Just a short poem I wrote a few years ago, after seeing Sleepy Hollow for the first time. Enjoy

Fleeing the Horseman

For now all is fine,

But run while there is still time,

The wind's picked up, the temperature's dropped,

And every night time sound has stopped,

A raging storm is on the rise,

And your chance of escape swiftly dies.

For now you are doing fine,

But run while there is still time,

The forest is quickly engulfed in fog,

You carelessly trip over a concealed log,

You hear thunder and a scream so shrill,

Get up now, don't lie still!

You aren't doing very fine,

So run, now, while you still have time,

Get up now, and run away,

Death will catch you if you stay,

You are chased by a familiar sound,

And heavy hoof-falls on the ground.

For you now nothing is fine,

It looks like you are out of time,

You fearfully run down the trail,

With the headless phantom on your tail,

As a sword leaves its scabbard you scream to the sky,

But no one is around to hear you die.