This is a follow up to one of my previous stories, called "Obvious". I was thinking of the ending when this hit me. What would that meeting be like? Setsuna meets the parents. Here's my swing at it.

By the way, if someone knows what her parents are really like… I'm sorry. I just felt like taking a few liberties with minor characters. I hope to make it more entertaining. Besides, my imagination got carried away with me when I thought about what Minako's mother would be like. Let my insanity begin! Or continue? (Whatever…)

Speaking "…"

Thinking '…'

The Dinner Date

Setsuna pulled up outside the house at the appointed time. She shut off her van and took several deep breaths. Her usual cool exterior was faltering. 'What am I doing here? Am I really ready for this?'

Minako eagerly sat by the window, waiting. She saw the van pull up and stop. The blond's heart sped up. She could hardly stand the excitement. However, there was one small hitch. 'Hopefully, she won't be too upset. Nah… I'm way too cute for that.'

Setsuna managed to get out of the van without making a break for it. To an outside observer, it would look as if the woman were returning from the gym after a hard workout. She was slow and sluggish, but putting up a tough front. A smile crept up on her face as she saw a beautiful blond appear in the open doorway. 'Time to test fate and the unknown,' she thought to herself as she made her way to her girlfriend.

Minako met her halfway in a gleeful, flying hug. Setsuna caught her and swung her around, fully enjoying the affection as the tension slipped away. Minako ended with a quick peck on the cheek, before leaning over to whisper: "I haven't told them about us yet."

The green-haired woman temporarily stiffened before relaxing. The guardian of the Time Gates felt of the previous stress return, but didn't blame Minako for not telling her parents about their relationship. To any other observer, it would have been unnoticeable, but Minako was now a 'Setsuna expert,' as she called herself with pride. She knew the difference between the I'm-about-to-tickle-cause-you're-so-cute sigh and the I'm-sorry-but-it's-your-curfew sigh. Minako also knew how to remedy these situations, but she couldn't kiss her girlfriend with her parents so close by. She settled with a soothing caress to the woman's bare arm. Setsuna smiled, grateful at the blonde's efforts.

Minako led the way to the door with Setsuna following close behind. Inside, she noted that the girl's parents were seated on the couch waiting. Mr. Aino looked somewhat curious, but still business like. The blonde Mrs. Aino's reaction was far less subtle. She immediately was within Setsuna's personal space, grinning seductively.

All of Setsuna's internal alarms went off; this was familiar territory. First, Minako would use that same smile to disarm Setsuna, setting her at ease. Then, she would usually pull something. It could be a sweet kiss, a crushing hug, or a perverted grope. Setsuna tried to back away and sacrifice her hand for a normal handshake to keep her in line. Mrs. Aino, who was apparently fast on her feet as Sailor Venus, turned the handshake into a suave kiss on the hand. However, she didn't stop quickly or politely. She began to kiss her way up Pluto's wrist and forearm. She heard a sigh from Mr. Aino and a jealous cough from her daughter. Mrs. Aino blushed and backed off, still grinning.

"Sorry about that… I couldn't contain myself upon seeing such a beautiful lady." The mother said, apologizing. For some reason, Setsuna didn't think she was really sorry; more like irritated at the interruption. "I'm Allison Douglas-Aino. I'm originally from London." She finished with a curtsy, which confused Setsuna to no end.

"Setsuna Meioh; nice to meet you." Setsuna said, with a slight bow, careful to stay out of Mrs. Aino's personal space.

"I'm Takahashi Aino." The slightly graying man said. He was clad in a moderately expensive business suit. "Minako has been somewhat vague about you. Very enthusiastic, but vague." He looked as if he were sizing up an opponent for the business ring. Setsuna knew the type. He would try to intimidate her and measure her reactions. Setsuna laughed internally. She didn't crack under pressure.

Setsuna spared a glance at her girlfriend, asking silently: 'are you going to tell them or am I?'

Minako let out a deep breath. She stepped close to the woman and grabbed her hand. "Mom, Father, she's actually my girlfriend. We've been dating for close to a month." Both of her parents looked shocked. Her mother then looked at her daughter, beaming with pride.

Her father then sighed resignedly. "It shouldn't have been a surprise considering your mother's tastes."

