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The Dinner Date Part Two: Invading the Outers'

Allison Douglas-Aino was in a great mood. Today, she finally got to corner Haruka. 'Hee hee. She's mine now.' Even sitting down, she gave the Sailor V pose an attempt. There was a thump against the windshield glass startling the man next to her.

Her husband, Takahashi Aino, glanced at his wife out of the corner of his eye, but pretended to focus on the road. 'Why didn't I listen to my parents and marry a nice, normal Japanese girl? These Western women can be so weird…"

His answer was smiling peacefully in the back seat. Dressed in a beautiful blue dress that matched her eyes was his pride and joy, Minako. She looked deep in thought. 'Wait a minute… Why isn't she as excited as her mother?' He felt a glimmer of worry. "Honey, are you all right?"

Her blue eyes met his. "No, Daddy. I'm fine. I'm just wondering how preparations at Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna's is going."

At the mention of Haruka's name, Mrs. Aino promptly began giggling like a boy-crazy (or girl-crazy) school girl. Both father and daughter sighed.


At the Outers' home, preparations were being carried out as if they were the Nazis expecting the landing at Normandy. Setsuna decided not to bring out her favorite General Patton helmet, but instead calmly set the table. Michiru was in the kitchen preparing a masterpiece. Normally, Setsuna would have prepared such a special meal, but Michiru could see the anxiety in her fellow parent's eyes. The look screamed: 'the eventually-going-to-be in-laws are coming!' Michiru took pity on her friend and went to work.

Setsuna sighed as the last of the silverware was set. Then, there came a loud explosion from the living room. Pluto nearly hit the deck. Then, she heard a 'boo-ing' sound. She grunted and walked to investigate.

Haruka was sitting on the couch watching a racing movie. Setsuna resisted the urge to strangle the woman. "Haruka," she said with a charmingly sweet tone. "Shouldn't you be getting dressed? Minako and her parents will be here in fifteen minutes."

Haruka froze. "That's tonight?" Sweat began to form. "That woman's going to be here? Oh merciful God, please help me!" She panicked when she noticed her own attire. Uranus had on a pair of loose boxers and tanktop, sans bra. 'I'm ripe pickings for Mrs. Aino…' She quickly ran upstairs, leaving Setsuna to turn off the TV.

Hotaru was dressed in her favorite black dress. She knew how much this meant to Setsuna-mama. She heard Haruka-papa quickly make her way upstairs and into her and Michiru's room. Sweet, honest Hotaru followed Haruka, worried about her 'papa,' who was muttering to herself. "What am I gonna wear? I gotta look good for Michiru, but if I look too good, Minako's mom will…" Haruka shivered. Hotaru decided this was something she couldn't help and decided to go check on Michiru-mama in the kitchen.

The aqua-haired woman looked every bit the ruler of the kitchen. Her apron was starched and clean, even though she had been cooking for over an hour. Setsuna was trying to help. Hotaru came into the kitchen without a sound, startling even Michiru. Setsuna who was also the silent-and-sneaky type just smiled at her.

Hotaru spoke after Michiru managed to contain the spill. "Why's Haruka-papa so nervous?"

Setsuna grinned. "Minako's mother chases Haruka-papa around like Haruka-papa chases Usagi around."

Hotaru was instantly in awe. "Wow. She must be very fast."

Setsuna remembered how quickly Mrs. Aino got into her personal space. "Very fast." She shivered. "Very fast."


Haruka managed to collect herself and headed down stairs to check on her beautiful wife. The woman was literally the eye of the storm. Setsuna was jittery. Anyone who knew her knew that she didn't jitter. Hotaru was also excited. She had never had grandparents before. Michiru was calmly handing dishes to be set on the table. Haruka was overcome with feelings when she saw her beautiful wife. She quickly snuck up behind her and wrapped her arms around Michiru. "Hey, gorgeous," she whispered in her favorite 'come get me' voice.

Michiru's smile was obvious. "Sorry, but we don't have time for that." The doorbell rang. "That must be them."

A look of horror crossed Haruka's face. "Oh hell she's here!" (1) Michiru gingerly covered her ear. The blonde looked sheepish. "Sorry, honey."

The family of four gathered together in front of the door. Setsuna carefully smoothed out her dress for the eighth time, before heading for the door. Haruka adjusted her tie. Michiru patted her on the behind for motivation. She jumped and grinned, temporarily forgetting the encroaching threat. Hotaru was almost bouncing.

