An incident ruins Amy's life and she's sent into depression, but can she make a quick start to recovery with the help of Shadow?

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No one came..

No one came.. no one came..

Shut up!

No one came for you.. no one.. came..

..No one came..

Hours ago, the young rabbit had hesitantly left the hedgehog at home alone after staying the night, but only because Amy persisted she didn't stress herself because of what happened. Now she sat, teary-eyed and angry, on her bed with a picture of Sonic. She had cracked the glass by punching it, breaking open the skin on her hand and some blood dripping onto the photo slowly. Bored and numb, she took to drawing in the blood, smearing it all over the cobalt hedgehog she had so admired. Hero my ass, came her bitter thoughts, causing her heart to pulse slightly. She ignored it. Amy cared not anymore for Sonic.. right? She tried to convince herself so. After a few more bitter moments, she decided she needed breakfast.

..Nevermind that. She was too lazy and angry to do anything today. Still in her P.J.s, she jumped back under her covers and snuggled into the white pillow, sighing in temporary comfort. A knock on her door downstairs shook her from her half-asleep manner, grumbling as she walked slowly to the door, opening it to find Shadow with a bouquet of Presea flowers in his hands. He gave her a nervous smile, and Amy cocked an eyebrow, confused. She looked down to the flowers, then back at him, and pointed to herself. Shadow got the silent message and nodded. With a smile and slight blush, she took the flowers and invited him in, both still silent.

"Amy.. I heard from Cream what happened." she looked up.

"..I see."

"I just wanted to let you know I'm.. here for you."

"I know.." Shadow walked over to her and embraced her.

"Amy.. I really like you.. and I'm sorry I couldn't protect you.." Amy's eyes watered.

"Oh, Shadow.."

Sonic. Will. PAY! mused the black and cerise hedgehog darkly.

"..I'll save you." Amy broke away, looking up into his eyes.





"You promise? You swear?"

"I promise and I swear."



Sorry it sucked so much! x-x; My muse ran off when I decided to finish this story, at least after the first paragraph he did.. come back, Silence! COME BACK MY MUSE!

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Damn you!

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