Mrs. Aino chimed in: "I was wondering what took you so long to notice the fairer sex… He's right; I'm actually bi. She inherited my good tastes." She eyed Setsuna rather extensively until Minako possessively wrapped her arm around her girlfriend. The matriarch sighed. "Well, anyway, dinner should be ready soon. Would you mind lending me a hand?"

Minako turned to Setsuna. "Would you like to go see my room while I help Mom? It's the second room on the left upstairs. Artemis is up there."

"That would be all right." She turned to Minako's parents. "If you will excuse me…" She headed up the stairs.

Upon entering her girlfriend's threshold, Setsuna's eyes sweeped the room. There were posters of attractive female pop idols papering the walls. There was a small bookcase full of manga. Several of the titles were shoujo-ai titles, while others were more subtle. She sat on the bed with a napping Artemis. Over by the tv, there was a copy of Final Fantasy X-2 with a free poster of YRP. She felt a lump under the mattress. Reaching under, she found a couple of yuri manga, including a one that caught her attention. Setsuna blushed as she saw Sailor V making out with a woman strangely resembling her. She quickly put it back before she could subconsciously turn the page. 'I wonder if Minako had anything to do with that?' It wouldn't surprise her if the real Sailor V sent in a suggestion or two.

"So has she told them yet?" Setsuna would have jumped, but she had expected the white cat to wake up eventually.

"Yes, after her mother was crawling all over me." She let out a laugh. "Why didn't someone find out sooner?"

"Well, she wanted to surprise you. Usagi was the only one who spent a lot of time here, so they made a deal to keep the other from blabbing. Minako told Usagi about her crush on you, while Usagi told Minako about her crush on Rei."

The green-haired woman shook her head. "I was really starting to get paranoid when those two would look at me and giggle." 'Mina looked really cute though.' She sighed contentedly.

"Yeah, they do that to Rei, too. She's about to go nuts." They laughed.

At that moment, a call came from downstairs. "Dinner's ready!"

"Minako! You could have just went up there and got her."

"Darn it you're right! Well, I didn't want the food to get cold." There was a tone that implied that made Setsuna shiver.

Dinner was pleasant. Setsuna ate her fill. It was kind of distracting though. Minako started rubbing her leg halfway through the main course. A minute later, there was another silky foot rubbing on her other leg. Setsuna shifted about three shades of red. Minako glared at her mother. Her mother just pouted, still not removing her foot. Mr. Aino just sighed and kept eating.

Mrs. Aino got up and started to collect the dishes. Before Minako could grab Setsuna, her father interrupted them. "Minako, would you mind helping your mother while I talk with Ms. Meioh?"

"Yes, Daddy," the blond gave her girlfriend a smile as she went to the sink. The graying patriarch led the time senshi to the living room. He motioned for her to have a seat. She leaned back and crossed her legs. Her face revealed nothing.

Mr. Aino was impressed. 'Impressive. Her face reveals nothing. I would have expected Minako with someone a little more… crazy. She would make a worthy adversary.'

Back in the kitchen, another discussion was taking place. Mrs. Aino was hitting her daughter up for the dirty details.

"Wow, you got a looker, Mina," Mrs. Aino said. "So have you two… you know, yet?"

Minako blushed at her mother's audacity. "No, mother! We just started going out! Beside, we both want to wait since it'll both be our first time." Memories popped up from their previous life together and her blushed deepened. "We want to be ready so it will be special." The semi-serious moment abruptly ended with: "She's an amazing kisser though…"

"I bet…" Mrs. Aino went all dreamy for a moment, before Minako poked her with a soapy finger.

"Hey, no fantasizing about my girlfriend! She's mine!"

"Aw, c'mon. I haven't been kissed by a beautiful woman since Christmas!"

"Don't tell me you tricked some woman under the mistletoe, again?"

"She looked so cute in that Santa suit! I couldn't help it!" Mrs. Aino thought for a moment. "It's too bad about grandchildren though…"

"Well, actually Setsuna's all ready adopted a girl, and she's taking care of her with Haruka and Michiru."

Mrs. Aino went dreamy again. "Haruka…" Another poke from Minako. "Now what is the girl's name? How old is she? Why didn't Haruka and Michiru have one?"

"Hotaru's twelve. And Haruka's a woman."

Her mother squeeled. "Even better! That way your father wouldn't find out! Well, I'd probably tell him anyway, but it would be worth it!"

"Mom! Haruka may be flirtatious, but she's absolutely faithful to Michiru." The smile died out completely. Minako sighed. "Maybe I can get you close enough to get in a pinch or grope." Her mother's smile came back with a vengeance.

