Virgin Darkness: Chapter Three

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Chapter Three: Burning Cheeks

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)

By the end of the tour, Draco's eyebrows were extremely heightened.

"What?" Ginny asked, scowling at his expression.

"Your apartment is like... tiny," he told her, looking around himself.

"I'm sorry it isn't to your liking, but not all of us got a few mil. from Daddy when we moved out," she muttered curtly, walking back into the living room. Her place was rather tiny, but she liked it like that, she had never really considered sharing it with anyone before. She had one bedroom, one bathroom, one kitchen, one living room, a few cupboards and one hall which intersected att these rooms.

Crossing to the couch, she began to pull pillows and cushions from in. Waving her wand at it, the couch began to fold out into pull-out bed. This took Draco even more by surprise.

"Wait a minute," Draco said, coming towards her. "You don't expect me to sleep on that, do you?"

"Yeah, it's called a fold-out bed, Malfoy. I only have one bedroom, and since you are the guest, you stay on the fold-out bed. I guess you don't have many of these in that mansion of yours."

Draco shook his head, "Not exactly."

"There's a cupboard just outside in the hall, its near empty, you should be able to keep your clothes and stuff in there. You know where the bathroom and kitchen are... I'll just got get your bedding."

"Hold on, you don't have house-elves?"

Ginny laughed at this. "House-elves? Are you completely helpless?"

Draco went a little red at this. "So you can't cook, or clean?"

"You don't seem very good at cleaning yourself," Draco retorted.

Ginny took that as a yes. Sighing, Ginny walked out into the hall, collecting sheets and a blanket from the cupboard. Waving her wand at them, they settled nicely on the bed.

"Right, well, I'll make you breakfast and dinner, but you're on your own for lunch, okay?" Draco nodded, re-sizing his luggage. "Dumbledore didn't really think this through properly, did he?"

Draco shrugged, "It kind of works out fine for me."

"I bet it does," Ginny remarked, walking to the door. "Well, I'm going to bed, I wake up at five, breakfast will be ready at five-thirty, so be awake."

Draco didn't even make comment to that, it wasn't until she was out into the hall that he finally spoke, "Oh, Weasley, there's a thing on tomorrow night, Dumbledore wants us to go."

"What kind of a thing," Ginny reappeared at the door.

"A club thing."

"For the order?"

"Sort of."

Ginny sighed at this, "You mean with your people."

Draco nodded, "You're quick, Weasley. Make sure you've got that on you tomorrow."

"Whatever," Ginny muttered, walking into her bedroom and closing the door. Dumbledore was definately going to pay for this.

Hardly getting any sleep, Ginny's alarm was the near destruction when she finally was forced to get up. Slamming the alarm against her bedside table, Ginny rolled out of bed. She pulled on a satin dressing gown, she made her way out of her bedroom and into the bathroom.

Opening the door, she could have nearly died at the sight of a suprisingly-muscly but lithe, half-naked Draco with his back to her, standing in front of the toilet.

"'Morning," he muttered, not fazed by the fact she was standing there.

"Sorry," she breathed, quickly stepping out of the bathroom, her cheeks a flaming red.

Rubbing her face in shock from what she had just seen she entered the kitchen, preparing to make breakfast. When Draco walked into the kitchen, wearing nothing but pajama pants, Ginny pinked once more.

Draco took a seat at the tiny table, picking up the muggle newspaper. Ginny passed him a plate of toast and a bowl of cereal, then took a seat opposite, with the same meal.

"You should really knock before you enter the bathroom," Draco told her, still not embarrassed at all.

Ginny's cheeks continued to burn. "I'm not exactly used to having men in my bathroom," she tolf him, though her voice held no conviction or strengh.

"So you're used to having women in your bathroom," Draco smirked.

"Not even funny," Ginny remarked, "You know what I meant."

Draco simply continued to smirk as he dug into his breakfast. At that moment there was a knock on the door. Sighing, though happy to be able to be in a different room to Draco, she went to answer the door.

Pulling open the door, she wished she hadn't done so. "Ron? Harry? What are you doing here?"

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