in place but he couldn't.

"Sh!" The thing hissed and let go of Wesley's mouth.

Wesley turned to see Angel standing infront of him. "Angel!"

"Shut up, Wes! I think Cordelia's sleeping." Angel whispered.

"You think?"

"She went into her room. She hasn't come out since and there hasn't been much noise so I'm guessing she's sleeping and I don't want to wake her."

"No, no. I agree. She needs rest." Wesley said as he sat down on the couch and opened up a huge book.

"What is that?" Angel was suddenly interested in what Wesley had brought over.

"Well, I couldn't get much sleep last night so I figuared I'd do some research seeing as how Cordelia is the only one out of all the girls who is still pregnant."

"Did you find out anything?"

Wesley nodded. "It seems that she must have left the pool before the process was over..."

"Which means the demon spawn didn't die."


"Great. So now what do we do?"

"Well," Wesley said pushing up his glasses. "She'll have to give birth."

"She'll die. You know what happens to the mothers of those things. Most barely live to tell the tale."

"I know that which is why I made arrangements for her."

"Arrangements?" Angel raised an eyebrow.

"I contacted a demon doctor-"


"He's completely harmless..." Wesley pleaed as Angel began to walk away.


"We have no other choice!"

Angel turned to face Wesley. "Yes we do. We don't bring her there. End of story."

"She'll die if we don't. You know that as well as I do."

Angel sighed. "What makes you think this guy can even help us?"

"Because he's done this before. And he works for the Powers."

"He what?"

"Yes. He works for the Powers. He helps all of the powers champions if they ever need it. Like in Cordy's case."

"And since she is now my sire then she's connected to the powers so he'll help her?"

Wesley nodded. "Correct."

Angel smiled. "I can't wait to tell Cordy!"

"Tell me what?" Cordelia slowly made her way into the room.

"The sewers are hard enough to walk in when I'm not pregnant, what makes you think I can manage when I am pregnant?" Cordelia said with a hand on her huge stomach as she followed Angel and Wesley through the sewers.

"Well we could have taken the street I guess and you know, I could have just burst into flames but anything to make you feel better..." Angel said sarcastically.

"Well thanks for the support Mr. I'm-such-a-good-friend-I-won't-even-help-Cordelia-walk!" Cordy snapped.

"Well maybe if you asked nicer-" Angel was interrupted by Wesley.

"Both of you be quiet. This is the place." Wesley said looking up to a small door with a welcome mate on the floor.

"You've got to be kidding me! There is no way in hell I'm having babies in there! No way in hell I'm even going in there!" Cordelia said frantically.

"Cordelia, we don't have any other options." Wesley said opening the door.