In the living room, an interesting exchange was taking place. A serious businessman/father was facing off in conversation with the stoic guardian of time.

Mr. Aino leaned forward as if interviewing a potential employee. "So what are your intentions with my daughter?" 'Let's see how she how she handles this one.'

Setsuna's mysterious gaze didn't falter. "I assure you that my intentions in courting your daughter are honorable. I will follow through in a responsible manner."

'Dang, that usually scared the boys. I guess she's actually serious.' The next question followed a short silence. "How will you provide for our daughter?" 'Take that!'

Setsuna allowed a miniscule smile. She could see that he had intimidated a few young men in his lifetime. She wasn't a scared little boy. "I'm a nurse for a high school and do some fashion designing on the side."

'Curious.' Mr. Aino raised an eyebrow. "Did you meet her through school?"

'I had better tread lightly, since I don't need to look like I'm picking up high school girls.' She made sure her voice was calm and even. "No, we met through some mutual friends. Namely Usagi Tsukino." 'Close enough to the truth. She's the reason we met in the past, too.'

'The accident prone girl?' Mr. Aino winced. "I imagine she would be well acquainted with the nurse considering her clumsiness…" He allowed a slight smile in return, as his wife and daughter came into the living room. "You have been a worthy adversary and I hope you will be a mature influence on my daughter."

Minako skipped the last few feet to the couch. She stopped in front of her girlfriend, looking as if she were waiting for something. Setsuna, blushing slightly, patted her lap and the blond happily seated herself comfortably. She wrapped one arm around the tall woman's neck, while Setsuna placed one around Mina's waist.

Mr. Aino smiled. 'Minako could make anyone lose their cool.'

There was a temporary silence before Mrs. Aino spoke: "Did I hear you say you do fashion design?"

"I design and create clothing. Minako's wearing one of my skirts." Setsuna blushed at the phrasing. Mrs. Aino seemed impressed.

Minako beamed. "She wants me to be one of her models! There are very few women she'll actually allow to walk down the isle for her." Again Setsuna had a hint of red on her face. Mr. Aino appeared to be thinking along the same train of thought.

"I can't wait for the day! It'll be a huge event for both our families!" Mrs. Aino said dreamily. Then, both Aino females turned to the green-haired woman. The matriarch spoke. "I'm sorry for teasing you earlier, but I'm really happy for the both of you. You have a really good aura and I have a feeling I can trust you… It's almost like you belong together. Perhaps you were in love in a previous life…"

Minako gave Setsuna a crushing hug. Once released, Setsuna looked over at Mr. Aino curiously. "So the age difference doesn't matter to you?"

"No, because you've got a regular job and seemed to be responsible." He gave her a genuine smile, which she returned. "And you're the only person who made it past the first date."

"And they look so cute together!" Mrs. Aino declared. When her husband rolled his eyes, she added: "Besides, Minako's a good judge of character when she's serious about it." Mr. Aino nodded. A thought occurred to Mrs. Aino. She looked at her husband. "I can't wait to meet our future grandchild!" Mr. Aino looked like he would pass out or go completely blank.

Minako took the initiative. She pulled Setsuna to her feet. "Well, we'd better go now, we don't want to be late for the movies. We're going to double with Makoto and Ami."

"Have fun, you two!" Mrs. Aino waved to her daughter and girlfriend as they left. She turned to her husband. "Are you okay?" He still looked confused. "She, Haruka, and Michiru adopted a girl." He nodded. "What's wrong?"

"I guess I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a grandfather yet…"

"Is that it? You'll be fine." Mrs. Aino said distractedly. She was all ready plotting for her chance at Haruka.

The happy couple was on their way to the theater when Minako looked at Setsuna. "So what did you think of my parents, Sets?"

"You're mom was a little bit frisky and you're dad was a very interesting conversationalist." She waited a second. "What do you think they thought of me?"

"Dad's convinced, I think. He doesn't respect many people, so if he says so he means it. Mom… I think Dad will have to take her to the red light district." Setsuna swerved. "I mean, imagine if she was in the same house as Haruka with all that perviness built up." Setsuna didn't swerve, but a sweatdrop appeared.

'Who knows what'll happen when she meets Hotaru…' Setsuna imagined Michiru would have to be warned extensively. "She might go after Michiru, too… That could get wild."

The End

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