Setsuna opened the door with a pleasant, welcoming smile. She was instantly pounced upon by a blonde blur and the two fell to the floor. Minako shamelessly began to kiss and squeeze her girlfriend.

All eyes slowly drifted to the couple standing in the doorway. The blonde was grinning wolfishly, almost reminiscent of Haruka. Next to Mrs. Aino was her husband who was trying to ignore Minako's excessive public display of affection. He had a gift box in his hands.

Haruka began to fidget nervously as Setsuna managed to restrain Minako long enough to get up and pulled her girlfriend to her feet. Pluto became the polite guardian of time once again. "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Aino."

"I thought I told you to call me Allison, dear," Mrs. Aino said with a pout. She gave Setsuna a killer hug. Mr. Aino just inclined his head, politely. "How about Mom?" She grinned devilishly.

Setsuna backed up and coughed. Haruka stepped up and shook Takahashi Aino's hand. "Nice to meet you. I'm Haruka Kaioh-Tenoh."

"Oh, you're that woman that Allison keeps talking about… constantly." He mentioned it like he was talking about weather fronts. Mrs. Aino was sighing as if she was a school girl who got a kiss from her beloved. Haruka blushed. Michiru had to check twice. She thought she was the only one capable of that.

Michiru bowed slightly. "I'm Michiru Kaioh-Tenoh. I'm Haruka's wife." Mrs. Aino shook at her revelry and took notice of Michiru's appearance. She took her time scanning the woman from her aqua hair to her shoes. A sly smile appeared on her face. Setsuna opened her mouth to warn Neptune, but it was too late.

With her face barely inches away from Michiru's, Mrs. Aino made her introduction. "Hi, I'm Allison Douglas-Aino. I know I may look like Minako's older sister, but I'm actually her mother." She giggled. "I like you." She giggled some more and played with the hem of her skirt. Then, she leaned up to her ear. "I'm really good too, if you know what I mean."

Michiru blushed and stuttered. Her good housewife image shattered into a million pieces. She looked around for an escape as she noticed the maternal blonde inching forward with a lecherous grin on her face. She noticed her daughter looking confused at the display in front of her. She wasn't sure if this was a good idea, but: "Oh, Allison. This is our daughter, Hotaru Tomoe. Say hello, Hotaru."

The twelve-year-old gulped. If this woman made her parents uncomfortable, she knew she should be worried. "Hi."

She was pleasantly surprised to receive a warm, loving hug. "You're so cute!" She also received a kiss on the cheek. "I would love to have a granddaughter like you!" Hotaru lit up with a small smile. She never had grandparents before. Mrs. Aino turned to her husband. "Give her the present, will ya?"

Takahashi smiled and handed Hotaru the gift. "For me?" He nodded. It was a purple sweater with matching skirt. She received another small smile from the quiet girl. "Thank you."

Takahashi smiled back. "I apologize, but I must go. I'll be back later to pick them up."

Setsuna's head turned. 'He must be trying to avoid the embarrassing situations that he knowsare coming. It's too bad. He might've known a way to control Mrs. Aino.' "I'm sorry to hear that Mr. Aino."

Mr. Aino looked at her. "About our earlier conversation, my answer is 'yes.'"

Setsuna nodded and smiled. 'That's one worry off my list.'

Mrs. Aino looked less than upset at her husband's exit. "That's Takahashi for you. He's always so busy." She leaned in to Haruka and Michiru. "I bet he's got a secretary on the side." The couple blushed. "That's all right. I'm working on a cute shoe saleswoman at the mall. Well, unless something better comes up." She gave a suggestive look at Michiru. Haruka didn't know whether to bristle or be proud.


The group settled down to eat dinner. Mrs. Aino waited until Michiru and Haruka sat down and put herself across the table from them. Hotaru sat next to the older blonde. Minako and Setsuna brought in the food for their families.

As they began eating, Hotaru noticed something strange. Mrs. Aino would grin (deviously to anyone else) and then one of her parents would jump slightly across the table. She leant over to Mrs. Aino and asked: "Is something wrong with Haruka-papa and Michiru-mama?"

Mrs. Aino patted her on the shoulder and whispered back: "Nah, they're just so glad to see me they can barely contain themselves."


Michiru immediately offered to do the dishes while Setsuna was talking with Mrs. Aino. A few minutes later, Michiru felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind.

"Not now, Haruka…" She knew something was wrong. Those weren't Haruka's breasts pressing into her back. They weren't high enough for Setsuna's nor low enough for Minako's. That meant: "Mrs. Aino!"

