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Three souls, three destinies, three desires, three wishes.

The first soul, a heroic knight of great virtue, a man who forever travels the planet so that he can save those in need. His courage is everlasting as he rushes headlong into conflict with only his limited strength to rely upon. His desire is only to help others as he fights for peace. His wish is merely to find a person he can be happy with in the time of peace he fights for. However as he is, that wish, that desire, will never come to pass. Because he lacks the power to stop all those who wish for war, and he lacks the wisdom to see that what he wants is right in front of him.

The second soul, a dark hunter of incredible skill, a man who forever travels the planet in the shadows to learn all there is to know. His wisdom all encompassing, he forever learns while he remains in the shadows, skulking and stalking. His desire is to find a way to make use of his knowledge. His wish to find a person that he can share even his deepest and darkest secrets with. However as he is, that wish, that desire, will never come to pass. Because he lacks the power to make use of his knowledge, and he lacks the courage to open up to anybody but himself.

The third soul, a dark ravaging warrior of unsurpassed power, a man who forever travels the planet to conquer all that he sees. His power unstoppable, he walks the world to find the next challenge, the next thing to conquer. His desire is to rule all. His wish to find one who he can protect with his power. However as he is, that wish, that desire, will never come to pass. Because he lacks the wisdom to keep his power checked, and the courage to challenge the world itself.

These three souls are forever connected, forever destined to meet, forever to be in conflict with one another. As the goddesses Din, Farore, and Nayru wished it to be so. Because they saw that should these three ever come together as allies, instead of enemies, the world itself would tremble in their wake as they help each other fulfill their desires, help each other fulfill their wishes. However, all things are meant to end, because fate and destiny often have very different ideas on how things should work.

"So this is the place?" a man in a thick brown coat said to himself as he walked into a bar on the edge of Kakariko City, a large city nestled securely at the foot of Death Mountain, "I wonder who I am supposed to meet here."

"Who knows Link," a small blue fairy spoke up as she came out from under his cloak, "We were supposed to give the barkeep the note right?"

"Thanks Navi," Link stated as he walked over to the barkeep and handed him a small note, slightly damp from the storm that was assailing the night.

"Ahh, you're the second one whose given me this thing tonight," the barkeep stated as he looked at the note, "It's the back room there, the one with the Triforce symbol on it."

"Thank you…could you tell me what the other one was like?"

"Sorry, the guy was wearing this heavy blue cloak that covered most of his body, but he was a monster of a man, the guy was like eight feet tall at least,"

"Thanks anyway," Link said as he slowly made his way through the dark, crowded bar, towards the back room.

Link slowly opened the door and walked inside, turning to see a large ferocious looking man sitting at a table with three chairs under a chandelier, the chair he was sitting in seemed to have been made to fit his enormous size and weight. He wore a light blue breastplate over a dark blue tunic, a black form fitting long sleeved shirt under than and baggy black pants tucked into huge black combat boots. His face was currently shadowed by his light blue cap and his platinum hair as he slowly sipped at a huge mug of ale. Behind him was the largest sword Link had ever seen lying on a gigantic blue cloak, a twisted blade that appeared to be an infinity sign with the bottom half cut off to connect to the crude hilt. "Were you the one who sent for me?" Link asked walking over to the table, taking his cloak off and setting it over the back of the chair along with an ornate longsword and a shield.

Link was wearing a simple green tunic, white pants, and a white form fitting long sleeved shirt. His pants were tucked into his brown riding boots that were slightly muddy. On his hands were brown fingerless leather gloves and on his lower arms were a pair of platinum bracers with ornate carvings on them. He removed his green cap, letting his blonde hair out as he sat down and looked at the other with his sapphire blue eyes. "No I was not," his companion stated simply as he too removed his cap, and pushed his platinum hair back.

The other had strange demonic tattoos on the sides of his face and on his forehead, his eyes completely empty, no pupils or irises within them. "My name is Link, what's yours?" Link asked as he held out his left hand to the bigger man.

"Rinku," was the reply as they exchanged a short handshake.

"Well this guy gives me the willies," Navi commented unhelpfully.

"You have got to be kidding me," a dark, perturbed voice grumbled as the door shut, a figure in a black cloak entering the room.

The figure pushed back his cloak and removed his cowl revealing his face and body. He wore a black tunic with a black form fitting shirt under it, black baggy pants tucked into black combat boots. Black fingerless gloves were on his hands as they rested lightly on the pommel of a black sword at his side. His raven black hair framed his ashen white face perfectly, his blood red eyes peering at the other two with both distrust and caution. "Dark Link!" Link growled as he reached for his sword, bolting up from his seat.

"Please I don't use that ridiculous name, my name is Shadow," he stated as he looked at Rinku, "And you would be?"

"My name is Rinku, did you send for us?" Rinku responded unemotionally.

"No I was not, strange how our host is not here yet to stop this fight that he should have seen coming," Shadow commented as he drew his sword as Link did the same, Rinku standing up as his gigantic blade flew to his hand.

"Now stop this right now!" an old voice said as an old woman with spiky grey hair and a black robe with a red tinge to her hair and her robe, "We won't have any of this."

"Koume?" Shadow asked as he blinked a bit, "What is it that you and your sister want?"