The woman giggled. "I love my Homemaker Goddess!"

As if on cue, Haruka appeared in the doorway. "Hey, get your hands off my wife!"

Mrs. Aino didn't release her cozy grip. "Why? Didn't you learn to share?"

Haruka never knew anyone who could make her blush. She knew this woman was a master. She didn't stand a chance.

Mrs. Aino saw an opening. "Maybe we could get together later and get to know each other better…" The grin was lecherous. "Both of you."

Michiru squirmed slightly. 'She's stronger than she looks.'

Haruka tried to come up with a response. She drew a blank. 'Well, she's in pretty good shape.'

Michiru noticed the vacant expression on her wife's face. "Haruka! Haruka! I can't believe you're actually considering it!"

Haruka looked away in shame. "I'm sorry." She looked like a puppy that was being admonished.

Mrs. Aino let up. "I didn't mean to get my poor Haruka in trouble." She walked to the kitchen door. "However, my offer still stands." She left for the living room.

Haruka got all spaced out again before Michiru hit her on the arm. "Ow! Sorry…"


Hotaru was giving Mrs. Aino a tour of the house with Minako and Setsuna as chaperones making sure she didn't do anything 'weird' in one of their rooms. Haruka didn't define 'weird,' but Minako knew she would understand when she saw it. It would probably be something like stealing Michiru's panties (or in Haruka's case boxers).

However, her mother was really attentive to the smaller dark-haired girl. Surprisingly, Mrs. Aino got Hotaru to talk.

"You're gonna break all the girls' hearts! You're gonna be so beautiful!" Mrs. Aino said, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder. Hotaru blushed at the praise.

"Thank you." It was quiet, but the smile that accompanied it spoke volumes.

"Nonsense! You don't need to be grateful for the truth!" She leaned down to look into Saturn's violet eyes. "So… have you got a girlfriend yet?" A conspiratorial grin spread across her face.

Hotaru turned bright red. Minako and Setsuna shared a confused look. Mrs. Aino squealed with glee. "So what's she like? Is she cute? Does she kiss well?"

Hotaru gave an embarrassed glance to her 'Setsuna-mama' before speaking. "She's really cute. She's sweet and has pink hair, like cotton candy." Minako giggled and laid her head on Setsuna's shoulder. Setsuna smiled. "When she smiles, I feel all warm inside like I'll never be sad or lonely again." The young teen drifted off.

"Wow, so young and so in love!" Mrs. Aino giggled. She hugged Hotaru. "Enjoy every moment. It's not like you have forever."

Setsuna smiled. 'If she only knew how long we did have…"


Somehow, Minako managed to deflect her mother from rolling in Michiru and Haruka's bed and keep her from reading Setsuna's diary. 'Who knows what kind of world altering secrets might be contained there?' Setsuna had just smiled at her with her famous mysterious smile.

Currently, everyone was gathered around the television watching a movie. Minako was sitting on top of Setsuna's lap in a recliner. The other four were squeezed together on the couch. Michiru was far on the right. Haruka, feeling somewhat protective, sat next to her. Hotaru was next to her, cuddling up to a partially disappointed Mrs. Aino.

However, Allison Douglas-Aino wasn't easily discouraged. She wrapped one arm around Hotaru's shoulders during the movie. This left her hand within reach of Haruka's head. Mrs. Aino looked at Hotaru, who was totally enthralled with the movie, before glancing at the short-haired woman.

Haruka felt a hand run through her hair. She sighed. It felt good after all the stress of the evening. 'Michiru sure knows how to make me relax…" Her mental processes came to a screeching halt; then, it was in fast forward. She looked at Michiru. The love of her life was paying attention to the movie with both of her hands folded in her lap. 'That means.'

She felt a finger begin to tickle the inside of her ear. She jumped, almost squishing Michiru, who gave her a confused look. Haruka gave her an apologetic look, but tried to squeeze in an 'it was the crazy blonde next to me' look, too. Michiru looked at Minako's mother, who was trying to look innocent. The hard-to-conceal giggles gave her away.

Hotaru had noticed, but just assumed it was whatever was wrong with Michiru-mama earlier. 'I hope it's not contagious.'


As the evening wore down, Mr. Aino called to announce that he was on his way to pick up his wife and daughter. Almost immediately, Minako noticed a change in her stoic girlfriend. She was pacing and talking to herself.

"Should I do it nowor should I wait?" She felt a pair of familiar arms around her waist. It was usually a comforting gesture, but this time it added to the Guardian of Time's anxiety.