"Now that isn't a very nice way to ask things," the old woman stated crossing her arms as an identical old woman, though this one with a blue tinge to her hair and robe, shuffled in.

"So what do you witches want?" Link demanded, still with his sword out.

"Oh come off your high horse," the other woman demanded, "We aren't here to fight. Only to set things right."

"Set things right?" Rinku asked as he leaned his sword against the table and sat back down, "Fine, I'll listen, if I don't like it I'm tearing you two apart."

"Oh I'm sure you could do that anyway, right Kotake?" Koume asked.

"Oh perfectly sure," the other old woman stated.

"Meh, why not? We can always try and kill each other later," Shadow stated as he walked around the table and sat down in his own chair.

"Fine," Link conceded as he sat back down, sheathing his sword, "Well, explain yourselves."

"Gladly, well you see here's what we mean," Koume started.

"We were researching into why there was a Link and a Dark Link, sorry for the improper name Shadow. During that research we came across information about the big fellow there, Rinku. We found a rather nasty fact, the goddesses had specifically made all three of your souls," Kotake continued.

"What do you mean made?" Shadow demanded looking them in the eye.

"Exactly that, they made them with specific things in mind. They made it so that Link would be a merciless hero, one who would kill evil without hesitation, but also made him incredibly innocent which rendered him immune to being affected by this. They made you Shadow, to be the perfect agent of darkness, to walk in the shadows as you watched and learned, they corrupted your soul so that you wouldn't question or regret your actions. As for you Rinku, they made you into the ultimate warrior, and gave you a great bloodlust so that you would not question your actions, but also they stole emotions like guilt and hatred from you," Koume replied.

"So you're saying our destinies have been to be what we are now? That we had no choice in it?" Link asked, glaring at them.

"Yes, likewise they created other beings who would motivate you or cause the stimulus to make you respond," Kotake answered.

"So why are you telling us this?" Rinku asked.

"Because we recently were confronted by another being who freed us of our destiny so that we could see through all these lies,"

"What if this being lied to you?" Shadow asked

"Then at least we stopped what happened in another time, another place,"

"Come again?"

"The three of you were dead in another place called Terminia, body and soul, only a fragment of Rinku still existed,"

The three of them sat there for a while, thinking over this information. Link got up to pace back and forth for a bit, grimacing over what they were asking him to believe. Shadow sat in the chair, frowning as he crossed his arms, trying to come to terms with the fact that he could die if this war between him and Link continued. Rinku however seemed to be the one who had the easiest time accepting this revelation, smirking as he relaxed in his chair. Eventually he slammed his hands against the table and spoke up, "Alright you two, it isn't like they're asking us to make deals with the ultimate evil right?"

"No not at all, we just want this war between the two of them to stop, and to stop before you become involved," Koume quickly reassured them.

"Yah know, maybe all we need is to get to know each other a little better," Rinku suggested as he grinned, "I bet that's it. You just don't like each other because you only know the about the things you don't like about each other."

"Perhaps," Shadow conceded as he sighed, "So what would you suggest? Getting drunk and playing the sharing game?"

"Nonsense, I don't believe any of this! You two are just trying to trick me!" Link yelled pointing at the witch twins, "And you probably are just using them to make the deception seem even more real!"

"Calm down buddy," Rinku demanded, "They may be right, we owe it to them to at least hear them out."

"Calm down? Calm down! I won't calm down! How do you expect me to believe that the goddesses themselves have used us like puppets, and that the only way to save ourselves is to join together? I will not ally myself with an evil like him!" Link roared as he began to storm out of the room, picking up his possessions and putting them back on, "Or you."

Link left the room, Navi quickly following, and slammed the door. "Sheesh," Rinku sighed, "What's his problem? And I'm not evil."

"You have to admit, you do seem like it with all that dark energy you are putting off," Shadow pointed out as he rubbed his temples.

"I'll grant you that much," Rinku stated, and then added stubbornly, "But you ain't getting any more out of me."

"So what are you going to do?" Kotake asked as Koume walked out of the room.

"I'm thinking about waiting this thing out for now," Shadow stated as he got up and pulled his cloak back together, "All things in moderation."

"I'm gonna continue traveling until I find what I'm looking for," Rinku answered as he got up and strapped his huge sword to his back, placing his cap back on his head, and put his cloak back on.

"So all three of you are ignoring our warning?"

"Unless Link wants to accept it there's no point in us to listen, he has always been a key point in these matters thanks to that infernal Triforce of Courage,"

"Then why not take our own pieces?" Rinku asked as he smirked, "I'd assume power would be mine. Guess I've got to go break a few dimensional boundaries."

"Wait. You're going to let Ganondorf out?" Shadow asked in disbelief.

"Of course, how else do you expect me to get the Triforce of Power?" Rinku asked as if he was asked a very stupid question.

"Yah, good luck with that," Shadow stated as he walked out.

"See yah old lady," Rinku said to Kotake as he walked out the door.

So they know.

Yes they do.

Shall we interfere?

No, it is not our place to interfere with the lives of mortals.

But we already have.

The final safeguards are still there.

But what if they find the ones they wish for?

They will not.

Or will they, my dear sisters?


You are the one who started all this.


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