Minako's mind went into overdrive. 'Did I do something wrong? She's never like this…Maybe there's something I can do.' She reached down and groped her love's behind.

The response was immediate. "Eeeep!" This uncharacteristic Setsuna noise caught everyone's attention. Then, she blushed. Haruka and Michiru shared a laugh. Mrs. Aino gave her daughter the Sailor V sign, which was returned likewise.

Minako decided to ask what was going on. "Is something wrong, Setsuna?" She added a purr that she knew gave her tall, dark and beautiful girlfriend chills.

The green-haired woman shook her head and mumbled to herself. "Well, I suppose I should go ahead since I've got everyone's attention…" She turned to Minako and grasped her hands, looking into her blue eyes. She spoke loudly enough for everyone to hear. "Minako, ever since I saw you I knew that there was something special about you." They both smiled remembering how long ago that was. "I didn't realize how special you were to me until recently. Now, I don't ever want to be separate from you ever again." There was determination in her voice, stronger than when she faced down a youma. She dropped to one knee and opened a small box. Minako gasped. Inside was a beautiful diamond ring. "Minako Aino, love of my life, will you marry me?"

There was two seconds of silence before there was a loud thump on the floor. Minako spoke: "Yes! Absolutely!" She then proceeded to make out with her new fiancé on the living room floor. Mrs. Aino hugged a sleepy Hotaru, who was leaning against her on the couch. Haruka wrapped her arm around Michiru, who could be described as giddy.

Mr. Aino stood at the door with a smile on his face. 'Looks like my little girl's all grown up,' He looked from his wife who was now dancing with a surprised Hotaru to Minako who was squeezing Setsuna around the waist. 'Well, mostly. As long as she's happy, it'll be okay. And boy, does she look happy.'

Mrs. Aino had apparently formed a truce with Michiru as they began to talk wedding plans. Haruka just groaned and asked: "Can I wear a tux at this wedding?"

Michiru pretended to think for a moment. "No." She said with a delightful grin.

Mrs. Aino started to drool. "I'd bet Haruka would look great in a strapless dress."

Michiru let out a devious laugh. "She does. You ought to see her wedding dress."

Mrs. Aino looked at her husband, pleading. He sighed. "Okay, you can look at the dress."

Haruka looked shocked. "I thought you said you got rid of that thing!"

Michiru was appalled. "How dare you think I would get rid of something so special!"

Haruka hung her head and pouted. "Sorry, but it's so embarrassing." She looked like a lost puppy.

Mrs. Aino patted her on the butt which sent Haruka about three feet in the air. "You're so whipped." She grinned. "Mmm, whipped…" She giggled.

Haruka, red as a tomato, decided to take Takahashi Aino into the living room to watch television as the two women went to view the dress and probably some wedding photographs. He gave her a sympathetic look. "Don't worry; I'll take her home soon."

Haruka shook her head. "That takes care of tonight, but there'll be months of wedding plans coming up."

"Oh…" Takahashi loosened his tie. "You're on your own. No one can control that woman."


Minako was cuddled on Setsuna's lap. "We never were able to get married in the past, were we?" They were on a swing on the back porch. A starry night was the backdrop.

Setsuna shook her head. "Our lives were so different back then. Risking life and limb one minute; the next, we were parading around the Moon Court as princesses." She caressed Minako's face. "This time around I keep from making the same mistake."

"Our love was never a mistake." Minako said, completely serious.

Setsuna soothed her with another caress. "I know. I just always wanted to be married. Plus, I like the thought of having a beautiful, blonde wife."

"Flatterer." She gave Setsuna a peck on the cheek. "So what are we going to do about the future?" Minako asked.

Setsuna gave her a look as if she was one supposed to know the future. "Protect the princess, make sure she brings about Crystal Tokyo and make sure the universe is safe."

"No, silly… I mean, where do you wanna live? Do we get our own place or am I gonna move in here? Where are we going on our honeymoon? What about our last names?"

"Well, I definitely want to stay here with my daughter. I'm a parent, you know." She gave Minako a smile. "We've got plenty of time to decide where to live. We don't need to rush it. Let's just enjoy tonight." Minako laid her head on Setsuna's shoulders as they looked up to the stars that were their former home.

Then, they heard a scream. It was Michiru's. Both women prepared to transform. "Mrs. Aino put your clothes back on! And let go of me!" They both sat back down and blushed. "Haruka! It's not what you think!" They both began to laugh.


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